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RV128I is particularly interesting, as it allows for a 128-bit address space.

The spec predicts that we'll have supercomputers with more than 16 exabytes of RAM by 2030, let's see if that prediction comes true ;)
Forwarded from MadelineProto | Official Channel (Daniil Gentili)
Introducing MadelineProto's biggest update yet, 8.0.0-beta100!

This version introduces plugins », bound methods », filters », a built-in cron system », IPC support for the event handler » and automatic static analysis for event handler code ».

See the following post for examples!

Other features:
- Thanks to the many translation contributors @ https://weblate.madelineproto.xyz/, MadelineProto is now localized in Hebrew, Persian, Kurdish, Uzbek, Russian, French and Italian!
- Added simplified sendMessage, sendDocument, sendPhoto methods that return abstract Message objects with simplified properties and bound methods!
- You can now use Tools::callFork to fork a new green thread!
- You can now automatically pin messages broadcasted using broadcastMessages, broadcastForwardMessages by using the new pin: true parameter!
- You can now use sendMessageToAdmins to send messages to the bot's admin (the peers returned by getReportPeers).
- Added wrapUpdate, wrapMessage, wrapMedia methods to wrap low-level MTProto updates into an abstracted Message object with bound methods!
- The waveform attribute of Voice objects is now automatically encoded and decoded to an array of 100 integer values!
- Added a custom PeerNotInDbException class for "This peer is not present in the internal peer database" errors
- Added a label property to the Button class, directly indicating the button label (instead of manually fetching it as an array key).
- Added isForum method to check whether a given supergroup is a forum
- Added an entitiesToHtml method to convert a message and a set of Telegram entities to an HTML string!
- You can now use reportMemoryProfile() to generate and send a pprof memory profile to all report peers to debug the causes of high memory usage.
- Added support for pay, loginurl, webapp and tg://user?id= buttons in bot API syntax!
- Added a getAdminIds function that returns the IDs of the admin of the bot (equal to the peers returned by getReportPeers in the event handler).
- Added a new ParseMode enum!
- Added support for HTML lists in parseMode!
- Fixed parsing of markdown code blocks!

Breaking changes:
- Switched to a custom markdown parser with bot API MarkdownV2 syntax, which differs from the previous Markdown syntax supported by parsedown.
- Markdown text can't contain HTML anymore.

- Fixed file uploads with ext-uv!
- Fixed file re-uploads!
- Improve background broadcasting with the broadcast API using a pre-defined list of whitelist IDs!
- Fixed a bug that caused updates to get paused if an exception is thrown during onStart.
- Broadcast IDs are now unique across multiple broadcasts, even if previous broadcasts already completed their ID will never be re-used.
- Now uploadMedia, sendMedia and upload can upload files from string buffers created using ReadableBuffer.
- Reduced memory usage during flood waits by tweaking config defaults.
- Reduced memory usage by clearing the min database automatically as needed.
- Automatically try caching all dialogs if a peer not found error is about to be thrown.
- Fixed some issues with pure phar installs.
- Fixed splitting of HTML and markdown messages
- Fixed formatting of multiline markdown codeblocks
- And many other performance improvements and bugfixes!
Forwarded from MadelineProto | Official Channel (Daniil Gentili)
Here's a more detailed explanation of the most important new features of MadelineProto 8.0.0-beta100!

- Native plugin system

To create a plugin, simply create an event handler that extends PluginEventHandler.

For example, create a plugins/Danogentili/PingPlugin.php file:

<?php declare(strict_types=1);

namespace MadelinePlugin\Danogentili\PingPlugin;

use danog\MadelineProto\PluginEventHandler;
use danog\MadelineProto\EventHandler\Filter\FilterText;
use danog\MadelineProto\EventHandler\Message;
use danog\MadelineProto\EventHandler\SimpleFilter\Incoming;

class PingPlugin extends PluginEventHandler
public function echoCmd(Incoming & Message $message): void
// Contains the arguments of the command
$args = $message->commandArgs;

$message->reply($args[0] ?? '');

public function testRegex(Incoming & Message $message): void
$message->reply("Did you mean to write MadelineProto instead of ".$message->matches[1].'?');

public function pingCommand(Incoming&Message $message): void

And use a plugin base to run all plugins included in the plugins folder.

See the documentation for more info on how to create MadelineProto plugins!

- Message objects with bound methods

Both plugins and normal bots can make use of bound update methods like reply(), delete(), getReply(), getHTML() and simplified properties like chatId, senderId, command, commandArgs and many more, see the documentation for more info!

- Filters

Plugins and bots can now use three different filtering systems, to easily receive only updates satisfying certain conditions (incoming/outgoing, from group, channel, private, from an admin or a specific peer, with an audio/sticker/..., satisfying a certain regex or a certain /command, and much more!), see the documentation for more info!

- Built-in cron system

All event handler methods marked by the Cron attribute are now automatically invoked by MadelineProto every period seconds:

use danog\MadelineProto\EventHandler\Attributes\Cron;

class MyEventHandler extends SimpleEventHandler
* This cron function will be executed forever, every 60 seconds.
#[Cron(period: 60.0)]
public function cron1(): void
$this->sendMessageToAdmins("The bot is online, current time ".date(DATE_RFC850)."!");

See the documentation for more info!

- IPC support for the event handler

You can now call event handler and plugin methods from outside of the event handler, using getEventHandler() on an API instance, see the docs for more info!

- Automatic static analysis of event handler code

Finally, all new bots and plugins will be automatically analyzed by MadelineProto, blocking execution if performance or security issues are detected!

See the documentation for info!
Forwarded from MadelineProto | Official Channel (Daniil Gentili)
MadelineProto was updated (8.0.0-beta102)!

After introducing plugins », bound methods », filters », a built-in cron system », IPC support for the event handler » and automatic static analysis for event handler code » in beta100, beta101 brings some bugfixes and the getDownloadLink function!

getDownloadLink can be used to fetch a direct download link for any file up to 4GB, even using a bot API file ID!

Other features:
- Added an openFileAppendOnly function, that can be used to asynchronously open a file in append-only mode!

- Improved the markdownEscape function!
- Translated even more MadelineProto UI elements!
- Improve the static analyzer.
- Fixed some bugs in simple filters.
- Relax markdown parser.

Here's an example on how to use the new getDownloadLink() function:


if (!file_exists('madeline.php')) {
copy('https://phar.madelineproto.xyz/madeline.php', 'madeline.php');
include 'madeline.php';

$MadelineProto = new \danog\MadelineProto\API('session.madeline');

$link = $MadelineProto->getDownloadLink($fileId);

$MessageMedia can be a a media object or even a bot API file ID (files up to 4GB are supported!).

You can also use the new getDownloadLink() bound method:

class MyEventHandler extends SimpleEventHandler {
* Gets a download link for any file up to 4GB!
public function downloadLink(Incoming&Message $message): void
if (!$message->replyToMsgId) {
$message->reply("This command must reply to a media message!");
$message = $message->getReply();
if (!$message instanceof Message || !$message->media) {
$message->reply("This command must reply to a media message!");
$message->reply("Download link: ".$message->media->getDownloadLink());

In both cases, the download link will be generated automatically if running via web.

The generated download $link will point to your own server, and the link will stream files directly to the browser (no temporary files will be created, 0 disk space will be used).

Resuming is also supported!

If running via cli (or if URL rewriting is enabled), an additional step is required, see the documentation for more info.

Update: fixed a small issue with the quality selections of photos and getDownloadLink with bot API file IDs, remove the vendor folder and re-run composer update to get the latest version (beta102)!
Forwarded from MadelineProto | Official Channel (Daniil Gentili)
Note: to get a download link for bot API file IDs as a bot (files up to 4gb), the file name, size and mime type should also be provided:


if (!file_exists('madeline.php')) {
copy('https://phar.madelineproto.xyz/madeline.php', 'madeline.php');
include 'madeline.php';

$MadelineProto = new \danog\MadelineProto\API('session.madeline');

$botApiFileId = '...';
$fileName = '...';
$fileSize = 123..;
$mimeType = '...';

$link = $MadelineProto->getDownloadLink($botApiFileId, size: $fileSize, name: $fileName, mime: $mimeType);

Note that you don't have to provide the file size, name and mime type manually if you're using the bound getDownloadInfo() method in the event handler:

class MyEventHandler extends SimpleEventHandler {
* Gets a download link for any file up to 4GB!
public function downloadLink(Incoming&Message $message): void
if (!$message->replyToMsgId) {
$message->reply("This command must reply to a media message!");
$message = $message->getReply();
if (!$message instanceof Message || !$message->media) {
$message->reply("This command must reply to a media message!");
$message->reply("Download link: ".$message->media->getDownloadLink());
Forwarded from MadelineProto | Official Channel (Daniil Gentili)
MadelineProto was updated (8.0.0-beta107)!

- Add getPeriodicLoops function to get all periodic loops created by Cron attribtues
- Add isReply bound method
- Add exception logging in the browser

- Relax dl.php verification for getDownloadLink
- Made more fixes to photo bot API conversion
- Fix functions.php plugin inclusion

Also here's a more detailed list of the properties and bound methods of the new simple event handler API:

- $message->message: string Content of the message
- $message->fwdInfo: ?ForwardedInfo Info about a forwarded message
- $message->command: ?string Bot command (if present)
- $message->commandType: ?CommandType Bot command type (if present)
- $message->commandArgs: list<string> Bot command arguments (if present)
- $message->protected: bool Whether this message is protected
- $message->matches: list<string> Regex matches, if a filter regex is present
- $message->fromScheduled: bool Whether this message is a sent scheduled message
- $message->viaBotId: ?int If the message was generated by an inline query, ID of the bot that generated it
- $message->editDate: ?int Last edit date of the message
- $message->keyboard: InlineKeyboard|ReplyKeyboard|null Inline or reply keyboard.
- $message->imported: bool Whether this message was imported from a foreign chat service
- $message->psaType: ?string For Public Service Announcement messages, the PSA type
- $message->nextSent: ?self @readonly For sent messages, contains the next message in the chain if the original message had to be split.
- $message->id: int Message ID
- $message->out: bool Whether the message is outgoing
- $message->chatId: int ID of the chat where the message was sent
- $message->senderId: int ID of the sender of the message
- $message->replyToMsgId: ?int ID of the message to which this message is replying
- $message->date: int When was the message sent
- $message->topicId: ?int ID of the forum topic where the message was sent
- $message->threadId: ?int ID of the message thread where the message was sent
- $message->replyToScheduled: bool Whether this is a reply to a scheduled message
- $message->mentioned: bool Whether we were mentioned in this message
- $message->silent: bool Whether this message was sent without any notification (silently)
- $message->ttlPeriod: ?int Time-to-live of the message
- $message->media: Media|null Attached media.
- $message->media->botApiFileId: Bot API file ID of media.
- $message->media->botApiFileUniqueId: Bot API unique file ID of media.
- $message->media->fileName, fileExt, creationDate, size, ...: see the full list of properties by clicking on the documentation for all classes in the \danog\MadelineProto\EventHandler\Media namespace!

- $message->getHTML(bool $allowTelegramTags = false): string: Get an HTML version of the message. $allowTelegramTags specifies whether to allow telegram-specific tags like tg-spoiler, tg-emoji, mention links and so on…

- $message->getReply(): ?self: Get replied-to message. May return null if the replied-to message was deleted.
- $message->delete(bool $revoke = true): void: Delete the message. $revoke is true by default, if false it deletes the message on just one side of the chat.
- $message->reply(string $message, ParseMode $parseMode, ...): \danog\MadelineProto\EventHandler\Message: Reply to the message, see the documentation for more info on the parameters!

Also, you can now more easily press inline buttons using the new simple keyboard API:
- $message->keyboard->
press(string $label, bool $waitForResult): Presses the first keyboard button with the specified label.
- $message->keyboard->pressByCoordinates(int $row, int $column, bool $waitForResult)
: Presses button at the specified keyboard coordinates.

In both cases, if $waitForResult is true, waits for a result from the bot before returning.
Forwarded from MadelineProto | Official Channel (Daniil Gentili)
MadelineProto supports Telegram Stories in 8.0.0-beta113!

New Methods:
- users.getStoriesMaxIDs
- account.invalidateSignInCodes
- contacts.editCloseFriends
- contacts.toggleStoriesHidden
- channels.clickSponsoredMessage
- stories.sendStory
- stories.editStory
- stories.deleteStories
- stories.togglePinned
- stories.getAllStories
- stories.getUserStories
- stories.getPinnedStories
- stories.getStoriesArchive
- stories.getStoriesByID
- stories.toggleAllStoriesHidden
- stories.getAllReadUserStories
- stories.readStories
- stories.incrementStoryViews
- stories.getStoryViewsList
- stories.getStoriesViews
- stories.exportStoryLink
- stories.report

New Constructors:
- inputMediaStory
- messageMediaStory
- updateStory
- updateReadStories
- updateStoryID
- inputPrivacyKeyAbout
- privacyKeyAbout
- inputPrivacyValueAllowCloseFriends
- privacyValueAllowCloseFriends
- webPageAttributeStory
- messageReplyStoryHeader
- messagePeerVote
- messagePeerVoteInputOption
- messagePeerVoteMultiple
- sponsoredWebPage
- storyViews
- storyItemDeleted
- storyItemSkipped
- storyItem
- userStories
- stories.allStoriesNotModified
- stories.allStories
- stories.stories
- stories.userStories
- storyView
- stories.storyViewsList
- stories.storyViews
- inputReplyToMessage
- inputReplyToStory
- exportedStoryLink

Changed Constructors:
Added close_friend param to user
Added stories_hidden param to user
Added stories_unavailable param to user
Added stories_max_id param to user
Added alt_document param to messageMediaDocument
Added stories_muted param to inputPeerNotifySettings
Added stories_hide_sender param to inputPeerNotifySettings
Added stories_sound param to inputPeerNotifySettings
Added stories_muted param to peerNotifySettings
Added stories_hide_sender param to peerNotifySettings
Added stories_ios_sound param to peerNotifySettings
Added stories_android_sound param to peerNotifySettings
Added stories_other_sound param to peerNotifySettings
Added stories_pinned_available param to userFull
Added stories param to userFull
Added peer param to updateMessagePollVote
Removed user_id param from updateMessagePollVote
Added nosound param to documentAttributeVideo
Added preload_prefix_size param to documentAttributeVideo
Added stories_preload param to autoDownloadSettings
Added small_queue_active_operations_max param to autoDownloadSettings
Added large_queue_active_operations_max param to autoDownloadSettings
Added chats param to messages.votesList
Added keep_archived_unmuted param to globalPrivacySettings
Added keep_archived_folders param to globalPrivacySettings
Added webpage param to sponsoredMessage
Added my param to messagePeerReaction

Click here to start using Telegram Stories in MadelineProto!
I fell in love with Telegram Stories, it's basically like having a personal blog like this but it's also immediately accessible by clicking on the user's profile, and you can directly interact with the person that posted the story (and the poster can do the same too, found some really cute kittens in the stories of the people that viewed mine! :333)

Really happy with the social direction of Telegram, it feels more alive and fun than ever!
You can subscribe to my stories and add @danogentili as a contact to receive early updates about my projects ❤️

Forwarded from MadelineProto | Official Channel (Daniil Gentili)
As a birthday present for Telegram's 🥳th birthday, MadelineProto now supports VoIP calls again!

Try calling the Magna Luna webradio @magicalcrazypony to hear some cool songs, powered by @MadelineProto!

The new MadelineProto VoIP implementation is written in pure PHP, so it works even on free webhosts!

Check out the new VoIP documentation for more info on how to write your very own Telegram webradio using MadelineProto!

Features (8.0.0-beta131):
- VoIP calls!
- You can now play() audio files of any format, local files, stream URLs or even stream data using AMP streams!
- You can now play() audio files even on webhosts, by pre-converting the files using @libtgvoip_bot!
- Added a downloadToReturnedStream method!
- Updated to layer 161!

New Methods:
- contacts.setBlocked
- stories.activateStealthMode
- stories.sendReaction

Changed Methods:
Added my_stories_from param to contacts.block
Added my_stories_from param to contacts.unblock
Added my_stories_from param to contacts.getBlocked
Added media_areas param to stories.sendStory
Added media_areas param to stories.editStory
Added just_contacts param to stories.getStoryViewsList
Added reactions_first param to stories.getStoryViewsList
Added q param to stories.getStoryViewsList
Added offset param to stories.getStoryViewsList
Removed offset_date param from stories.getStoryViewsList
Removed offset_id param from stories.getStoryViewsList

New Constructors:
- updateStoriesStealthMode
- updateSentStoryReaction
- storiesStealthMode
- mediaAreaCoordinates
- mediaAreaVenue
- inputMediaAreaVenue
- mediaAreaGeoPoint

Changed Constructors:
Added blocked_my_stories_from param to userFull
Added blocked_my_stories_from param to updatePeerBlocked
Added reactions_count param to storyViews
Added media_areas param to storyItem
Added sent_reaction param to storyItem
Added stealth_mode param to stories.allStoriesNotModified
Added stealth_mode param to stories.allStories
Added blocked param to storyView
Added blocked_my_stories_from param to storyView
Added reaction param to storyView
Added reactions_count param to stories.storyViewsList
Added next_offset param to stories.storyViewsList

- Greatly improved performance by deferring all ORM operations!
- CDN fixes!
- Fix connection to the database when a password is accidentally provided but none is needed
- Removed all generator polyfilling code and deprecated generator functions!

As a side note, I'm very happy of how the current VoIP implementation turned out, and it was a lot of fun to write!

Adding native webhost support required me to write a pure PHP OGG OPUS muxer and demuxer, as well as a full reimplementation of the GrVP protocol in pure PHP: doing it in such a high-level language allowed me to easily use amphp's libraries to easily add support for URLs, streams and all audio formats.

I also wrote a PHP FFI wrapper for libopus for this project, I'll probably split it to a separate package along with the OGG muxer/demuxer because it's really useful :)
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Daniil Gentili's news channel pinned «As a birthday present for Telegram's 🥳th birthday, MadelineProto now supports VoIP calls again! Try calling the Magna Luna webradio @magicalcrazypony to hear some cool songs, powered by @MadelineProto! The new MadelineProto VoIP implementation is written…»
I'm now the main maintainer of gojekyll, a ~30x faster Go port of Jekyll :)

I fell in love with gojekyll the first time I found it: it's incredibly fast, and it's currently powering the MadelineProto documentation!

When I first found it, the project was kind of abandoned with quite a few missing features: now, it has a lot less bugs, some new features, and most importantly it's much faster than it used to be, mostly thanks to my fork of the blackfriday markdown processor, which uses the golang bfchroma syntax highlighter instead of the extremely slow python pygmentize library :)

I've also created an official docker image for gojekyll, danog/gojekyll!

I'm now also a maintainer of osteele/liquid, the Go port of the Shopify Liquid template engine powering gojekyll.
Aaaand we're on the front-page of hackernews ❤️❤️❤️
I'm very happy to announce the first release of https://github.com/danog/php-tokio: you can now use any async Rust library from PHP!

It's fully integrated with revolt: this allows full compatibility with amphp, PSL and reactphp, and with any Rust library powered by tokio.rs.

Here's an example from the repo, using the async Rust reqwest library to make asynchronous HTTP requests from PHP:


use Reqwest\Client;

use function Amp\async;
use function Amp\Future\await;

require 'vendor/autoload.php';


function test(int $delay): void {
$url = "https://httpbin.org/delay/$delay";
$t = time();
echo "Making async reqwest to $url that will return after $delay seconds...".PHP_EOL;
$t = time() - $t;
echo "Got response from $url after ~".$t." seconds!".PHP_EOL;

$futures = [];
$futures []= async(test(...), 5);
$futures []= async(test(...), 5);
$futures []= async(test(...), 5);


I'm really excited for the potential usecases of php-tokio, and its implications for the PHP async ecosystem.

I've created this library because I'm building an async MongoDB client for PHP (https://github.com/Nicelocal/mongo-php-async-driver), and realized that using the official rust mongodb library directly from PHP would be way easier (and faster!) than writing a MongoDB client in pure PHP :)
This cake is absolutely delicious 🍰
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My pure PHP implementation of STUN is ready, the first pre-alpha version of the library is available at https://github.com/danog/stun!

This library is the first step in the creation of a pure PHP implementation of webrtc, specifically to work with Telegram's new WebRTC-based VoIP implementation used in group and video calls, even from shared PHP webhosts :)
Happy New Year everyone, best wishes for a happy and peaceful 2024.

May your new year be full of positive emotions and creative inspiration ❤️❤️❤️
Forwarded from iGNUranza
Piracy Shield è un Blocco IP/DNS obbligatorio entro 30 minuti fatto dall'ISP, pena multa, senza passare per un giudice, gli indirizzi e nomi da bannare sono inseriti dai detentori del copyright (aka privati senza supervisione giudiziaria)

La legge è stata approvata dietro forte lobbying dei detentori dei diritti, la piattaforma è stata "donata" dalla lega calcio (aka fatta fare da amici, e imposta all'agcom, che poi comunque ha dovuto rifinirla, spendendo 60k)

Sia IPv4 che IPv6 che domini vengono aggiunti tramite ticket sulla piattaforma, gli operatori devono usare l'API JSON per pullare tutti i ticket in un colpo, confrontare col set locale, bannare/sbannare la differenza

Non è previsto un modo per rimuovere un IP bannato, se non nelle prime 24 ore

Il sistema è attivo da oggi
Anche i provider DoH/VPN sarebbero obbligati ad applicare i blocchi per operare in italia, poi si vedrà in realtà quanti e quali operatori DoH e VPN si adegueranno, e quanto sarà fattibile l'enforcement per chi non si adegua.

Altro dettaglio curioso, il ban ipv6 è attuato su IPv6 singoli (/128), quando da prassi ogni utenza dovrebbe avere una subnet /48 (2^80 indirizzi), da una parte è ridicolo perché per bannare una piattaforma pirata con una /48 standard significa bannare 2^80 indirizzi, dall'altra attuare blanket ban su intere subnet ipv6 è molto rischioso perché non si sa mai qual'è la distribuzione reale delle sottoreti.

Fun times with the new Italian censorship system :)
On a more upbeat note, I'm currently halfway through done working on a PHP AOT compiler (with full support for all of PHP, by re-using the function JIT, adding support for relocations and a custom linker).

Planning to integrate it inside of Psalm to improve performance, removing the overhead of runtime JIT compilation!