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Name: Dolphin Token
Symbol: DLPN
Decimals: 18
Contract Address ⬇️
DLPN Global Chat Group.
Hello DLPN community.
πŸŽ‰Today we are going to Launch an event to get the DLPN token to the Moon Quickly and then to Mars.
Latest progress and updates in our project will be made in the relevant statements.
Our advice to those who want to buy DLPN from ICO, wait for now. DLPN event will be announced today to pay less and buy more DLPN.
βœ…Note: The event is prepared for the first 5000 people who attend the event.
πŸŽ‰Dear community members.
Ico, we started an event to make time faster and more fun. Here is some info showing how much BUSD has been sent and how much bonuses you will get when you buy DLPN.
Bonuses Info 🎁
You will receive an extra bonus of 50% of the BUSD amount you will purchase.
Example ℹ️
Pay 20 BUSD and get 30 BUSD worth of DLPN
βœ…LIMIT 5000/5000 Members

To purchase, send BUSD to the address below with Bep20:

βœ… The event has ended
βœ… The event has ended
The quickest participant wins more DLPNs.

1000 people DLPN worth $3000each
2000 people DLPN worth $700 each
1000 people DLPN worth $100 each
1000 people DLPN worth $50 each

A total of 5000 people can participate in the event and all of them will win gifts.

How do I attend the GIVEAWEY?
There are 3 rules required to Participate in the giveaway.
1: Donate $3 BNB or BUSD to our event wallet.
2: Trustwallet Bep20 wallet for sending the reward from the event. You will comment your address under the photo and tag 10 of your friends. Participants and 10 of their friends must be followers of our page.
3: Participants Only You will share the event photo on your own social media accounts.

βœ… The event has ended
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βœ…Join the DLPN token AirDrop
4000 DLPN tokens will be given away to everyone who attends this Event.

The 50 winners of the event will be given a gift of 150000 DLPN tokens.

With this Event, buy as many DLPN tokens as you can on our website to speed up the pre-sale process and be listed on the exchanges.

Follow the invite link If you invite your friends, your chance to win 150K DLPN tokens will increase.

The purpose of the DLPN token is to perform 0% transfers between all blockchains.

You can transfer DLPN tokens with 0% commission by paying the gas fee of each blockchain

Visit our website to learn detailed information about our project.

Good luck at the event
➑️ JOIN ⬅️
You can now buy/sell Dolphin Tokens on Pancakeswap.
Join IEO for DLPN token Project funding and invite your friends. You will be paid in $BUSD from all invited referrals. LEARN HOW TO JOIN.GO TO WEBSITE.
SLIPPAGE TOLERANCE 12% /Max And TOTAL Supply 1B Token.

5% Fee auto distribute to all HOLDERS.
4% Fee auto add to the Marketing wallet.
1% Fee auto add to the Burn wallet.
2% Fee auto add to the Liquidity pool

NOTE: Our token supply is limited and no extra tokens can be generated.
Happy new year to our DLPN community.