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A group of scientists has published a paper in Physical Review D and argues that quantum communication across interstellar space is likely possible and that advanced alien civilizations are probably trying to communicate with us through quantum mechanics, but we simply aren't looking for those types of messages.
We have never been so close to proper, crystal-clear UFO disclosure as now. Rep. Mike Gallagher has suggested an amendment to the Fiscal Year 2023 National Defense Authorization Act to protect people who come forward with information about UAPs / UFOs. The Red Giant in the constellation of Orion literally blew its top off. Betelgeuse's Surface Mass Ejection (SME) released 400 billion times more mass than typical Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs). After soaring into space, the fractured photosphere cooled into a dust cloud that blocked Earth's view of the star. It weighed roughly several times as much as our Moon. The Event Horizon Telescope, a virtual telescope the size of Earth, was used by scientists to image the distant blazar J1924-2914 and uncovered previously unknown details about its structure.
Scientists found that asteroid impacts on the Moon millions of years ago correlated exactly with some of the largest meteorite impacts on Earth, such as the dinosaur-killing event.