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🤖 CryptoTab for Android has been upgraded ⬆️

More comfort, stability, and security

⚙️CryptoTab on Android—the best version of itself

Using CryptoTab on your Android device? It's time for a change! We've updated CryptoTab Browser’s core Android version to the latest 83d Chromium build. Whether you use basic or PRO CryptoTab apps, now you can enjoy all the features of the browser and mine even more comfortably, safely, and quickly.

📲The upgrade includes:

● Improved interface
● Built-in QR-code and Barcode reader
● Browser stability
● Security patches
● Improved form controls
● Notification triggers
● Improved page rendering speed
● New cross-origin policies
● Third-party cookies blocked in Incognito
...and many other minor updates and bug fixes!

And if you don't go into details, we just got even better! Using CryptoTab is now even easier and safer than before. Enjoy the updated interface, taking advantage of all the Chrome features and our built-in mining.

Learn more:
🌀 “Promo” update: mobile-friendly banners arrived 📲

Use new banners to boost mobile traffic

🧑‍💻Maximize your profit by targeting users directly on mobile platforms! We added banners of the most popular mobile-friendly formats so that you can attract mobile users faster and more efficiently:

● 320 x 50: Mobile leaderboard
● 320 x 100: Large mobile banner
● 320 x 480: Smartphone interstitial (portrait)
● 768 x 1024: Tablet interstitial (portrait)

If you need fresh banners of old sizes—you can also get it from the renewed promo pack. We also created pictures for promoting one of our latest releases: CryptoTab PRO Android. To download it, select the “Android Pro” theme from the drop-down menu in the banner generator.

Use mobile-friendly banners—attract new users easily and effectively!

🆕 Use new promo materials before the magic’s gone! Banner ads have a tendency to lose their effectiveness over time, so it's a good idea to change them regularly. Download renewed promo materials right now and don’t miss your chance to get ahead!

Be among the first to launch ads with new banners:
🎓 Tips from Winners 💪💰

Remember the "Fresh Start" finals? We share with you not only the amazing results of our winners, but also their tips on how to achieve such success! Take notes 📝

🏆 1st place
“Thank you very much for a good way to earn money! I attract referrals using my youtube channel. For beginners, I recommend building a structure and inviting your friends, because together you can earn more! Good luck!”

🏆 2nd place
“I use CryptoTab, because in addition to mining bitcoin, it is very fast for other tasks. I also use CryptoTab Pro on my Android Smartphone. Promote your link a lot to friends, on social networks, Google, because only then you can make profitable gains. The advice I give to new miners is to never give up, because in the beginning it is difficult, but over time you earn good bitcoins.”

🏆 4th place
“I'm using my YouTube channel to promote trustworthy ways to earn money online. I see a big difference when I use the Cloud Boost on my phone. First share this opportunity with your friends, with your family and then use your social networks.”.

🏆 5th place
“The best way to attract referrals is by showing the screenshot of the withdrawal, that CryptoTab browser always pays. So if you are not yet using it, just give it a try, download it and use it, first you try then you trust 🎉🎉🎉

Use our winners experience and attract referrals more effectively!
💸 How to make money on referrals 👥

More referrals—more bitcoins

😱 Still mining alone? Well, no man is an island—start building your own referral network right now! Our referral program is a great way to increase your income by attracting new users to CryptoTab Browser. All you need to do is to refer to as many friends as you can by sharing a personal referral link!

Want more? Share more!

🤝 There are many ways of how you can get more referrals and boost your mining results. Being proactive and taking initiatives will increase your chances of earning big money—share your referral link with your friends and on social networks. If you’re happy with our software and service, tell everyone how much you like CryptoTab Browser and recommend it highly.

Take it to the next level—buy traffic 🚦

💰 What else? Well, if you are interested in boosting your earnings from mining… you can buy traffic to your personal referral link from global advertising platforms and traffic exchange networks and your income will grow even faster! Feel free to buy traffic and attract more people to your personal referral link from different social networks and global ad networks like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Adcash, PropellerAds, Adsterra, etc.

Boost your earnings from mining:
🌎 Browse freely: CryptoTab’s VPN & traffic optimizer ⚙️

Special offer for CryptoTab users

⚡️ CryptoTab product line has expanded—VPN & traffic optimizer CT VPN is already available at Google Play. The new mobile app helps protect your identity on the web, override any location-related restrictions, and save your money & data.

One of CT VPN's biggest selling points is the ability to enable protection per-app. This way you'll be always in full control of what apps will use a virtual tunnel, and what will run just as usual.

● Switch countries with ease
● Encrypted tunnel for your data
● Stay safe both on cellular and Wi-Fi
● Enable protection per-app
● Unmatched speed even on mobile data
● Traffic Optimizer feature

Now from the good news to a really great one. CryptoTab Browser users have a chance to get CT VPN at a huge discount of 85%! Download it now—get high-speed VPN service and other premium features for just a small fraction of the cost.

🎰 Opportunities and money you`re missing 💰

Generate profit anytime, anywhere 🤑

At CryptoTab, we know that simple web-surfing can easily become a source of constant revenue. But do you make the most of your opportunities? Of course, the amount of profit depends on the device, but absolutely any hardware can bring you real benefits 💻 Judge for yourself:

● Granny watching web-series?
● Siblings studying remotely?
● Parents following the newsfeed?
● Maybe you like playing online games?
...Or using a laptop on work?

Look around, the money is floating past you! There are plenty of opportunities to monetize traffic—just install CryptoTab Browser on all devices available and don't forget to activate the mining algorithm. Each hardware matters! 📲

Don't miss a chance—mine with CryproTab!

Start Mining now:
🥳 CryptoTab PRO is in Google Play Top 5 list 🏆

It's time to reach the top again! CryptoTab PRO—in Google Play's TOP 5 throughout a year 🔥

For more than a year, CryptoTab Pro has been in the TOP 5 paid apps on Google Play in different countries and we’re not losing the ground! CryptoTab team always tries to improve our products to make sure that you have everything for comfortable and safe browsing. We’re so grateful to our users for all the love and support. Here are the positions that our CryptoTab PRO has taken in the paid app charts.

🤙 Still haven't tried the Pro version? Well, now is the best time!

In our special version of CryptoTab Browser you can:

● Activate unique Cloud Boost and Super Boost features to increase mining speed
● Withdraw your earnings any time with no limits, even if the amount is less than 10 cents
● Easily switch between profiles
● Stay secure using any public Wi-Fi connection
● Prevent battery drain with special battery optimization feature
● Enjoy quick access to your account and 24/7 technical support

⚡️ Experience efficient and profitable mining on a Pro level! Download CryptoTab Pro and start this journey with us!

📱 Get it on Google Play:
👉 Join the new CryptoTab Facebook page 🧿

👋 Long time no see! We relaunch our page on Facebook to always stay in touch with you guys. On this page, we will only publish announcements of important updates and additions to the CryptoTab product line. Subscribe and be the first to know about everything!

Our team is working non-stop to improve your favorite products and create new ones 💪 Join us here to know more about…

● CryptoTab Browser
● Android Basic and Pro versions
● CB.Click
● CryptoTab Start and…
● Our very new CT VPN and CT Farm services!

There are many interesting things to come. You don't want to miss it! 🎉

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