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We noticed randomly Telegram stopping our Alert bot. This was expected as we are hitting the Telegram limit after the rapid increase in user base.

To avoid this we have introduced Push Notification Alerts. This feature will send alerts directly to your desktop browser or to the smartphone.

You can enable this feature inside Alert Setup > Click on the gear icon.
If you receiving too many alerts, please set the threshold amount in Alert Setup.

Enable Push Alerts Here:

If you have any problem in setting up the alerts, please ping at @CryptoMeterAdmin
New Update:
Added New Volume Flow Feature.

The chart will show flowing cash/liquidity from one asset to another. Please take a look and give us feedback/suggestions on this. @CryptoMeterAdmin
API Update:
After today's Bitfinex scheduled maintenance their API sending unexpected response. To avoid data loss, we made some temporary changes at our end and rebooted all our workers. We will revert our temporary changes once Bitfinex fix the API.
Not enough volume, still market pumping...careful.
Alts volume superb
300 Million Liquidate 😕😕
May this new year bring you much joy and fun. May you find peace, love, and success. Sending heartiest new year wish for you!

Happy New Year!
New Feature Update:

Introducing Volatility Index which helps in finding volatile trades. Its useful for day traders who looking for quick movers. Please check it out and give us feedback at @CryptoMeterAdmin
2.1 Billion Liquidate at Binance 😱
3.5 Billion Liquidate at Binance
New Update:

-- Liquidation page updated
-- Open Interest page updated
-- New Heatmap introduced (
Super volatile hour, Sold 41k Bitcoins
Homepage Updated! Check out new data and give us a feedback.

We are upgrading the alert system, please report if anyone experiences an error.
$15 Billion moved into USDT
Trend Indicator Page Updated with more historical data
Whale Trade Page Updated with chart!