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Without a clearly defined sales process, your reps will struggle to hit quota. Here’s a simple, 4-step process proven to grow a business by 20-30%/month. Plenty of companies struggle to reach their sales objectives. They either have prospects that take forever to close or, worse, never close at all. When you look closer, this is […]
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Launch like Steve Jobs: 7 Ways to Build Buzz for Your Next Product Launch
Clearly, Steve Jobs knows how to launch a product for maximum sales. You might even wonder if you can capture a bit of his magic to kickstart your own promotions.
CoWork : The Task Management App on the Blockchain and Telegram
CoWork, described briefly is a fun and gamified task management app that lives on the blockchain and on Telegram.
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Gift Guide: Gifts for the promising entrepreneur

What’s left after the craze of holiday gift opening? Often just a giant pile of used wrapping paper, a large credit card bill, and some toys that your kids may or may not discard with boredom in a matter of days. But if you think strategically your gift choices might be able to leave a longer-lasting impression […]
Best Tech Gifts Under $20

Holiday season is upon us, and that means spending tons of money on gifts, right? As such, these gems make the perfect gifts: You won’t break the bank buying them, and the recipients will give you those happy”oh, I actually needed that” looks.  Only it doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s begin: Here are […]
Top 5 Trends That Will Reshape Customer Service Over the Next 5 Years

Learn 5 Top Trends in Customer Service that Will Dominate 2020 and the next 5 years.
What Entrepreneurs Need to Prioritize in 2020

Startup entrepreneurs face a world of opportunities, but they also face a large swath of challenges and a heavy amount of competition. It should come as little surprise then that data from Statistic Brain reveals that more than 50 percent of startups in the United States don’t last longer than four years. While there are […]
Leadership Tips: The Four Rules Of Following

Being a good follower isn’t about being one of hundreds of lemmings that execute instructions with blind loyalty. Today’s followers are more evolved. They judiciously choose who they follow and make followership part of their education. In an increasingly democratized workplace, where social media commands growing influence, followers are more empowered than ever. Everyone wants […]
Fractionalizing URL Ownership on the Blockchain Using CTB Utility Tokens

“What if you could buy digital future shares into a url? Contrib maybe is the Next big thing in the world of digital assets and cryptonomics. Contrib platform allows buying of micro digital share of a premium digital asset with Contrib, a transparent contribution platform for domains on the blockchain. Tokenizing Your Domains Real-world tokenized […]
CONTRIB Launches a Powerful Fractionalized Stakeholder and Liquidity Platform for URL’s with Onchain Marketplace and These World-class Entrepreneurs Have Invested.

Dr. Kevin Hamm, Monte Cahn, Richard Lau, Chad Folkening, Andrew Rosener, Steven Sacks, David Weiland and others are stakeholders in the powerful URL Tokenization, Development and Digital Marketplace Platform, CONTRIB.  January 27th, 2020 Have you ever wanted to buy or sell a small fraction of a premium URL? Swap Names?  Invest in a niche vertical […]