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Challenge Details: Signup for a Contrib account. Install Metamask and Connect wallet to your Contrib account Take a screenshot. GET CTB tokens More Details: Sign up for a contrib account.  To Sign Up follow these steps. click on the link below https://www.contrib.com/signup/firststep After signing up, you will be redirected to the Challenge Details page.  *Note: […]
May 31 : End Of Token Sale for rDAO and CTB Tokens
The token sale for rDAO and CTB tokens will end in just 7 days. It is your last chance to get your hands on these tokens that will be traded on the Binance smart chain. Act now so you don’t miss out! 7 days left before we close our private sale and farming on the […]
Join in on the conversation @Discord! 6 days left before we close our private sale and farming on the Binance smart chain for rDAO and CTB tokens! Let’s go farm mor rDAO ser! p.s.Why we are bullish with rDAO tokens? While every token is fluctuating, and unstable, rDAO is going strong. Why ser? It’s because […]
May 27 : Invite for AMA for Contrib and RealtyDao
JOIN OUR AMA, MAY 27, 1P.M. Join our AMA discussion and ask with our leaders and blockchain developers in Contrib and RealtyDao.com. p.s.JUST 5 days left before we officially close our private sale and farming on the Binance smart chain for rDAO & CTB tokens! Let’s go farm mor rDAO ser!
Staking and farming ended for CTB tokens- What’s next ser?
We have just ended our staking and farming for single pool CTB token on the Binance Smart Chain. You can now claim or farm your rewards today! visit https://www.contrib.com/crypto/purchase
Community Driven Virtual Outsourcing. Coming Soon on Contrib!
Why Communities are Key in The Virtual Outsourcing System. Unlike other industries, blockchain and crypto weren’t born in the dungeons of a corporation. Crypto was coined, expanded, and democratized by communities from its very beginning. In the crypto space, Virtual staff outsourcing or remote staffing is currently the talk of the town, and why shouldn’t […]
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano Are Down by Over 15% Today due to INFLATION. Contrib and Rdao tokens remain unaffected?
The total crypto market cap fell below $1 trillion today. Key points Crypto prices fell dramatically today, with Bitcoin reaching an 18-month low.Ethereum and Solana both fell by around 20% in 24 hours.Higher-than-expected inflation figures and Celsius’s suspension of withdrawals were the main drivers.Rdao and Contrib Tokens unaffected by Inflation explained. Crypto prices were in […]