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This week on the blog:

Monday - A few thoughts on short selling, "GameStonk" and hedge funds

Tuesday - Random thoughts of the day

Wednesday - Should major parties screen candidates in primary elections?

Friday - Why a "Patriot Party" is doomed to failure
This week on the blog:

Monday - Wearing masks, by itself, will never stop COVID-19

Wednesday - Abolishing the national anthem

Thursday - Hyper-partisan snow removal

Friday - Mask mandates, over-policing and tattletale culture
The final verse of Genesis 27 notes that Esau’s wives had been a source of grief to his mother. He had taken wives from the land of Canaan, spurning his father’s example.

Isaac commanded Jacob to take a wife from his own people in Genesis 28. Jacob obeyed, and Esau became further embittered at his brother when he saw Jacob’s obedience.
My tribute to Rush, published one year ago today:

Conservatives: Don't worry about how evil people react to Rush passing away. Celebrate him and his work, and keep promoting the conservative ideals he championed for 3 decades.
Mask mandates, over-policing and tattletale culture:

Some "safety" advocates have become radicalized, treating efforts to stop COVID-19 as a religious crusade.
One of the stupidest things about our politics is that if you support someone, you are accused of supporting every single thing they have ever done or said. That is childish and simple-minded.

I don't even agree with MYSELF all the time. I make mistakes and I sin, and I've had to apologize and/or retract something I said on many occasions.

Let's move beyond this stupid meme.
This week on the blog:

Monday - Everything you disagree with is not a "lie."

Wednesday - There will never be another Rush:

Friday - More on the Keystone XL Pipeline:
David French is correct: Legal protections for free speech have expanded over the last 25 years.

But focusing on that misses the fact that the culture of free speech is dying.

People do not feel free to speak because of threats of job loss, social ostracization, public shaming and so forth.

"Cancel Culture" is real.