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No corporate welfare for baby killers:

Giving birth control to these vulnerable girls enables sexual abusers and predators to cover up their crimes.
The government wants to stop prescription drug abuse by cracking down on doctors. But who do you trust more to manage your health care: Your doctor or a Deep State bureaucrat? I know who I trust, and it ain't the bureaucrat.

Prescription drug abuse is a problem and "candyman" doctors should be prosecuted. But intrusive government regulation of doctors will inevitably result in witch hunts against doctors and (more importantly) patients being denied the pain relief they need due to fear of government.
Ending Roe v. Wade is not enough. Sending it back to the states leaves babies vulnerable. We need Supreme Court justices who have actually read the Fourteenth Amendment and realize that allowing abortion anywhere is an unconstitutional denial of equal protection under the law.
What were her mother and father doing while this was happening?

“There isn’t a kid in the world who doesn’t have this app,” the girl’s mother told The Washington Post, “and yet an adult can be in correspondence with them, manipulating them, over the course of many years, and the company does nothing. How does that happen?”
An unprecedented attack on the rule of law:

The Supreme Court, which is not elected and is not accountable directly to the people, was never intended to be a policy-making body.
Much of the reason the United States gives birth control to poor nations is that our policy is to limit the number of black and brown people on the earth.

This is a wicked policy.
The lives ruined by our anti-family culture:
Capital punishment is not allowed by Scripture. It is commanded by Scripture.

Genesis 9:6 says that someone who commits murder "shall" be executed.

Refusing to execute murderers is a rebellion against God's clear commandment.
The insufferable scolds of the Left:

Olbermann, Falcone and Lorenz are doing more to advance Trumpism than any supporter of Trump could ever do.
Loyalty to Christ should come before everything else:

Excusing uncivil behavior from our side because of bad behavior from the other side is a partisan form of moral relativism
Not everything Republicans do is automatically good. Some of it is very bad and we should oppose and rebuke it.

The so-called "eleventh commandment" should never be placed above or equal to our Christian faith.
This week on the blog:

Monday - Has Donald Trump been good for the Republican Party?

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Friday - The constant self-sabotage of the Elite
Has Donald Trump been good for the Republican Party?

Republicans pride themselves on being the adults in the room. The problem is that Trump is never the adult in the room.
Xi Jinping looks a lot like Winnie the Pooh.

The legitimate government of mainland China is in Taiwan.
The constant self-sabotage of the Elite:

When you veer into snobbery, you immediately lose credibility with people who might otherwise be willing to listen to your argument.