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🧩 Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi unveiled a new prototype of its Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition. This new AR wearable device from Xiaomi is very lightweight at just 126 grams.

✏️ Last Saturday, February 25, liquid staking platform Lido witnessed the largest single-day staking inflow of around 150,000 Ethereum worth a staggering $240 million.

🧰 American social media and microblogging site, Twitter Inc has conducted a fresh round of layoffs sending at least 200 people packing. The layoff was first recorded on Saturday night after the supposedly affected staff were locked out of the company’s communication channel on Slack.

🔗 The two suspected Platypus Protocol exploiters have been arrested by the French National Police. The authorities refused to name the suspects or unveil the charges now levied against them.
🌀 A Tuesday Reuters report claimed that US payments giant Visa was halting its crypto push amid an industry meltdown. However, Visa has now debunked those claims.

💡 Coinbase Global has undertaken several initiatives to steer forward cryptocurrency adoption in the United States. Coinbase has promised to empower the Crypto435 community with information on how to connect with their political representatives.

📌 On Tuesday, February 28, leading game development platform Unity announced that they had tapped into Web3 while unveiling a new “decentralization” category in its online storefront.

🧩 Platypus Finance has created a compensation portal for users following the recent $9.1 million exploit. According to the decentralized finance protocol, this portal lets users view how much the platform owes them.

🖇 Jack Dorsey-backed decentralized Twitter alternative, Bluesky has launched on the App store. The availability on the App store suggests that a public launch may be just around the corner.
🌀 Binance announced the launch of Bicasso for users of its NFT marketplace. Bicasso is a new AI-powered NFT generator similar to other platforms like DALL-E or Midjourney.

💡 The Reserve Bank of Australia has confirmed that it is teaming up with payments company Mastercard as the testing phase of its CBDC, digital dollar – the eAUD, gets underway.

🧩 On Thursday, the 2-year Treasury yield rose to levels not seen in almost seventeen years as investors pondered further Fed rate hikes. The 10-year Treasury yield also surged today amid expectations for fresh economic data.

✏️ Robinhood Markets has announced that its Robinhood Wallet is now officially available to all iOS users via the Apple App store in more than 130 countries.

🖇 A web3 enthusiast and fashion designer Danit Peleg recently showcased her first 3D-printed fashion collection inspired by 3D NFT community Nouns. The fashion designer displayed her 3D-printed fashion collection at the NFT Paris Conference.

📍One of the largest cryptocurrency-related hacks, Mt.Gox, which saw hackers siphon about 850,000 BTC, is nearing the end of resolution with creditors expected to start receiving payouts from March 10.
🏡 Mortgage rates have climbed back over 7% following increased higher yields from inflation fears. The 30-year fixed mortgage average rate jumped to 7.1% on Thursday.

🏦 HSBC Holdings and Nationwide Building Society are the latest banks to take steps in line with the recent warnings of the UK related to the crypto industry. The two banks have banned retail customers from purchasing cryptocurrency with the use of their credit cards.

🇲🇽 Top Latin American crypto exchange, Bitso, in partnership with Mastercard, has announced the launch of its crypto debit card for Mexican customers.

⚖️ The lingering legal battle between the US SEC and Ripple is expected to finally come to an end in 2023. The case, which began in December 2020, involved the payment protocol and two of its executives.

📈 Four months after the collapse of the crypto exchange FTX, yet another crisis-like situation has gripped the crypto market with fear and unrest amid the developments around Silvergate Capital.
📌 Apple appears set to launch a range of desktops and laptops, including a new iMac. The California-based consumer electronics giant also plans to release new updates for iOS and iPadOS amid a wave of executive departures.

🌀 Snoop Dogg, the popular American rapper and actor has revealed himself as one of the co-founders of a popular Web3-based live-streaming app “Shiller”. Dubbed a “live broadcast platform”, Shiller aims to combine Web3 technology with real-time live-streaming content.

🧩 E-commerce giant Inc is reportedly gearing up for the launch of its NFT platform very soon. As per details the launch shall happen next month on 24th of April.

✏️ Crypto exchange Bybit has partnered with leading payment processor Mastercard to launch a debit card that facilitates crypto payments.
🔖 United States President Joe Biden is reportedly on track to propose a 5.7% increase to the salaries of Federal Government workers in the country.

🧩 WeChat has integrated the digital yuan into its platform to facilitate faster and more seamless user payments. The move by the leading Chinese social networking and payment app also serves to broaden the appeal of e-CNY.

✏️ American cloud-based software company Salesforce has joined a growing list of companies entering the AI space. It has partnered with Open AI and is set to launch Einstein GPT to support its software business.

🌀 Adidas AG recently released its Q4 2022 financial report, which revealed heavy losses sustained on several tiers. For the fourth quarter of last year, the German apparel giant suffered an operating loss of 724 million euros.

🖇 Jack Dorsey‘s Block Inc has been on a mission to democratize the Bitcoin mining industry and reduce the barrier to entry for new individuals joining the space, announcing that it’s planning to build a ‘Mining Development Kit’ for users.
✏️ Silvergate Capital has decided to shut down operations and liquidate its bank following effects of problematic market conditions.

🌀 Argentinian football star Lionel Messi has recently backed a Web3 soccer-centric gaming startup Matchday, during the latest $21 million seed funding round.

🎲 US President Joe Biden’s new budget plan could close tax loss harvesting on crypto transactions. A White House official confirmed that the budget will include a tax provision meant to reduce crypto wash sales trading.

📍 After months of waiting and the most recent hope that repayment will start trickling in for MtGox creditors, the wait is now billed to be elongated by approximately one month.

🖇 Crypto exchange is launching a crypto debit card, in conjunction with payment processing giant Visa, for European users. Gate Group plans to launch the Gate Visa crypto debit card via Gate Global UAB, a Lithuania-based entity of Group that provides virtual asset services to clients.
📊 Uncertainty has continued to grip active players in the United States stock market with futures tied to major indices shedding off significant gains on Monday.

🔗 Nissan has made four new web3 trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. According to the USPTO, the trademark filings were submitted on March 7 for the company’s Infiniti, Nismo, and Nissan models.

✏️ The Fed and the FDIC have assured depositors that they could withdraw money from Silicon Valley Bank thereby instilling some confidence among crypto investors.

🌀 In the wake of the recent failure of at least, three notable US-based financial institutions, Binance has started converting the remainder of its $1 billion industry recovery funds to other crypto assets.

💡 Luxury automobile manufacturer Porsche achieved record figures in 2022 as sales revenue grew from 33.1 billion euros in 2021 to 37.6 billion euros. In addition to its 13.6% gain, the company had an impressive operating profit in the 12 months.
🏛 Treasury yields recently climbed amid investor interest rate assessment ahead of pivotal inflation data. Investors and analysts weighed the outlook for Federal Reserve interest rate hikes following Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse.

🧩 Meta Platforms Inc has announced its decision to end support for non-fungible tokens on its Facebook and Instagram networks, less than a year after launching the NFT-related features.

💸 The price of Bitcoin climbed sharply on news that US inflation had met Dow Jones and Nomura estimates. In February, US inflation rose 0.4% month-on-month and 6% year-on-year as the Federal Reserve readies its next rate hike exercise.

✏️ The plans to acquire mega crypto media CoinDesk, a subsidiary of the Digital Currency Group by the world’s largest crypto trading platform Binance is currently “on hold”. According to the CEO of CoinDesk, the media firm has been getting a lot of offers with no decisions made yet.

🖇 The Californian Court of Appeals has overturned a lower court’s decision that sought to classify drivers working for ridesharing firms like Uber Technologies Inc and Lyft Inc as independent contractors.

📌 General Motors is reportedly planning for a ChatGPT-powered virtual personal assistant in future electric vehicles. With this, GM is looking to expand its collaboration with Microsoft, which has a multi-billion dollar investment in OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT.
🌀 As Amazon prepares to contend with Elon Musk’s SpaceX with Project Kuiper, the tech company plans to launch its first internet satellites into space before mid-2024.

✏️ America’s popular semiconductor manufacturer Advanced Micro Devices announced the launch of high-performance and energy-efficient AMD EPYC Embedded 9004 Series processors.

🧩 For the first time since June last year, Bitcoin price traded above $26K on Tuesday after the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics released the Consumer Price Index data yesterday that was in line with expectations.

📉 With the banking industry in the United States currently experiencing financial strain, there may be a trickle-down to Europe where eyes are now fixed on banks like Credit Suisse Group. The bank’s shares are witnessing a massive freefall.

🔖 Shortly after launching the ChatGPT that got global attention, artificial intelligence company OpenAI released a multimodal AI dubbed GPT-4. The latest technology is a new image and text-understanding AI model.
🎯 The European Central Bank recently hiked interest rates by another half a percentage point following today’s Frankfurt meeting.

🖇 Salesforce has announced Salesforce Web3, a platform for its clients to develop NFT loyalty programs. Canadian whisky Crown Royal and toy manufacturer Mattel participated in the pilot program before the official launch.

🌀 After Fidelity Digital Assets announced an early waitlist for crypto trading in November 2022, Fidelity Crypto is now accessible to the public. The asset manager quietly opened access to the new offering, allowing users to trade Bitcoin and Ether.

💡 Shares of aircraft engineering company Virgin Orbit Holdings Inc dropped by 33% in extended trading as the company is discharging nearly all its workers.

♦️ The Ethereum Shapella upgrade is on course for launch following its successful activation on the Goerli testnet. According to reports, this development is in the final phase before the upgrade goes live on the mainnet.
🧩 Bitcoin has extended its recent bullish momentum, recently hitting $27K for the first time since June last year. On Friday, the dominant digital currency climbed to $27,028, marking a 6.5% increase in 24 hours.

🌀 First Republic shares rebounded off losses amid regional bank stock advancement after initially plunging 17% in Thursday’s extended trading. The San Francisco-based commercial bank recently secured a $30 billion rescue deal from several big banks in an unprecedented show of support.

💡 Microsoft Corporation has launched Copilot, an OpenAI-powered AI assistant, to its popular business apps – Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This assistive artificial intelligence technology seeks to enhance user experience.

📍Playboy Group has announced that it lost about $4.9 million in the value of the Ethereum assets it held last year. The parent company of Hugh Hefner’s Playboy confirms that the impairment loss came as a result of the crypto winter.
📍 The recent bullish momentum seen with Bitcoin shows no signs of fatigue as it recently surpassed $28K. BTC’s latest price development marks the first time since last June that the crypto has surged past $28,000.

📊 Bitcoin ATM maker General Bytes has reportedly lost BTC worth about $1.5 million to a crypto hack. The company reported a security incident between March 17 and 18 that allowed unauthorized access to compromising user information.

💡 Shares of Swiss banking giants UBS and Credit Suisse plunged substantially following a takeover of the latter. On Monday morning, UBS secured a 3 billion Swiss franc ($3.2 billion) bailout of its troubled domestic rival amid the global banking crisis.

🧩 Nike Inc is releasing the physical form of its NFT Air Force 1 sneakers, which was developed in partnership with digital art design studio RTFKT. The NFT was initially created with the contribution of Japanese artist Takashi Murakami.

🔗 Ripple‘s native XRP token recently surpassed $20 billion in market value following a broader digital currency market rally. According to reports, XRP gained roughly 5% over the last 24 hours, with BTC and ETH experiencing gains of 2.41% and 1.62%, respectively.
🧩 Duolingo Inc is reportedly working on a music app. In order to facilitate the development process, the company has opened two music-related jobs.

🖇 The US Supreme court is all set to hear its first-ever crypto case in history. Nine chief justices will hear the plea from lawyers representing crypto exchange Coinbase asking to pause a pair of class-action lawsuits against the crypto trading platform.

🌀 Twitch has announced plans to reduce its workforce as a result of its slowing growth and decreasing revenue caused by the current macroeconomic environment.

🧰 Richard Branson‘s Virgin Orbit might slip into insolvency ahead of this week in absence of a deal. Amid the current macro condition, the company has been struggling to secure a funding lifeline and avoid bankruptcy.

✏️ Tech giant Google announced the suspension of the Chinese e-commerce app Pinduoduo citing that they discovered malware in the unsanctioned versions of the software.
🖇 Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency market are currently holding up with their gains over the last weekend and earlier this week. Investors are keeping a close watch on the latest policy decision that will come out of the today's FED meeting.

✏️ Tech giant Google opened access to its AI chatbot tool Bard, which directly competes with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. However, this is limited access and Bard will be initially available only to selected users in the US and UK.

🧩 Non-fungible token marketplace Magic Eden is set to launch a fully audited Bitcoin NFT marketplace. This comes as Bitcoin-based Ordinals NFTs become increasingly popular.

📌 Aircraft engineering company Virgin Orbit is about to close a deal with venture capital investor Matthew Brown. VORB stock is up over 73% in the pre-market while yesterday it closed down almost 15%.

🌀 The benefits offered in the NFT patent filed by Sony include the opportunity to have an interoperable Web3 gameplay experience, which means that players will be able to transfer NFTs between different devices.
The US Federal Reserve through the Open Market Committee has increased its interest rate by 25 basis points. The rate hike was as expected and it was implemented despite the recent bank failures that have caused a crisis of confidence in the financial sector.
✏️ It seems that the crypto market has finally decided to look past the traditional market and chart its own trajectory. Thursday’s price pump in crypto comes following a rally in US equities as markets choose to look beyond the Fed rate hikes.

💡 One of the most famous Artificial Intelligence-powered chatbots ChatGPT has been updated with a new feature that allows it to access information from online sources and communicate with third-party websites through new plugins.

Cinema stocks climbed Thursday following reports that Apple plans to spend $1 billion yearly on theatrical film releases. This investment is part of the tech giant’s efforts to increase its visibility in Hollywood and attract subscribers to its Apple TV+ streaming business.

🌀 Payments and shopping service Klarna may be the latest company to partner with OpenAI to use ChatGPT. The ChatGPT Plugin has now been integrated and will serve as a personal shopping assistant to Klarna users, ushering in a new era of personalized shopping experience.
✏️ Gucci is gradually shifting its focus to the Web3 space with the announcement of a multi-year collaboration with Yuga Labs, a Web3 firm heading several famous NFT collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club.

🌀 Fujitsu has made an emphatic move to deepen its foothold in the crypto ecosystem. Recent patent filed by the company with the United States Patent and Trademark Office shows it has plans to start offering crypto custody services.

🧰 Elon Musk has reportedly halved the valuation of social media giant Twitter in a new employee internal memo. According to the outspoken Tesla CEO, Twitter’s staff will receive stock grants based on a $20 billion valuation.

🔗 Crypto exchange Coinbase has been working on some key projects and one of them includes inflation-pegged flatcoins to be built over its recently launched Layer-2 network Base.
📌 Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has confirmed plans to split into smaller groups to allow each one pursue independent IPO.

🧩 Like many other companies reducing headcounts, mass media company The Walt Disney Company has started dismissing employees. This follows CEO Bob Iger’s announcement in February to lay off 7,000 workers as the company restructures.

💡 Chinese internet company Baidu has unveiled its AI chatbot called Ernie Bot. Baidu explained that its Ernie Bot could generate images, texts, audio, and video from given text prompts.

📊 Bitcoin and Ethereum drop as US financial regulators Intensifies crackdown on crypto projects. The regulatory crackdown was highly anticipated based on the recent White House report to Congress, which called crypto volatile for investment.

🔖 As per a legal court filing, some parts of Twitter’s source code have been leaked as Elon Musk‘s Twitter is now seeking information about the responsible person.
🧰 Investment banking company UBS has named former UBS Group CEO Sergio Ermotti as the new CEO to oversee the Credit Suisse takeover. It is said that the new CEO is equipped as the “best pilot” to navigate the current business challenges.

📱 Tech giant Apple has announced its Pay Later service, enabling users to split their purchases into four payments. The company introduced the service in the US with no additional interest or fees.

💸 Bitcoin price has surpassed the $28,000 level, marking an increase of 5.70% over the past 24 hours. Interestingly, this comes as most other altcoins appear to be trading flat in the same period.

📈 The shares of Chinese multinational e-commerce and tech giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd are trading at a very high growth rate today as the company said it is restructuring its business into 6 different independent divisions.

💶 The European Banking Federation has published a paper where it shared its views of the digital euro as well as that of the European digital money ecosystem at large.