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Amid an ongoing bear market in bitcoin and major altcoins have been whiplashed so far in 2022. These are the five altcoins that dropped more than 55% YTD.  

Is this the right time to enter and take advantage of the bear market by buying the dip?

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Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo set foots in NFTs for Binance.

Cristiano Ronaldo professional footballer is jumping into crypto and NFTs wholeheartedly.

With the cryptocurrency business Binance, Ronaldo has signed a multi-year collaborative marketing partnership.
Global market capitalization has moved up to $933.2B, up 3.12% from yesterday.
The entire volume of the cryptocurrency market during the previous 24 hours was $62.87B, a 4.36% decline.

Fear and Greed Remains the same at index 11.

Right now, the Price of one bitcoin is $20,901.92.

The current dominance of Bitcoin is 43.01%, a drop of 0.11%, Ethereum at 14.92%, and others at 34.91%.
The bitcoin reserves held by miners have fallen by 18,251 since June 14.

46,000 BTC are held by public miners, and their selling madness could lead to a sharp decline in price.

Numerous mining rigs have become unprofitable as a result of the drop in the price of BTC, prompting miners to quit the cryptocurrency sector.

Miners have been compelled to adapt to the market and alter their tactics because Bitcoin's all-time high price has dropped by more than 75%.

If they are forced to sell a sizable amount of their assets, the price of bitcoin may drop much more.
Shiba Inu (SHIB) is Now The Most Acquired Token Among The Largest Whales

As per the latest study, the number of Shiba Inu owners is increasing every hour, and now it has hit a new all-time record, approaching the 2 million mark.

As per the report, the overall numbers have increased by 1,064 fresh SHIB members in the last hour.

As per statistics gathered by the @letsburnshiba Twitter account, the percentage of wallets containing Shiba Inu meme coins is growing.

As per the post, the total number of SHIB holders has risen to 1,989,215, which is an increase of over one million in just seven days from 1,182,817.

This could suggest that, following the rapid, significant value decrease of the next most popular meme token, protracted demand for this digital asset is steady, if not increasing.

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The global #crypto market seems to be far-reaching.

The Fear and Greed Index is at 14 today.

The global #market cap is $958.09B, up 3.46% from yesterday.

The overall volume of the #cryptocurrency market over the previous 24 hours was $64.10B, an increase of 1.97%.

#Bitcoin is trading at $21,477.71 with dominance is 42.38%, #Ethereum at 15.49%, and others at 35.15%.
Interest in the #Metaverse – which forms a bridge between the real and virtual worlds, is expected to grow at a rapid pace in the coming years. It is a collision between the #digital and physical worlds when virtual reality and augmented reality bridge the gap and allow the physical and virtual worlds to interact closely.

Recently, Metaverse #cryptocurrencies are on the rise giving massive returns to their investors this year. #Blockchain and #NFTs are considered an important aspect of the budding Metaverse ecosystem.

There are plenty of #metaverse tokens that anyone can buy. There are plenty of metaverse cryptocurrencies that anyone can buy. Here is the list of the top 3 #Crypto-Powered Metaverses of 2022.

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#Cryptocurrency prices today plunged with the world's largest and most popular cryptocurrency #Bitcoin falling over 2.07%and was trading at $20,321.91. The global cryptocurrency market cap today was below the $1 trillion, and was down over 2.31% in the last 24 hours to $908 billion.
#MicroStrategy Buys 480 Bitcoins Worth $10 Million !

Despite being underwater, MicroStrategy purchased 480 additional #bitcoins for $10M.

The average price of the purchased #Bitcoin is approximately $20,817.

That brings its total stash to 129,699 bitcoins, which were acquired at an aggregate purchase price of $3.98B and an average purchase price of ~$30,664 per #BTC.
Regardless of the fact that the entire cryptocurrency market is in the red zone today, the failing USTC stablecoin (UST Classic) from the controversial Terra program is up 90%.

USTC lost its peg to the US dollar in the month of May and went beneath the level of one dollar. However, through its quick development, the stablecoin helped to restore the prices of LUNC (Luna Classic), another crashed currency of the Terra community.

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The market for #cryptocurrencies, which was once worth nearly $2 trillion, has dropped below $900 billion to $893 billion today, a staggering decline. Top #cryptos like #Bitcoin and #Ethereum are trading in the red at $20, 057, and $1,092. It's "Extreme Fear," as per the Fear and Greed Index.
Stablecoin Volumes Reveal the Truth

Everyone is talking about negative trends, but most of them haven't left the cryptocurrency market, says Ki Young Ju, CEO of CryptoQuant.

The fact that stablecoins only fell by 11% while the market cap of Bitcoin fell by 70% from its peak may come as a shock to many.

Ju continued, the stablecoins with a value of up to $25 billion are presently available on cryptocurrency exchanges.

“Stablecoins sitting in exchanges are now worth half of Bitcoin reserve. We have $25 billion loaded bullets that can make crypto asset prices go up. The question is when not how.”
The coming year will be critical for cryptocurrency, according to Charles Hoskinson, the developer of Cardano (ADA), as the government makes game-changing decisions for the sector.

Hoskinson spoke to guests at the Cardano Community event how the cryptocurrency industry has substantially changed since the creation of Bitcoin (BTC).

According to him, Bitcoin had no value in 2009. Nobody cared about it and it was a single person or an entity. In a day, the hash rate would double or triple. It would decline sharply when they went on vacation or stopped mining. Take a look at how delicate that is in the present.

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The Celsius Network has now paid off another $50 million of its Bitcoin loan, meaning that the digital currency lending platform is still on the journey to repay the remaining debt left.

The news comes as the price of Bitcoin (BTC) falls below $9,000, meaning that the liquidation price for the loan has also dropped.

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The global #cryptocurrency market cap moved up to the $910 billion mark, rising about 5 percent in the last 24 hours. However, the total volume traded on the #cryptocurrency market has increased by 49.05 percent to $57.15B.

#Bitcoin is now #trading at $20k with dominance at 42.4% while others at 35.0%.

With the Fear and Greed at index 19.
Crypto Lender Voyager Digital Filed For Bankruptcy in the U.S.

As predicted by many analysts and investors, after 3AC’s bankruptcy, there is yet another high-profile crypto firm that has filed for bankruptcy. Voyager Digital Ltd, a Crypto lender, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on June 5th, Tuesday.

The bankruptcy protection has been done in the Southern District of New York and the firm has claimed that it has over 100,000 creditors and around $1 to $10 billion in assets. As per the filings, the funds will be accessible for distribution to unsecured creditors.

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The global crypto market cap is at $905.4 billion, a 0.56% decrease over the last day. The entire cryptocurrency market volume during the 24 hours was $66.80B, representing a rise of 16.79%. The largest crypto bitcoin is seen trading at $20,107 with a dominance of 42.3%.

The market sentiment is getting better at Fear and Greed Index 18.
Most transactions involving #cryptocurrencies take place on exchanges.

The #trading volume is the amount of trading activity on a given asset.

Although there are more than 600 #cryptocurrency exchanges around the globe.

Here are the top 8 #exchanges that account for the majority of the daily trading volume.

#Binance is the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume and its domestic counterpart at $10.61 B and wade through the rest displayed above.

If you intend to trade #crypto these are the ones to mostly rely on.