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Would I ask such questions if I didn’t already know the answers?
In all these months, why has a high-level Dominion sysadmin whistleblower never taken a step forward?
Today I take my stand against the devil’s schemes. For my struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.
A whistleblower has stepped forward.
Today the tides turn...
Today we take a stand.
Today we no longer accept being lied to by two-faced politicians and their crony business partners.
Our whistleblower is not from Arizona.
Our whistleblower is from one of the many other states that used the Dominion software.
Our whistleblower went to excruciating effort to detail and archive everything possible.
Our whistleblower was trusted enough to be given instructions on how to modify the BIOS.
Today we change the narrative.
Today we will know what is behind the Supervisor password.
Today we will know why they are hiding the router.
Our whistleblower is a hero.
Our whistleblower is a patriot.
Our whistleblower had access to all the passwords.
Our whistleblower took pictures of what was locked behind those passwords.
Today we learn what it takes to go up against the devil's schemes.
Today we learn what true digital heroism is.
Today a new legend is made.
Our whistleblower had access to the Election Management System servers.
Our whistleblower had access to the Adjudication Clients.
Our whistleblower had access to the ImageCast Central Workstations.
Our whistleblower had access to the SUPERVISOR PASSWORD.
Today we learn to appear weak when we are strong.
Today we learn that the importance of timing and optics.
Our whistleblower risked his life.
Our whistleblower risked his livelihood.
Our whistleblower risked everything.
Welcome to the Election Management System bios administrative panel.
Just type in the password to unlock the Setup screen.
Welcome to the Election Management System Server.
Sorry for the technical issues and delays earlier, but this footage is larger in scope that I initially thought it was going to be.