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~Seth Keshel
Credit: Shannon Armenis
Awakened Outlaw:

If +75% of the US is 'White' why would our own Govt work to kneecap the vast majority of its own population at every turn and blame us for, well, damn near everything as far as I can tell?

You'd think that they'd want to, at the very least, treat us as equals to the 25% minority population.  But you'd be wrong.

This self-flagellation doesn't make any sense whatsoever - not if your goal is to protect and improve the Republic.

That is unless you add in that it's actually part of an intentional/massive/long-term Trojan Horse operation undertaken by a wholly corrupt globalist cabal/criminal syndicate seeking to intentionally implode our Republic so that they can build it back "better" into their preferred new world order model. 

Only then does it make all the sense in the world.
Another graphic on this perfect Phase 2 delta.

Anons are all over this!
Dan Scavino just posted fiat currency burning.

In context, he's referring to Nikki Haley's campaign.

But remember...

Double meanings exist.
Elon, "...even the eskimos inside know that Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself."
Forwarded from Techno_Fog
Cell phone records obtained by President Trump's attorneys prove Fulton County DA Fani Willis had an affair with Nathan Wade before he was appointed Special Prosecutor.

Thousands of calls between Wade/Willis. Tens of thousands of texts. Late-night hookups at Willis's apartment.

These records are a game-changer.