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Forwarded from BioClandestine (BioClandestine)
The Twitter Files not only expose a plot to subvert federal elections, but it exposes the overall ideology of the Left, and their stance on We the People.

They have proven they do not respect our vote in the slightest. Meaning in the eyes of the Left, we are nothing more than tax/labor slaves.

If the People are stripped of their Rights and ability to engage in government, then we do not live in a Representative Democracy or a Constitutional Republic.

This is a dictatorship, and we are slaves.
Eyes on this SCOTUS case today..

Moore vs Harper

In high-stakes election case, justices will decide validity of “independent state legislature” theory

The Supreme Court will hear oral argument on Wednesday in a case that UCLA law professor Richard Hasen has called the “800-pound gorilla” of election law. The case, Moore v. Harper, is a test of the “independent state legislature” theory – the idea that the Constitution gives state legislatures nearly unfettered authority to regulate federal elections, with little to no interference from state courts. Depending on whether the justices agree with the theory and how broadly they interpret it, it has the potential to upend federal elections by eliminating virtually all oversight of those elections by state courts.

Credit: MistyG
Epic Tweet from Elon!

Do you see it? 🐸

That's no ordinary frog either. That's positively Pepe!

Elon was replying to this FAKE NEWS MSNBC piece accusing him of disproportionally suspending left-wing accounts (based on entirely anecdotal evidence) and then worries that politically biased suspensions "have a chilling effect on speech on the platform."
Let that sink in...

I feel like I've heard that recently, from someone with something to do with Twitter 🤔
Look at the New York Times actually doing some real journalism on the arms dealer 👀

A WNBA player…. for a guy that supplied weapons to Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

Even the most braindead liberals can’t defend this one.
Late night loser Trevor Noah hosts his final Daily Show tonight 🥳🎉

At its peak with Jon Stewart, the Daily Show averaged 2.5 million nightly viewers.

With Trump-deranged Noah, the show has fallen below 400,000 viewers at times 🤣

Another victim of the Trump quicksand
Forwarded from BioClandestine (BioClandestine)
The Pepe meme is one thing, but what it’s in response to, is the story.

MSNBC accused Elon of “disproportionately suspending left-wing accounts”.

And Elon responded with a vague Pepe meme, as if to say:

“Twitter were disproportionately suspending conservatives this entire time, mainly the Anons”.

And given his prior Pepe meme usage and Anon-speak, one might say Elon is showing his loyalty to Anons, almost “planting the flag” if you will, that we have taken over Twitter.

There’s a lot here.
Credit: William Scott WTM
Forwarded from BioClandestine (BioClandestine)
I want back on Twitter more than any being on Earth, but bringing us on AFTER the Twitter Files is genius.

Let Elon show the receipts to everyone that Anons were right. That we were wrongly targeted via political weaponization of Twitter by the FBI/DHS/DNC. We have serious validity now.

When we do come back, it will be highly controversial/publicized, and the “taboo” label applied to Anons has created a Streisand Effect, making us MORE popular.

Anons are about to be rockstars.