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We are ChewApp, a community-based marketplace to run your errands (eg. Food) or extra income. We encourage users to try out the app and feedback on our official website Group: @ChewAppSG
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Dear Deliverers Users,
ChewApp is currently doing a trial with North East Community Development Council NE CDC) to get our deliverer users to help some lower income students who have difficulties to go out to self-collect their food. They are young kids or have other challenges that prevent them from going out to collect themselves. They are mostly primary and secondary students on Home Based Learning due to CB.

These food are prepaid. They only need our help to collect from the designated hawker/F&B outlets (using a confirmation order number that will be provided AFTER you have accepted their delivery fee (OFFER) within ChewApp's in-app chat) and deliver the food to their home.

As these families are already financial challenged, we hope that there are many kind Soon Chew (deliverers) on ChewApp who will be prepared to help them for delivery fee of S$3 and below. They will indicate on their post that they are looking for delivery services at S$3 or below. As a community, if we can, let us help them by accepting lower delivery fees.

If this trial is successful, we can expect to roll out for North East CDC (covers Aljunied, Pasir Ris-Punggol, Tampines GRCs, Hougang and Punggol East SMCs) and probably the other 4 CDC, i.e., Island wide. As there are 12,000 beneficiaries under this program, with full roll out, we can expect a few thousands daily delivery requests from them.

Although the S$3 is below market rate, but since they are all staying at rented HDB clusters, there are opportunities for multiple pick ups (at same/nearby F&B outlets) and deliveries to the same block. This may help tobcompensate for the lower delivery fee per connection.

Therefore, as we extend our hands to help them, they are also providing us with more Request (Kee Chew) posts and to allow us to earn extra delivery income. A truly win-win arrangement for everybody!

Let's do it together as Chew Community! Jia Yu! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
This is a social enterprise set up by Catholic Welfare and they employ disabled people and the autistic. Business is badly affected under CB period and if their business does not pick up, they may be forced to close down. They do not have delivery capability and is restricted to only self collection now. Being located at 55 Waterloo Street Singapore 187954, there are not many walk-in. If you want to help them, regardless of where are you staying, please post a food delivery request at ChewApp ( to look for a deliverer to buy from Crossing Cafe and deliver to you. This kind gesture will not only support Crossing Cafe but will also help the deliverer to make an honest income. Please share with your friends. Thank you.

There is no better times to make an honest delivery income and at the same time helping a social enterprise stay in business. Look out for Kee Chew Request posts!
Coming up with the entire design system is no easy feat! Designing for a community-based app is all about meeting the needs of the users, people who keep the app going. That is why User Experience plays such a huge part in ChewApp.

If you are interested in advocating for better User Experience in your everyday app, you might want to try out the app and give us your opinion in this short System Usability Scale (SUS) survey

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It has come to our notice of certain allegations by one or more users that we are not acting in good faith in our business platform. We would like to assure all users that ChewApp is committed to facilitate this marketplace platform with utmost integrity including but not limited to payments and withdrawals. For the record, ChewApp has been alerted by Stripe (Credit Card clearing provider) of a number of suspicious use of credit cards for payments of food ordered by some individuals. After preliminary investigations, these cases have been escalated for police investigation. We have duly cooperated with the authorities and we are unable to provide more details at this stage. However, we are committed to honour all bona fide credit card transactions and ensure withdrawals from your wallet in the normal course of business. In the event, any allegations against the company proves unsubstantiated, we would not hesitate to take all necessary actions against the perpetrator for all losses suffered by the company, including police investigations. We urge all users to be diligent against spreading any falsehood and inadvertently become party to any unsubstantiated claims and/or rumours and/or accusations that will hurt the reputation of our company. We reserve all our rights.
Recent initiatives to help these students during the circuit breaker looks like it will go to waste. All in $660,000 have been raised and implemented.

CDC Student Meals Scheme beneficiaries lacks delivery option and most of the 132,000 x S$5 Grab Food eVouchers will expire by 31 May 2020. The value of S$5 of these eVouchers and with a limitation of only one eVouchers can be utilise per order; it limits them to self-collection orders. In addition, to maximise the eVouchers, they will have to make multiple orders if they need more items.

These students are mostly younger children on Home Based Learning and parents are out working in essential services jobs. This created an unnecessary obstacle for them to use the 11 eVouchers per children.

Recently launched ChewApp, a community based delivery platform, is trying to help them. They can post a request to look for somebody to pick up of their self-collection orders and delivery to them. ChewApp have rallied our deliverers to reach out to help for an off-market rate delivery fee. A copy of the student guide can be access/download via this link for both overview and student guide

ChewApp does not take commission from the deliverers nor levy any platform fee on the requestors for COD transactions. ChewApp has been running a pilot project for about 2 weeks with a small group from North East Community Development Council.

ChewApp wants to help all the beneficiaries, regardless of which CDCs. Time is running out because the eVouchers will expire in less than 11 days. ChewApp may not be able to help all of them, but hope to help as many as we can. Pease share this news and video so that we can help them.

Download ChewApp at to find out more.
ChewApp have just uploaded some youtube videos and hope these videos will be useful for you to watch and learn how to use ChewApp more effectively. The videos are:

1. For Consumers to know how to Post a Request to purchase anything, at any time and delivery anywhere! -

2. For Deliverers to know how to Post an Offer to purchase anything, at any time and delivery anywhere! -

2. For eVouchers Student Meals Scheme -

4. An Example of full β€œConnect to Chat” to achieve successful completion for the transaction -
ChewApp wishes all our Muslim friends a prosperous and blessed Hari Raya. We would also like to extend our gratitude to our Muslim Soon Chews (penghantar)!
The above infographic shows the 5 simple steps to Kee Chew (Order Food). To further reinforce and familiarize users, we have also created a Youtube video to show the complete connection chats with "Offer" (the all-in food and delivery fee), "Accept" (the all-in offer) and "Declare Delivered" (after the food have been delivered) between the deliverer (Mr. Soon Chew) and requestor (Mr. Kee Chew). We hope that after watching the video, you will be more familiar and confident in using ChewApp -
Potential risks of Cash on Delivery (COD) Transactions - see this article (

There are risks of non-deliveries, pranks and scams when using Cash on Delivery (COD) transactions in most, if not all delivery platforms.

The consumers will have to bear the full risk of non-deliveries if they are aware of the non-delivery risks and yet decided to make advance payments (via PayNow or bank transfers) to the deliverers. It is worse if such communications and exchanges of PayNow number and amounts payable details are provided outside of ChewApp in-app chat, i.e., leaving ChewApp and chatting on WhatsApp. For such cases, ChewApp is unable to assist the parties nor authorities in any investigations.

On the other hand, deliverers who knows the risk of COD transactions, and still choose to purchase and pay for the food/ items in advance will have to bear the full risk of pranks of fake delivery addresses, etc. ChewApp has provided COD option because some users wanted to have COD as payment mode. Users (both deliverers and consumers) who choose to continue to transact based on COD must accept that they are personally responsible and will have to bear the full inherent risks of COD transactions.

As a platform, ChewApp encourages all users (for posting of Request or Offer) to select the Preferred payment as ChewPay (credit card payment for consumers and crediting of the transactions’ income into the deliverers’ e-Wallet) to mitigate and/or minimize, if not eliminate, risks of non-deliveries, pranks and scams.

Once the food/items’ cost and delivery fee is agreed, deliverer will sent an all-in "offer" price (food/items' cost + delivery fee) for the consumer to accept. The consumers will make the final decision to accept (or reject) and pays using credit card (ChewApp uses Stripe, an established 3rd party payment gateway for processing of credit card payments).Once the payment is processed, the consumer is unable to cancel the order. The deliverer’s non-payment risk is now mitigated and can commence to purchase the item and complete the delivery

Consumers' non-delivery risk can be mitigate by ChewApp’s ability to withhold the payment to deliverer for any non-delivery reports. Subject to ChewApp’s investigation based on the reports and evidences (provided by either or both parties), ChewApp may be refunded the monies to the consumers, when justifiable.

In summary, to mitigate non-deliveries, pranks and scams risks, users should choose ChewApp as the preferred payment option.
Have you ever wonder who (hawkers, deliverers and app companies) gets what when you order and pay for food delivery? Hope this infographic can shed some lights for you.

You will noticed that ChewApp do not take commission from hawkers and deliverers.

You can play a part to help our hard working hawkers and deliverers get 100% of their deserved revenue and delivery fee by ordering your food/items delivery at ChewApp ( Share this with your family, business associates/colleague and friends. We need more people to know which platform is more transparent and fair. #SGUNITED
Are all marketplace delivery platforms the same? Who gets what when consumers pay the total bill on marketplace delivery platform?

Is there any difference between the cost of delivery services of extra layer of using 3rd party(ies) delivery vendor vs "professional and independent" vs "hitch" ("willing hand" who are most competitive because they are along the way and/or nearby) deliverers? As deliverers, which model may be more flexible and beneficial?

Hope this infographic will be helpful to differentiate the differences so that consumers can make a more informed decision on which marketplace delivery platform and type of deliverers to support.
Looking for a deliverer for food delivery (to buy and deliver) or pick-up (to sent to your customers)? ChewApp is fair and transparent. Deliverers get 100% of the delivery fee! Many deliverers are waiting at ChewApp to provide their delivery services. Post your request now! #SGUNITED
Get help from others to queue, buy and deliver for you!

If you have not seen our app tutorial, check out -
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