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Martha Stewart spent 5 months in prison for insider trading that helped her avoid $45k in stock losses.

Nancy and Paul Pelosi sold $3 million in Google stock just weeks before the DOJ announced an antitrust lawsuit against the company.

How much time will Nancy and Paul get?
Media is too big
🚨🚨BREAKING: Gov. Ron DeSantis calls for Change at the RNC

"We've had 3 substandard election cycles in a row, '18, '20, and '22, and I'd say '22 was probably the worst...I think we need a change. I think we need to get some new blood in the RNC. I like what Harmeet Dhillon has said..."

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Media is too big
🚨EXCLUSIVE🚨 Gov. DeSantis takes aim at the Consultant Class at the RNC:

"[The RNC] needs to be less consultant driven. This money that's going in needs to go to ultimately winning elections, and not lining the pockets of so many consultants. We need huge transparency on that."

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Media is too big
🚨EXCLUSIVE🚨 Gov. Ron DeSantis Tackles Ballot Harvesting, Early Voting:

"If it's not banned, you need to do it, because otherwise we're fighting with one hand tied behind our back."

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Forwarded from Senator Jake Hoffman
Arizona Freedom Caucus Opposes Overriding the Aggregate Expenditure Limit Without Systemic Reforms to Benefit Students & Teachers

Arizona Freedom Caucus Chairman, Senator Jake Hoffman, said the following:

“Arizona children deserve the highest quality education America has to offer. Sadly, they’re receiving far from it at the hands of government-run school districts. At a time when the Republican-controlled legislature is appropriating historically high education funding, test scores continue to plummet. In the latest publicly available data, only 28% of Arizona eighth graders are proficient in reading and only 32% of eleventh graders were able to pass the state math assessment. Adding insult to injury, these catastrophic failures of government school districts are disproportionally hurting low-income, minority, and middle-class Arizonans.

As every parent knows, there comes a time when you have to say enough is enough. Until systemic reforms to fix these harmful conditions for Arizona students are enacted, we must say enough. The Arizona Freedom Caucus stands firmly on the side of parents and families to demand change. We will not sit idly by while the system continues to fail students. It is time to enact systemic reforms designed to empower parents, prioritize students, and support teachers.”
It’s definitely not the thing causing this. Don’t mention, allude to, or think about the thing. Remember, it’s not the thing.

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Tomorrow I will be at the RNC meeting advocating for regime change. I hope the 168 make a wise choice and decide to stop losing!
I am in the room of the 168. Lots of private support for change at the RNC. I hope they listen to their voters!
Been having conversations all morning with RNC members. Some of them truly don’t care what their voters think

One said:

“I don’t give a flying flip what the small donors think. They are not voting today.”
If Ronna wins it’s with everyone in here not feeling good about it. Weird vibe in the room.
RNC results:

Ronna 111
Harmeet 53
Mike Lindell 4 votes

The RNC has made the message clear that they have contempt for their voters and their small dollar donors.
Consistently 90% of GOP voters said they wanted change at RNC

111 RNC members just told 90% of the party we don’t care what you say.
Harmeet’s press gaggle happening now…she’s not pulling any punches
I learned so much being at the RNC today.

1) There are some amazing members that truly love the grassroots. 55 of them that listen to you and care about what you think. They are passionate, lovely people who want their country back. They are wonderful.

2) There is a small group of the 111 — likely 10-12 people — that are just scared. They don’t know how to move forward but are terrified of changing the status quo. They voted for Ronna for “continuity not chaos," a weak argument based on fear, not vision.

3) The largest slice of the RNC pie is filled with people who have a deep-seated contempt for the base energy of the party. Several told me to my face that they are annoyed by the grassroots and their “emails” that “bother them.”

4) They told me November was a “raging success” and “historically good.” They told me the party needs fewer people who watch “Steve Bannon, Tucker Carlson and your podcast and more people who read the newspaper.”

5) The exuberance from these consultants when Ronna was elected chair was deafening. They knew what this means: the flow of money will only continue.

6) I am truly shocked at how disconnected the RNC country club is from the people they beg for donations. There is a club of consultants who make insane $ off YOUR donations and are no proud of how they can defy the 98% of the party who wanted to see change.

7) The contempt is real. The attitude is repeatedly expressed as “the volunteers who are upset don’t understand how things work around here”

This is unsustainable.
It tells you a lot that people assume riots are going to happen because of a bad video about to be released.
Before everyone overreacts:

The cops were black

America is the least racist country in history.

Blacks encounter police more often because, per capita, they commit crimes more often (with mostly black victims).

Let’s not burn down our country again over lies.