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What experiments was the CDC doing on Monkeys? Why were they being transported across state lines?
If we’re “at war” with COVID, then withholding life saving medicine from Americans is akin to a war crime.

Who is responsible? How high up does this decision go? People should be in prison for killing Americans
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Florida should openly defy Biden's order against monoclonal antibodies. The states created the federal government, the federal government did not create the states. Defy Biden, keep giving the treatment—call his bluff, make him send in federal troops to arrest doctors.
If Joe Biden can stop Florida from administering life-saving monoclonal antibody treatments, why wouldn't Republican Governors be able to unilaterally stop doctors in their states from performing life-ending abortion procedures?
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First Locals livestream coming in hot— Thursday 4:30 pm ET
Peter Doocy — "Do you think inflation is a political liability before midterms?"

Joe Biden — "Inflation is a great asset. More inflation."

This line from Biden is far more telling than the old man cursing at Peter Doocy. This wasn't sarcasm.
It’s AOC’s world we’re just living in it, I guess
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My good friend Dave Rubin joined me on the podcast to discuss media tyrants, Locals, and the importance of free speech ⬇️

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Yet Another Poll Has Biden Under 40 Percent Approval
Harvard/Harris has Biden’s approval at 39 percent. The gender gap has also disappeared—Biden is upside down with both men and women by 14 points. (Harvard Harris)
Breyer's retirement is step one in the Democrats' attempt to thwart a red wave. GOP better wise up and realize nothing is automatic heading into November. They aren't going to give up power easily.
Statue of St. George Floyd set to replace Stephen Breyer according to WH reports
Not enough people are talking about the fact that Joe Biden’s “thoroughly vetted Refugees” from Afghanistan are being convicted of sexually assaulting 3-year-olds.