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Helping retail investors to create their next cashflow stream of income with Options Trading.
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The FB Live session is on....Join us now via our Public FB Group with Terence
(The “HIT & RUN” Trading Strategy🔥)


We are here again with an exclusive back to back PUBLIC INTRODUCTORY WEBINAR specially organised for our public members.

This is the long awaited 24R Earnings Season ( For Oct 2021 ) Trading Program created by Terence specifically targeting the stocks earnings season trades. “HIT & RUN” is usually associated with negative thoughts but imagine if you are able to do so in the stock market and making quick gain in these potentially good stocks while they announce the results of their earnings.


We have schedule 2 back to back introductory session for you to attend on the following dates :

Choose One.
1. Webinar 1 : 23rd Sept 2021 (Thurs)
2. Webinar 2 : 29th Sept 2021 (Wed)
Time : 8:00pm - 10:00pm ( SG Time )

( Limited to 200 attendees only )

❗️NOTE : This is a public session for our public members only. ❗️
Cashflow Trading With The IMPossible Investor. pinned «(The “HIT & RUN” Trading Strategy🔥) 24R - EARNINGS EXPLOSIVE TRADING PROGRAM FOR EARNING SEASON OCTOBER 2021 By Terence Tan. Hello EVERYONE ! We are here again with an exclusive back to back PUBLIC INTRODUCTORY WEBINAR specially organised for our public…»
Join us together with Terence Live on FB once again for new portfolio additions and management actions taken out for the week!

Terence will also be announcing the the "3 Lucky Winners" of I'MPossible Investors Hot & Fresh Giveaway for the month of Aug-Sep 16!

Join us Live to find out if you are one of the lucky winners of our 3 prizes.

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( TONIGHT 10:30PM )
We will be going live with Terence shortly for the Portfolio Building Friday Public Session. Log on , in 5 minutes.
1 minute to go and the FB Live session is already live so go ahead and log in to join us now...
Hi All ,
The upcoming OCT 2021 earnings season is upon us. For those that still would like to join but have not done so, today will be the LAST DAY as we will conclude and close the participation to this coming Oct 2021 earnings season under our highly successful 24R Earnings Explosive Trading Program.

[ You may sign up here : ]

Thank you & stay safe.

Have You Added New Crypto Positions Lately???

Join us for Portfolio Building Friday's with Terence tonight as he shed his logical thoughts on what caused this rally and JUST WHY you need to be careful about this before you add on that next coin of yours...

We are Live with TT @ 10pm Singapore (GMT +8) @ Click Here
[ NOTICE : To all that have registered earlier to our upcoming ”24R STOCK EARNINGS TRADING PROGRAM” preview you will be expecting to receive the ZOOM WEBINAR REGISTRATION LINK by this coming Monday ( 11th July 2022 ).

To those that haven’t register we hope you will not missed out on this opportunity to learn from Terence directly on how to make big gains during stock earnings season in the shortest time possible. ]

*please do not re-register if you have done so earlier to avoid duplicate registration.*


We are back again with the ‘24R EARNINGS EXPLOSIVE TRADING PROGRAM’ By Terence Tan. ( *this is a PRIVATE introductory session only for all the members of our public FB group* ) 🔊

Something’s awesome will be happening in 2 weeks. That can give you the knowledge and skills for that quick short burst higher return during the stock market earnings season… EVERY earnings season to be exact ‼️

It takes only a few minutes to do !
The best part is, we can be profitable even when the market turns the other way,
And even when we make mistakes in our trades, there is a way to turn the losses into a profit ! The good news? 💪🏼

👉🏼 You can learn how to do the same too !
COME & JOIN US at our “24 Hour INCOME ” webinar : 👈🏼

This is going to be our last introductory session before the earning season starts 🏁
So if you want to know how you can see huge profits over the next few weeks...

👉🏼[ Register now! ]👈🏼

(Pss... About 67% 👣 of our seats are already taken and we’ll have to close registration early. So if you want to make sure you get a seat, register right now!)

- Admin. -
See you tonight. Don’t missed it.
Attendees to our tonight 24R intro webinar session you may login now. We shall start at 8:00pm. Thank you.

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