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Here's Tim Harrison's recap blog on the latest Shelley dates and updates.

"It has been quite a week... dates for the Shelley rollout, a brand new batch of pioneers and – already – 58 pioneer stake pools on the Friends & Family #Shelley testnet. Read more rollout updates right here..."

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New IOHK Blog: The abstract nature of the Cardano consensus layer

This new series of technical posts by IOHK’s engineers considers the choices being made
May 28, 2020 Edsko de Vries 21 mins read

As we head towards Shelley on the Cardano mainnet, we’re keen to keep you up to date with the latest news. We also want to highlight the tireless work going on behind the scenes, and the team of engineers responsible.

In this Developer Deep Dive series of occasional technical blogs, we open the floor to IOHK’s engineers. Over the months ahead, our Haskell developers will offer a candid glimpse into the core elements of the Cardano platform and protocols, and share insights into the choices that have been made.

Here, in the first of the series, we consider the use of abstraction in the consensus layer.

Continue reading the blog:
IOHK Shelley Haskell Testnet update - Week 4

Here’s Christopher with the next installment of IOHK's twice-monthly #ShelleyTestnets rollout updates. We’re now halfway into Week 4 and things are progressing nicely. Thanks, as ever, to our pioneers helping us make it all happen!

Watch it here:


Cardano Foundation’s CM Team AMA with

Next week Monday, there will be a live AMA held with Casey Monroe & Tiago Serôdio of Cardano Foundation on's Telegram Channel, on 8 June, 11PM HKT.
You can participate to win Cardano Tangem cards and t-shirts via!

Read more here:
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