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We recently added this feature to CarbonROM. That means a contribution to the Lineage List will directly help you on CarbonROM too!
In honor of World Suicide Prevention Day, LineageOS needs your help collecting hotlines and helplines!

As the title says, LineageOS, the free and open-source Android-based OS is looking for help.

LineageOS has a built-in feature within its Dialer app - if you call a hotline or helpline number, the number will not show up in your Call Log, as a personal safety and privacy precaution. The way this functions works is by checking against a list of numbers within a file. Gathering those numbers is extremely time-consuming, especially when you don't speak the language of a country, but want to use sea...
In preparation for CR-8.0, we moved CR-7.0 to a monthly schedule and adjusted the release dates of CR-6.1. That means CR-7.0 builds will now run on the 20th of each month, CR-6.1 builds on the 23rd.

However, due to the recent merge of October Security patches in CR-7.0, there will be additional builds of CR-7.0 today.
We just released the translation resources for our upcoming release of CR-8.0 codenamed PAX on Crowdin.

Please help us out by translating CarbonROM into you language :)
I'm happy to finally announce that the CarbonROM team will soon be joined by the team of AquariOS. We're all looking forward to the great additions this brings to CarbonROM and hope that together we'll be able to bring Carbon even further.
Important AquariOS announcement:

The gist
As of April 2020, the AquariOS Team will be joining forces with the CarbonROM Team. As for the AquariOS project itself, it will sadly come to an end most likely.

Why is this happening? Well, as things in all our lives continue to change, sometimes we're forced to adapt. We haven't been able to put the time and energy into the development of AquariOS like we were able to do in pie. None of us have the amount of time we were once able to dedicate to Android. And joining a great team such as Carbon's feels like the most practical move for us all.

Will AquariOS be gone forever?
Short answer - probably. Unless we're approached by a developer who wishes to continue the support, who also seems to have the best interest of the project at heart, it'll likely never come back. But hey, although unlikely, these things can happen - so, 'never say never!'

Was it something I said?
Um...wait. What? No. You guys are great! 😁

But what about Q?
We're actually planning to release Q builds pretty soon. It'll be sometime in April - can't give an exact date. There will be releases for Pixel XL, Pixel 2XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a XL, Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL, and Oneplus 7Pro. Also, there's a chance we'll release for OnePlus 3 and Pixel 2, although we can't promise anything.

The bittersweet…
We had a great run!! Thanks to the team of amazing folks who helped make things come together as we grew! And a special HUGE thanks to all the users who have supported us. And a special thanks to other developers who took time to contribute to AquariOS in their own ways. Because of how incredible this experience has been, it's been extremely hard to finally come to this decision. But now a new chapter awaits.
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We found and fixed the cause. Builds for the Z3 and Z3 Compact are in the process of getting re-released. Sorry for the issues.
If you havn't updated yet, hold on for now. We're currently running another set of weeklies because we accidentially shipped a test configuration for CarbonDelta which would break updating later on it the builds from earlier this morning.