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Campus Front of India Vice President Homa Kausar handed over membership to Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University student as part of the national membership campaign at Muzaffarpur, Bihar

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Hathras Case : Atikur Rahman's Health Deteriorates in Jail.

By arresting and detaining a person, State takes full responsibility for providing health care to ensure their lives and wellbeing.

The Wire Video Report in Hindi*l
by Mukul Singh Chauhan
Photo from Nihal Backer
A Twitter campaign is being held by youth Social Activists demanding immediate medical aid to Atikur Rahman.
Time 7pm 23rd Aug

Campus Front national Committee has decided to support this Campaign. So all members must participate in this Twitter storm


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04 - 09 September 2021

Campus Front of India
KB Hedgewar is a Hindutva leader sowed hatred; The chapter should be removed from MBBS first year syllabus of Madhya Pradesh

The move to include profiles of KB Hedgewar and Deen Dayal Upadhyaya in the ethics part of the foundation course for the first year MBBS students of Madhya Pradesh is highly condemnable. Neither Hedgewar and Deen Dayal Upadhyaya nor their organisation RSS had contributed in any way to social development. Rather, they founded RSS, spouting ideology of hatred and extermination in India. Brahminical supremacy and hindutva dogma proposed by them is causing heightened intolerance towards minority communities. Placing these people along with Babasaheb Ambedkar and other reformers is nothing but defaming their legacy.

Doctors are taught to treat their patients equally regardless of their religion, caste and class. But, glorifying the proponents of communal politics and bigotry help only to demean the medical ethics and so the future doctors. Hence the chapters of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya and KB Hedgewar have to be removed from the syllabus.

Muhammed Farhan
National Committee Member


Atikur Rahman shifted to mathura jail hospital inspite of referring for AIIMS. Judiciary must intervene immediately to save Athikurs life

Atikur Rahman a wrongly accused of Hathras visit case along with the journalist Kappan is admitted to Sarojini Naidu Hospital Agra due to severe chest pain while returning from the PMLA Court Lucknow. Enforcement Directorate foisted another false case against the innocent persons who are in Mathura jail, produced at the Court for regular case process.

Atikur the former national treasurer of Campus Front of India is suffering from heart disease which needs advance care from AIIMS. He was admitted in jail hospital last time and the jail authority neglected seriousness of the disease and provided medication for fever. Sarojini hospital has reffered Atikur to shift him to Delhi AIIMS, but the jail authority has denied treatment in AIMS stating there is no such court orders to avail him treatment.

Presently he is admitted in Matura jail hospital. He pleads for bail in Allahabad High Court, which has been rejected multiple times without considering his deteriorating health. We and the family of the accused concern over his health condition, the Court must consider it immediately and give him bail for the treatment as early. The investigation agencies are fabricating cases against them to delay the release and divert the Court attention when the bail hearing is at final stage. We demand his immediate release to save the life and appeal the judiciary not to let him die in jail.

MS Sajid
National President