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Helloooo campers! In the absence of camp this year, Feral Staff is hosting a Camp Feral! 404 - Camp Not Found park day in Toronto at High Park on October 2nd from 1:30pm to 7:30pm! Come hang out with us (safely and socially-distanced) and help make our space feel more like Feral!

We’re keeping things super relaxed and simple and are asking you to help us make this event fun and special with BYOF!, Bring Your Own Feral! Bring things to the event that remind you of Feral or things that have maybe made Feral special for you in the past so you can share your stories with your friends at the event.

Registration is not required for this event, but donation "registrations” are available. Those who register will get an event badge made by Eevachu! If you would like to register for our Camp Feral! 404 - Camp Not Found event, please go to Feral's Smallest Registration Form Ever: If for some reason our park day event also is 403 - Forbidden, we will mail your badge to you.

Full details for the event on our website:
Not able to make it to park day, but still want to support Feral? Subscribe to our newsletter to get notified once our Camp Feral! 2021 MERCH KICKSTARTER launches! (Subscribe here: ) Here's a little preview of some of the things that will be available soon.
The Camp Feral! Park Day schedule is up on our website! Check out the preview here for what events you can expect on October 2nd, and check for more information.

Pre-registration is still open!:
Figure out our cryptic clues yet? (Did you miss them because you don't follow us on twitter?) 👀 If not: fret not! Follow us to get a sneak peak at our fundraiser designs. First up: yes, that Watership Down hint is a Black Rabbit of Inlé homage pin! Rainbow-plated & filled with glitter, it'll also be available as a holographic sticker!

Shares appreciated! 💖 Our kickstarter's success will depend on YOU lovely folks getting the word out. Think someBUNNY you know would like our designs? Don't forget to send it to them directly too!
Campers have spoken! Lynx won the poll, so here's a sketch of our sticker/pin design of Feral's first mascot: Farley, now in BEEFY were-lynx form. Stay tuned for the final design! Shares appreciated! 💖 Help us by telling all the lynx fans you know about our campaign!
Want to make a whole night out of our park day? Check out the event that Kerfluffle has planned:
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Party with your furry friends under a bridge at KF29, coming to you Sat Oct 2nd! Start your day off attending Camp Feral's 404 - Camp Not Found park day, and follow up with DJ music and dancing!

Attendance is free!

More info:
Freshly transformed by moonlight… The beefy were-lynx husband is HERE! Farley will be available as a sticker & enamel pin. Follow us to know when he launches! Shares appreciated. 💖 Our kickstarter's success will depend on YOU lovely folks getting the word out. Help us fund this beefcake by telling the furry lynx fans you know about our campaign! Follow us to know when he launches! 🌕
Hello High Bark Furs! We present to you, our line up of DJs for the 404 - Camp Not Found silent disco. Be sure to download and install the free 'My Silent Disco Club' app for your smartphone in order to tune on on Saturday:

Also this is LAST CALL for our pre-"registration"! Sign up for our optional donation registration before it closes tomorrow (Friday, October 1st) at NOON EASTERN TIME and you'll get an event badge when you arrive on Saturday:
Oh the weather outside is weather~

We were worried it’d rain on our furry parade, so of course, it looks like we’ll be having summer weather instead! Prepare accordingly: bring water, sunscreen, light layers of clothing you can take on/off easily & a sun umbrella if you need it!
Fursuit Friday reminder! Especially if you’ve not suited in a WHILE or er… fallen behind on your exercise routine: be extra mindful if you start feeling the symptoms of heat exhaustion/heat stroke! No shame in poodling or ruining the magic, because the real magic is self-care~
Don’t forget about the Kerfluffle event happening after ours tomorrow!
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Hi everyone! Just a heads up, due to construction, the spot we were at last time is no longer available. We found a new spot, located just west of high park. Exact location and directions will be posted tomorrow.
GOOOOOOOD MOOOORNING!! Park Day is here. Be sure to grab My Silent Disco Club on your mobile and tune into "Camp Feral! 404 Camp Not Found" at 2pm today Eastern Time, Even if you can't make park day you can still listen in!
Still not ready to call it a night? Remember that Kerfluffle’s event is starting soon! Check out here for the exact location details:
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Please see this page for how to reach Kerfluffle 29 - Bridge the Gap!

Event begins at 9pm. See you there!