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Today I unvelied the BRAND NEW Nutrition DNA Blueprint Testing!

Work with Dr. Dean. This includes a FULL Consulation, Nutrition DNA Testing (Private, Secure, American Made Tests and Encryption Safety), DNA Report of Findings and Quantum Clinical Report of Findings with myself or one of my Associates.

This is an INCREDIBLE Deal and won't last forever.
Brave TV - July 24, 2023 - Joe Biden to Step Down from Office - My Meeting with Steve Kirsch - Jeffrey Prather on Human Trafficking
Slight change to today's Morley show. His schedule is a little different the next two weeks.

Today Monday's with Morley will take place a little after 2:00PM EDT
Media is too big
American parents letting their children become WEAK because parents DON’T have spines anymore.

Woke BS and lack of hormones allow parents to turn their children in *ussies.
Banned on Facebook.

Places to find are website, Rumble, Odysse and Bitchute.
Forwarded from Nicolette Behm
Media is too big
People always ask me how do you get your kids to take supplements... while bradley prefers I make a "potion" and he drink it all in one gulp. Baby girl is use to it because I started her early.
They instinctively know what they need, and there's a full moon this week that means behaviors and parasites are crazy.

I did a whole show yesterday on my podcast laying out many reasons your kids get sick this season.
From toxins, neurotoxin, pinworms etc.

Right now kid's protocols are on sale at BraveTV.Store use code: SCARY for savings of $35 on any kids protocol.
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