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Best Place For Blockchain Business. BlockShow is a major international event for showcasing Blockchain solutions. Proudly powered by Cointelegraph.
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​​Great line. Great conversation.

Did you know CZ first met Da Hongfei at the meetup in Shanghai in 2014? 5 years from then, they met again to have a fireside chat at the stage of BlockShow Asia 2019 during NeoFest Meetup - and it was awesome!

Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

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🎥 Highlights from the BlockShow & CRYPTO.COM Launch VIP Party 🥂🍾

Thank you to each an every person who attended, contributed and supported. It’s was amazing! 🍾💃🕺
​​Are you ready for Day 2 of BlockShow Asia 2019? WE ARE!

🕥 Today we will be waiting for you at 9:30!

Stage one doors open at 10:30, Stage two will be ready at 11:00.

Today’s highlights

🔮 36k or 3.6k?
Doom and Gloom or a rally in sight: Crypto predictions by Thomas Lee

BlockShow Investments.

💰Inflating the Investment Balloon - Why I still invest?

💸 Investment Roundtable: Latest investment results and what it means for 2020

BlockShow AI

🤖 Stimulating Massive Network Effects in Decentralized AI Networks with Dr. Ben Goertzel


Prominent 💡 Startups VS Major 💰 Funds: get support or go home to work on mistakes!

Let’s get started. Have a great day! 👏😅
​​SingularityNET just announced integration with PayPal
​​We are happy to announce the winners of the BlockShow Trading Competition powered by eToro! 👏

🗣 Minhui2012
🗣 Seph92
🗣 esmati

Warmest congratulations from Blockshow team. The cash 💰 prizes will be transferred to the winner's accounts!
​​Thomas Lee Fireside Chat Concluded

His views on Libra:

Expects Libra will be successful, but wishes Facebook took a slightly different approach to launching Libra. An approach, where they first got approval in a highly regulated market.

Anson Zeall, Chairman of ACCESS, Artem Koltsov, Head of Expert Council on Digital Economic and Blockchain Technologies at Russian Federation, Dimitrij Gede, VP Business development at iComply Investor Services, and Christine Gschwend, Head of AML & VASP Task Force at CVA have gathered at BlockShow to discuss the future of FATF and the travel rule.
​​When can we really use stable coins?

One of our panelists holds the view that:

“As blockchain technology goes mainstream, stable coins will also go mainstream”

Join the live stream as this debate heats up. ▶️
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Start-up Competition Crypto Busters Show

💡What do investors look for in Blockchain startups?

🔥Can startups withstand this level of pressure?

🎥Time to find out! Watch LIVE (Stage TWO)
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Interview 🎥 🎤 with BlockShow CEO Addy Crezee on what inspires him to organize the event for all those years, his 10 years plan and many more!
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"In 2020 we're going to turn around and see all the applications, we're gonna see proof-of-concepts, we're gonna see more open boxes to folks, and all the data information - we're gonna see that shared across platforms"

Stephen Chase, Board Member of Cointelegraph, has summarized BlockShow Asia 2019 from his own perspective, talking about the ecosystem and where is it heading now
​​Sadly, our conference has come to an end.

However, we have great news for you! TOMORROW, Nov. 16 there will be 2 events, each one is unique in it's own way, and they are free for those who have a ticket to Blockshow. Oh, and you can visit both of them in one day!

FREE ENTRANCE with a BlockShow ticket

Crypto DeFiance Event

🕥9.30-10.30 Arrival + Coffee Break


Crypto DeFiance is a new global DeFi event embracing established innovators, financial market disruptors, DApp developers, experienced traders, avid technologists and the wider blockchain community. Learn about the emerging DeFi economy, investment trends and ground-breaking DeFi developments on EOS, Ethereum, and other leading blockchain platforms

Learn more

BlockShow BITCOINER #1 event

🕛 12:00 PM
📍29A CUPPAGE RD, S229456

The first iteration of BTC-only oriented events by our team focused on sharing the latest development insights and attracting new people into the Bitcoin ecosystem.

⭐️Perfect for freshly-arrived believers

Learn more
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BlockShow Asia 2019. Day 2. Highlights

Your energy was off the charts! The pleasure was all ours.
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Amazing⭐️ time last night at the official BLOCKSHOW & BLUEHELIX afterparty!

Such a great night meeting so many amazing likeminded people! It was truly a night full of good 🎶vibrations and Fun Fun Fun!🥂🥂
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Gabriel Yang, Head of Asia at BlockShow, gave an interview 🎤on how he started with BlockShow, their plans for 2020 and many more.

During the interview, he said that BlockShow is not just a conference, but a face to face platform.
Sopnendu Mohanty, Chief FinTech Officer at the Monetary Authority of Singapore during his fireside chat “All That Fintech with a ‘Layer’ of Blockchain” set a clear vision for the future and delivered it to the audience.

I hope to build a better world for our new generation, but what is the new generation? It’s a blockchain”.
​​Thomas Lee, believes that “crypto is a lot smaller” than most people think.

Speaking on stage at the BlockShow Asia 2019 last week, Lee, Managing Partner and Head of Research at Fundstrat Global Advisors claimed that the size of the global crypto community may be only half a million people.

”Media say it’s about 30 million people around bitcoin, at one point it’s possible, but today’s market is smaller it’s just 500,000. I believe many exchanges will say it is so, based on users.“
​​Speaking at BlockShow Asia, Hyperledger Vice President APAC Julian Gordon described the personal impact that the Chinese 🇨🇳 president’s pro-blockchain remarks have had on him:

”Xi Jinping made that announcement 10 days ago. The reason I know that is because my phone is sitting on my desk - my WeChat started buzzing and hasn’t stopped since.”
​​NEO founder Da Hongfei and Binance CEO CZ wowed the crowd with their fireside chat at the stage of BlockShow Asia 2019 during NeoFest Meetup - and it was awesome!

Here are some highlights from the NEO+ Binance fireside chat.

Nick: How do you guys get to know one another?
CZ: Jan 2014, An Angel Club Meetup in Shanghai.
Da: Yeah, just few hundred meters away from our current office.

Nick: What’s the biggest change for both of you over the last year?
CZ: There are 2 major changes in the last 6 months:
Change from a crypto to crypto exchange to a crypto to crypto +fiat to crypto exchange
Change from a spot exchange to Ian exchange with derivatives and futures
Da: Our vision becomes clearer now, which is building the Next-gen Internet for the smart economy. Neo, and Onchain Custodian all building blocks.

Ground Question: What are your views on the news that blockchain is now a national strategy in China?
Da: That’s a very positive signal to the whole industry. We would love to work with enterprises and local governments in China.
CZ: It’s a huge when 1.4 billion people are learning about blockchain, I think education is a very important step in blockchain development.