BlackFridayFreaks: Telegram Freaks for Black Friday 24 November 2023 [Mega Sales / Discount / Bundles / Coupons]
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Black Friday 24 November 2023 discounts. Are you searching other deals? Join our Discord server or check the list of Telegram Channel on We are on other socials too. - Flexoffers
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Black Friday is more dangerous than all vampires from Halloween. Be safe on Telegram thanks @BlackFridayDiscover
Few days to Black Friday ... More infos will be available in the next days. Black Friday 2.0 on Telegram and other socials
Black Friday will never be the same like before: it's time to talk about "Blue Friday", the Black Friday Generation 2.0.

For the first time ever the true Black Friday is coming on the best social network worldwide. Obviously we are talking about Telegram! Black Friday 2.0 will be available on other socials too.
Are you ready for Blue Friday? #BlueFriday will be available on Telegram, on Discord and other socials
Black Friday 2.0 will be launched in few hours worldwide on multiple platforms
Blue Friday: the first step to Black Friday 2.0 and a new way to interact with business brands. Discover @BlueFridayChannels
We are Black Blue Friday Freaks, what about you? It's time for a new generation of Black Friday. New channels have been listed and more will be listed in future too.
We are probably the most extreme users worldwide, suggesting over 10k improvements and fix to Web Apps / Mac Apps / Browser / Telegram /etc Developers. So we know how things need to work to improve whole workflows, by avoiding stupid annoying time wasting things.
Reason why even all our projects include our wishes and other people needs.
Blue Friday is the biggest deals project ever released in the whole world (not limited to just Telegram), so obviously we don't create shitty limited things like most others website or socials are doing.

Find the right channel topic, style or group of topic for you need. You are happy, we are happy.
Our Black Friday Mac App 2022 Deal List (still in progression) is now online - Blue Friday MacApps Sale - Check #BlackFriday #MacApp #Deals
Our Black Friday (Unlimited / Lifetime) Cloud Storage 2022 Deal List is now online - Blue Friday CloudStorage Sale - Check #BlackFriday #CloudStorage #Deals

For other deals (Fitness, Photography, etc.), check Blue Friday channels
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost ended (but sales are still active). Does this mean that the deals are over? NOPE! Obviously we stop posting on our Black Friday channels, but the deals continue on our main channels.