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Russia To Legalize Use Of Cryptocurrency In International Trade
taxes are desirable becasue they make products cheaper!?!?!?!
This chart is beautiful. Both peaks of 2013 and 2021 happened exactly at the same time of the cycle. Interesting 🤔
Another 1000+ layoff Powell must be getting ecstatic
Another one.
Profits down by 50%. Hundreds to be laid off. As long as banks struggle funding liquidity won’t recover.
Forwarded from Watcher Guru
BREAKING: 🇰🇷 South Korea issues arrest warrant for $LUNA founder Do Kwon.

If an intermediary such as a crypto exchange offers staking services to its customers, Mr. Gensler said, it “looks very similar—with some changes of labeling—to lending.”

Crossborder Capital: For a remarkable more than 2 years WallStreet has moved exactly in-step with the Fed
There are a lot of signs showing that Bitcoin price action in the last two years was curiously and strongly tied to global liquidity. Here is the TIC data demonstrating US Financial Firms’ Claims on Foreigners (one slice of the global credit dynamics).

In May 2021, these assets shrunk significantly as the Eurodollars became increasingly scarce.

Simultaneously, Bitcoin also crashed hard.

Bitcoin movements now pretty much depends on the global banking operations and credit creation.
Article about Ziya Sadr on Pleb Underground
Bitcoin Magazine folks sent us this photo from the Bitcoin Amsterdam event where they talked about Ziya on stage.
Energy clearly points towards recession and disinflation

Baltic Dry Index back to 2020 levels
Oil and gas prices back to early 2022 levels
Oil futures in contango - meaning later deliveries are preferred over spot, i.e., no appetite for energy, production and recession fears

Read: slow growth,, higher unemployment, lower CPI, and Fed pivot