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Two #amazing days in #berlin at the #cosmos #Hackatom.. New connections, new partnership and this is just the beginning. Thank you guy @Simply_VC @cosmos @alessiotreglia @jack_zampolin
Don't miss our latest update, the last 2/3 weeks have given us a lot of satisfaction, which we wanted to share with you.

#BitSong, not only music!
#Tichex, the new financial era!
#Em@ney, much more than a bank! (ENG version) (ITA version)
Guide to #Launch the #testnet bitsong-testnet-1
Please follow this guide before July 11th, 15:00 UTC.

We thank everyone for participating and we wish you Happy Staking!
Ladies and gentlemen BitSong is #ONLINE for first time in its history!!
#Testnet successfully took off and we are more excited than ever to share this one with all of you!
Many thanks to our 26 #Validators!!
An extraordinary article that puts under the spotlights the enormous #work and commitment with which all of us are #developing in #COSMOS.

Thanks Commercio.Network for pointing out all these beautiful aspects.
Hi there everybody, we’re releasing this article as an #update of the BitSong Testnet-1, but also to officially announce the #Testnet-2.

Testnet-2 will be launched on August 12, 2019 at 15:00 UTC.
See more in the #article: