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Found a section in the Damascus Covenant that's says the Sabbath starts at dusk on Friday night. So now we know when the Essenes started their days. One more question answered.
Damascus Covenant quote about the start of the Sabbath:

Guard the Sabbath according to its law. No man is to do work on the sixth day from sunset when the diameter of the sun can just still be seen above the horizon. For that is what He said,

“Guard the Sabbath day to keep it holy” Exodus 20:8; Deuteronomy 5:12
The Psalms mention a “Maschil” (like in Ps 32:1). They are sages or wise men possibly similar to Bards. A Bard wrote and memorized poems to record history. The Damascus Covenant says Maschils are skilled in the Moedim (appointed times) and the times of the Lord. So, they were at least sons of the prophets that wrote psalms and poetry to record prophetic riddles. maybe like Asaph