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BTC.Secure Validator Infrastructure in Figures for First Year Results in the Minter

On October 18, 2018, BTC.Secure was verified as a pool in the Minter Early Access Campaign and began publicly acting as a validator of the test network.

Throughout all time, we focused on the main task of the validator, which is reliable network operation due to high-quality infrastructure. And we will continue to do this in the future.

Today the infrastructure of the BTC.Secure validator in the Minter is:

2 validators, the BTC.Secure is main and the Golden is partner, ready to sign blocks at any load (verified by stress tests and experience in the Minter testnets) and maximum security. In addition to the correct configuration of reliable and fast processors with RAM, each validator has:
– Two 10 Gbps channels for communication with sentry nodes;
– A disk system of two ultra-high-speed and reliable SSD NVMe based on 3D XPoint technology in mirror mode, on which the blockchain base is stored.

For security, validator servers are located in separate server racks, with limited access to management and encryption of all important data.

2 backup validators for maximum uptime (operating time close to 100%), we are always ready to replace the main validator servers in case of emergency.

2 monitoring servers to protect against slashes (burning 1% of stake) and track all important events in the infrastructure.

21 sentry nodes for stable connect along the shortest route with each validator of the Minter network. 8 of them with 10 Gbps channels, and the rest with 1 Gbps.

2 backup nodes that provide the infrastructure with relevant backup copies of the blockchain base.

1 seed node, which provides all validators in the Minter with new node addresses, actively searches for new nodes and collects the address book.

2 API nodes with a complete history and 1 API node for users of the Interchain service.

Total of 31 dedicated and 5 virtual servers for the validator infrastructure and Interchain service, thanks to which we have 1250+ connections with nodes of other validators.

Servers are distributed at 11 data centers in 6 countries from Moscow to Amsterdam. We adhere to the principle of decentralization within the same infrastructure.

For security reasons, we do not disclose the technical details of the servers and the infrastructure device as a whole. We just do our best to be ready for anything: from spam transactions and DDoS attacks to targeted hacking attempts.

Every month, for data center services (rental of servers, server racks and communication channels), we pay more than $5000.

We are grateful to all the delegators and the Minter team for the support that made this possible. For us, everything is just beginning, and we will continue to make our contribution to the development of the network.

updated group photo
Official BTC.Secure website

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully completed our first website.

The development of the site was carried out by our friends from GoodPR, we are grateful for such quality work and pleasant interaction. We definitely recommend cooperation with them.

Michael (@michael_kabanov, owner of GoodPR) noted several features of BTC.Secure website:
- Individual image. We gave up the usual format of the sites and gave it an interesting form of presentation;
- Subtle optimization on the technical side. For the site to work smoothly everywhere, the animation were adjusted separately for desktop, tablet and mobile;
- SVG animation with a cool layout for great results;
- English version for international expansion.

Go to and share your experiences in our community.

P.S. Try our delegation calculator, which allows you to predict monthly to annual revenues for Minter, Cosmos, IRIS and Terra networks.
BIP listing on Staking Rewards

The BIP coin has been added to the catalog of Staking Rewards, one of the leading resources dedicated to staking. The site features 89 different assets and 95 staking providers. According to SimilarWeb in March, the resource was visited by more than 148 thousand users.

Listing on the pages of Staking Rewards became possible thanks to the efforts of the pro-active Minter network validators – BTC.Secure, Monster Node, MinterPro, ONLY1, Rundax, Vote!, The Node, UNODE, Validator.Center, Zen. Access to the API is provided by the MSCAN service.

We are also grateful to the representatives of Karat Node for their help in compiling formulas for calculating the profitability of BIP without and with reinvest for the calculator on the site.

This initiative aims to inform the international audience about the Minter blockchain and the opportunities that it provides to users and developers.

Listing management and support – GoodPR agency.
Forwarded from IOMA
Preparing to launch Minter IOMA

The initiative group, which includes representatives of liquidity providers and large Minter traders, made a joint decision to create the Minter Internet of Money Association.

The purpose of the association:
To create conditions contribute to development of the Minter network, under which the interests of all parties will be protected.

The main objectives of the association:
- Support liquidity providers;
- Set standards and form transparent rules;
- Prevent manipulation and fraudulent activities;
- Promote increased liquidity and price stability in the Minter network.

First of all, the BIP price stabilization plan was developed, which includes the following measures:
1. Limit the minimum selling price of BIP at $0.015.
2. Keeping the difference between the minimum sale and purchase price within 10%.
3. The proposed measures are mandatory for all liquidity providers in the association.

It is necessary to stabilize the BIP price so that developers and validators, who incur expenses every day, could ensure quality work of the network and develop projects.

The list of services and traders who supported the initiative:
- @BIP_Banker_bot
- @BoBoExChangeBot
- @Gratz_Exchange_bot
- @pizza_card
- @voronunivers
- @InvestPlace
- @kerry_invest
- @HarryPodlesny
- @Juboer

Forwarded from IOMA
Association responsibility

Today, the association participants have solved two important problems.

1) The decision-making mechanism has been approved:

- Each liquidity provider will be given 1 vote regardless of the number of project representatives that are members of the association;
- The decision is considered to be made if 2/3+ votes of the total number of participants with voting rights are given for it.

2) The list of responsibilities of the association has been approved:

- Admission and exclusion of association members;
- Appointment of guarantors;
- Creation of mechanisms to ensure liquidity;
- Development of measures to stabilize the BIP price;
- Formation of insurance fund;
- Detection and prevention of fraudulent operations;
- Approval of criteria by which a transaction will be recognized as fraudulent;
- Collection and publication of statistics on trading volumes;
- Distribution of grants without affecting the BIP price;
- Establishment of a developer support mechanism;
- Providing legal support to the association members;
- Advertising of projects.

And good news:

The market has already had a positive response to the news about the establishment of the association, as a result of which the volume of BIP purchases has increased significantly and the price has stabilized at a level even slightly above the minimum established values.

Three services joined the initial list:
- @mproexbot
- @BipConverterBot

Forwarded from Minterscan EN
⚡️ BIP on Bithumb Global

Bithumb Global announced the BIP listing today, May 15, 2020. Deposits are already available. Trading will open at 09:00 by UTC.

Trading pairs: BIP/BTC and BIP/USDT

About Exchange
• Year of foundation: 2019
• Number of trading pairs: 169
• Daily trading volume: $115 million

ℹ️ Telegram channel of the exchange

The results after 1 year of our loyalty program

The program has been working since day 1 on Minter and allows 10-50% fee cashbacks in the BTC.Secure validator.

In all this time 6M BIP has been paid out in cashbacks according to our loyalty program and our Minter early access supporters.

BTCSECURE is in Minter's top 7 coins.

The reserve is 15,470,923 BIP (103 times what it was originally), 95.2% of which is delegated.
The current price is 0.05740 BIP (4 times its price at launch).

The BTCSECURE delegation program has not changed, you can check the conditions here.

For BTC.Secure early access members with the Delegate plan (3-5%) the standard conditions apply, and as for the Subvalidator plan (0-2%) next year the fee will be 5%.

Thank you for sticking around all this time 🙏
Forwarded from Minter Network
BIP Wallet 2 will launch July 1.
We’ll start public testing next week.

Friendly reminder: If your seed phrase has been lost/forgotten/never saved in the first place and you’re still logged in to your wallet, it’s about time to unbond all of your coins and move them to a new address.
Forwarded from BipLenta EN 🌶
💡AMA with Minter on Hotbit

Today, the Hotbit chat welcomed two Minter representatives for a fire 🔥 AMA (AskMeAnything) session. Fifteen major answers, hundreds of messages, generous rewards for the most spot-on questions—and, of course, airdrops to all active participants.


Don’t forget: voting for BIP to be listed on the Hotbit exchange starts May 27.
BTC.Secure 2.0

We are proud to announce our second validator, BTC.Secure 2.0.

It was launched back on the first day of May, but we have decided to keep it a secret until now.

BTC.Secure 2.0 has a safe, fast and reliable infrastructure, just like our first validator.

We use our own protection against fines. Our security servers are located in 3 different locations. The servers represent API nodes that are connected to many of the public servers in our infrastructure. We do everything in our power to prevent our delegates from being fined, making our team more trustworthy.

10% fee. No discounts or cashbacks, even for members of our team.

The BTC.Secure team has already delegated 2.2M BIP, with the total stake being 4.5M BIP.

BTC.Secure 2.0 goals:
1. Funding services crucial for Minter to succeed. 100% of fees will go into funding for select projects.
2. Improving the reliability, speed and security of Minter with a masterfully built validator that can take a lot of stress.

The uses for the received fees will be reported at least once a month.

Right now the services funded by BTC.Secure 2.0 are:
- BIP+, a wallet for reward campaigns, receiving rewards and spending them.
- B2S, a liquidity provider that works within the Russian Federation.
Evgeny Gordeev spoke about plans for products and promotion of Minter.
Forwarded from IOMA
We're voting for BIP to be listed on Hotbit

All of #IOMA's funding, 13,719.04 USDT has been converted into BTC to vote for BIP to be listed on Hotbit.

We're encouraging anyone who owns crypto to contribute to the cause. Contributed BTC and HTB will be frozen for 7 days and then sent back to you.

If we succeed, everyone who participated will share a pool of 500k BIP. The first thousand will also share a pool of 1k USDT, ten of them will also get 20 USDT extra.

Register using this link and get enough HTB to leave 1 free vote.

More info about the process here.
Forwarded from Minterscan EN
🗳 The Vote Results Have Arrived

On May 29, at 8:00 a.m. UTC, the 3rd round of voting for a token to be listed on the Hotbit cryptocurrency exchange came to an end.

🏆 With a 1.3M-vote lead, BIP won!
🙋‍♂️ Number of voters: 3,200 people!

BIP gets free listing
on the platform. As a reward for participation, all supporters will share the prize pool of 500,000 BIP in proportion to the number of votes cast.

🎉 Congratulations to the entire community!
💪 We did it together!

BTC.Secure May report#Minter0520

We're starting to publish monthly reports. When you look back at what you've done, there's more of an urge to improve.

We think public reports like this are a great motivation tool to constantly improve in your art.

– Published the results of one year of our loyalty program, and special conditions for BTCSECURE delegates for this year
– Moved on to a different cashback service
– Launched a second validator, BTC.Secure 2.0, where 100% of profits go to select projects
– Selected our first projects to be supported by BTC.Secure 2.0, B2S and BIP+

– Received feedback on current liquidity providers and hosted a poll
– Explained why B2S is so important to Minter
– Published a post about non-commercial organizations in Russia and how it benefits its members
– Moved on to closed testing before the first public release

– BIP+ has been updated to v0.0.2

– Participated in Minter Revealed and promoting posts about Minter on Medium
– Supported BIP on Hotbit (tweet)
– Supported BIP on (tweet)
– Helped with BIP airdrops (1, 2) with funding from IOMA on Hotbit
Raised awareness for BIP listing, responded to questions and helped with using the received BIP from airdrops
– Voted for BIP on Hotbit as part of IOMA and supported it with posts on our channel

– Changed our development priorities and optimized resources
– The team now consists of 8 people
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