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BTC.Secure has been a validator in #IRIS since March 2019 with a mainnet

Location: 🇩🇪Germany
Operator Address:
Commission: 10%
The #Minter Network is a blockchain based on the Tendermint engine with the DPoS consensus mechanism that allows for conducting instant transactions and creating project coins with algorithmic price discovery.

Detailed information about the Minter Network on the official website and in the whitepaper.
BTC.Secure has been a validator in #Minter since October 2018 with a testnet version of 0.4.0

Location: 🇫🇮Finland
Public key (will be changed in the mainnet!):
Commission: 10% and special loyality program for early delegators
The first service for the #Minter community from the BTC.Secure team has been launched

This service is the Minter validators rating.

The development process gave an understanding that more benefit would be brought not by a separate product, but by a solution uniting people, services and different blockchains networks.

As a result, Interchain.Zone was born - the service for easy interaction with blockchain networks.

All tools at Interchain.Zone will be free, accessible to everyone and without advertising.

We plan to build an ecosystem of user-friendly block explorers, ratings, wallets, and other services.

The validators ratings for #Cosmos and #IRIS networks are already in the queue for development.

All this was made possible thanks to the great contribution of the talented programmer Aleksey (@webcounters). He wrote the entire service code from scratch.

During development, we went through a lot and now we can proudly declare that he has become the extremely valuable member of our team.

The Minter validators rating at Interchain.Zone is available in English language:

Use it now and share your impressions of the service in our community.
The blockchain validator BTC.Secure in the mainnet #Cosmos is successfully launched

Thanks for supporting @adrianbrink from the Cryptium Labs team. You have made a significant contribution to the development of the decentralization and stability of the Cosmos network. Bravo👏

The blockchain validator BTC.Secure has an Operator Address in the Cosmos Network:
BTC.Secure changed group name to «BTC.Secure»
Updated BTC.Secure channel and community names in Telegram

To simplify navigation, we changed the names of our channels and communities. Now everything has become more convenient.

In English:
Channel @BTCSecure
Community @BTCSecureGroup

In Russian:
Channel @BTCSecureRU
Community @BTCSecureGroupRU
The Interchain.Zone service has the official channel for important information

Announcements, releases and detailed descriptions of the service’s functionality will be regularly published on that channel.


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Cosmos network opened for new users

This Monday, 22/04/2019 at 17:00 UTC, the Cosmos network was successfully updated to Cosmos Hub 2 version. The BTC.Secure validator was also updated in normal mode and works since genesis block.

This update has been removed restrictions on transfers. Almost immediately, ATOM (the main token in the Cosmos network) was opened on several top exchanges, such as Poloniex, Kraken, Huobi, and now everyone can buy ATOM and delegate tokens to generate additional income of 7-20% annually.

It turned out that the most convenient way is to buy ATOM on the Huobi exchange (link to registration from the BTC.Secure team) for BTC, ETH or USDT.
ATOM is now trading at around $3-4, and this is x30-x40 from the purchase price at ICO in April 2017.

For storing and delegating ATOM, we recommend using wallets:
- (Ledger Nano S);
- Cosmostation (iOS, Android).

If you need help in creating a wallet and buying ATOM on the exchange, as well as delegating it, ask questions in our community, we will help you.

The BTC.Secure validator in the Cosmos network is based on a fast, stable and reliable infrastructure in the EU using dedicated servers.

We deliberately use powerful dedicated servers instead of cloud (virtual) servers. Thanks to this approach, we have implemented protection against DDoS attacks using the Sentry Node Architecture without sacrificing the performance of the validator (we sign each block🚀) and use HSM (Hardware Secure Module) to guarantee the validator protection from double sign.

We offer terms for delegation in the best traditions of BTC.Secure – 10% commission (average among validators), and the quality is at the highest level.

Statistics of the BTC.Secure validator in the Cosmos network is available at the links:
- Hubble
- Big Dipper
- Cosmos Overview
- Mintscan
- Stargazer
- Lunie

Launch of the Terra mainnet

On Wednesday, 24/04/2019 at 6:00 UTC, was launch of the Terra mainnet. The validator from the BTC.Secure team is among the first 30 validators of the genesis block, who all together performed the perfect launch of the network🚀

For us, this is already the 4th network, in addition to Minter, Cosmos and IRIS, is built on the Tendermint engine, in which we participate as a validator.

The Terra development team is focused on creating an infrastructure for payments and integration with traditional businesses. The project has all chances to take a significant market share in cryptocurrency payments at the worldwide. Even before the launch, Terra partners are large eCommerce companies from Asia with 40 million customers on board, and even the whole country Mongolia with a joint project to introduce convenient, fast and low-cost payments.

One of the advantages is that stablecoins will be issued on the Terra blockchain base not only with reference to the dollar, but also to other national currencies, which solves one of the most acute problems from the point of view of the introduction of cryptocurrency as a payment instrument – strong volatility.

We see great prospects in the development of this project and therefore decided to participate in it as a validator from the moment of launch. The Terra project, as well as Minter, is aimed at interacting with the end user and has great chances for success.

The main token in Terra is Luna, which is used to maintain consensus (stacking), pay transaction fees and as funding for stablecoins.

Financing of the Terra development team was conducted as part of Private Sale a year ago ($32 million), where Binance Labs and other well-known exchanges and funds acted as investors. At the moment, it is impossible to buy Luna tokens, but the developers promise that this will become possible in the near future.

As in each of the networks, we launched our infrastructure for Terra on new powerful dedicated servers in Europe, and also took care of protection against DDoS attacks (Sentry Node) and double sign (HSM). Despite the fact that a significant part of the nodes in the network is located in Asia and America, our validator supports the network by signing each block thanks to the ultra-fast architecture BTC.Secure⚡️

Statistics of the BTC.Secure validator in the Terra network is available at the links:
- Hubble
- Stake ID

Binance opened trading for ATOM

Many of us waited when trading for ATOM to be opened on the Binance exchange. Today it happened. Trading is available for BTC, BNB and USDT. You can register for Binance using our link if you don’t have an account yet.

ATOM is the main token in the Cosmos network, which can be delegated and received 7-20% per year. We wrote about wallets, other exchanges and our validator in Cosmos earlier.

The BTC.Secure validator in Cosmos is open for delegation with 0% commission (a small spoiler, we’ll tell you about it tomorrow!).
Decentralize Cosmos with BTC.Secure🚀

Currently, there are already 100 active validators in the Cosmos network, but only 14 validators control more than 2/3 of the network. The time has come for us to declare ourselves😉

For the BTC.Secure team, the main network is Minter, in which we already have:
- More than 500 members in the pool and the community;
- Interchain.Zone service;
- The best conditions for delegation on the basis of the loyalty program with its own coin BTCSECURE.

Thanks to the valuable experience of optimizing the infrastructure of the validator in the Minter network, where the requirements for the quality of the infrastructure are much higher than other networks (1% downtime slash for 12 missing blocks), we learned how to create fast and high-availability infrastructures for validators on the Tendermint core and successfully launched validators in Cosmos, IRIS and Terra networks.

In each of the networks, we organized a quality infrastructure validator according to our high standards:
- Only new powerful dedicated servers in reliable data centers in Europe;
- Backup validator in other region and data center from the main in hot-standby mode;
- Protection against DDoS attacks using the Sentry Node Architecture (SNA) in hybrid mode with dedicated servers for speed and cloud for scalability;
- Protection against double signatures using the Hardware Security Module (HSM) on each of the validators.

In the Cosmos network, we offer 0% commission🔥 for the next 3 months (until August 1) and after that we guarantee special conditions for commission until the end of 2019:
- 2% commission for all delegators of May;
- 3% commission for all delegators of June;
- 4% commission for all delegators of July.

This is the best offer among validators in Cosmos, where we guarantee commission conditions for early delegators after 0% commission period.

In addition, members of our community and delegators in Cosmos will have access to the loyalty program of the BTC.Secure validator based on the BTCSECURE coin already from May 15 (details will be available later).

Take part in Decentralize Cosmos with BTC.Secure🚀, delegating and/or redelegating to the BTC.Secure validator:


Join our international community @BTCSecure and @BTCSecureGroup.

#DecentralizeWithBTCSecure #Cosmos
BTC.Secure validator in the Minter mainnet

Everyone was looking forward to this moment for many months, and now it has finally arrived!

Keep in mind that the safety of your money is in your hands. Keep the seed-phrase in a safe and inaccessible to outsiders, use the official applications and resources.

The BTC.Secure validator was launched in the first blocks and it is already possible to delegate your coins.

The public key of the BTC.Secure validator in the Minter mainnet:


Be careful, the public key is different from the one used in the testnet.

You can track the validator statistics in real time on our Interchain.Zone service.

Congratulations to all with the successful launch of the Minter mainnet

How was the launch of the BTC.Secure team:
2 block – created BTCSECURE coin
3 block – the first multisend transaction is sent for 100 wallets with top balances in BIP
4 block – created BTC.Secure validator
5 block– validator was enabled by the Set candidate on transaction
6 block – BIP were sent to the rest of the pool members
7-11 blocks – all bonuses in the BTCSECURE coin were paid

14-51 blocks – 37 multisend transactions with a welcome bonus of 100 BTCSECURE in honor of the launch of the main network for ABSOLUTELY ALL WALLETS participating in the early access campaign and airdrop.

Thus, 51 block will go down in history for BTC.Secure and Minter as the moment when the BTCSECURE coin is present in every Minter wallet with a non-zero balance.

Exactly in 60 seconds from the moment of launch, the BTC.Secure pool fulfilled 100% of the payment obligations.

From the first minute you can delegate your coins to us to the validator and participate in the distribution of profits.

PCO BTC.Secure – the first PCO in the Minter network

Minter was created so that everyone can issue their own coin with instant liquidity and growing in value when there is demand.

The BTC.Secure team made an ambitious decision to take advantage of this opportunity, releasing their coin in the first blocks of the Minter mainnet.

Earlier we already wrote about plans to create our own coins, but now we have the clear plan and an audience motivation system, as well as final calculations based on the volume of the pool.

The opportunities that a business of issuing its own coin opens up for business are truly impressive. How we will implement them together with you can be found in the article –

BIP sale from BTC.Secure validator

Since today it will be possible to purchase BIP from us with any volume from 1000 coins.

Recall that one of our activities is still the secure exchange of cryptocurrency for cash.

Before the launch MBank the price is $0.32 for 1 BIP.

For large volume buyers, members of our pool and delegates for any volume we offer individual conditions.

Preferably deals are for BTC, and large amounts will be available at a personal meeting for cash (Moscow). Other payment methods as agreed.

For exchange please contact @BTCSecureTeam

#Minter #Exchange
Expansion of the loyalty program BTC.Secure

Another stage has come on integrating the Minter network into BTC.Secure. We have already started paying cashback in the BTCSECURE coin for any transactions through our secure exchange service.

We immediately pay cashback for the purchase of BIP and for any transactions on the exchange of BTC for cash.

What size cashback can you get:
1. When buy any amount of BIP, you will receive the same amount of BTCSECURE coins.
2. When exchange BTC for cash (Moscow), we will pay 1 BTCSECURE for every 0.5$-5$ exchange volume. The exact amount will depend on the volume and terms of the exchange.

#Minter #Exchange
How to delegate to the BTC.Secure validator with a commission from 5% to 9%

Since the launch of the BTC.Secure validator, everyone has the opportunity to receive individual conditions on commission instead of the standard 10%.

To start regularly receiving part of the commission back to the wallet, you need to buy BTCSECURE coins and delegate to our validator.

From this point on, payments will begin to be automatically charged and sent once a day to pay part of the paid commission back to the wallet for delegating any coins, including BIP, BTCSECURE and others.

Individual conditions depend on the size of the BTCSECURE coin stake and will be especially beneficial for holders of large stakes.

Commission decrease:
10% for stakes from 50,000 to 100,000
20% for stakes from 100,000 to 1 million
30% for stakes from 1 million to 10 million
40% for stakes from 10 million to 100 million
50% for stakes over 100 million
*The amount of stakes is indicated in the BTCSECURE coin.

For example, to get a decrease in commission from 10% to 8%, you need to buy and delegate BTCSECURE less than 2,770 BIP (at the current price of 0.0277 BIP for 1 BTCSECURE).

For the first 8 days since the launch of the Minter mainnet, we have already paid 147,653 BIP, while the BTCSECURE coin has x2 and continues to grow steadily every day, taking 2nd place in capitalization (~1.4 million BIP) in Minter.

Details about the coin and its other functions can be found in our article PCO BTC.Secure.

Get even more benefits from delegation with the BTCSECURE coin!