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Happy new year, everyone! 🎉🥳 💫 To celebrate BSOV's 1.5 year anniversary, the community has collected some BSOV tokens and decided to host a meme-contest!

2000 BSOV has been collected for this contest

Winner(s) will be decided by three judges which will happen at BSOV's 1.5 year anniversary at the 17th of January!
Just 1 week left!

Submit your meme on Twitter with the hashtag #BSOVmeme and #BSOV and #BitcoinSoV
May the best meme win!
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A little BSOV update from Banks
Forwarded from rouse
Hey, everyone! As you may well know, Mundo has already paid CoinTelegraph for 2x Press Releases. This new exposure may make BSOV reach a whole new audience of new and fresh crypto people, who do not know so much about the history behind crypto.

I'm currently in the process of writing the first Press Release, and I'm maybe halfway finished, maybe it's ready next week?

I think that before we post the Press Release, we should all try to work together and make sure every new visitor has the best experience, and the most clear and understandable information presented to them.

Please take a few minutes or a few hours of your time to help make this possible. I would really appreciate the help, and I'm sure the whole BSOV Community would appreciate your help as well.

How to help
Do you guys have a few minutes to read what's written on the petition at and also the content in general at the website and all the BSOV social media channels and chats, and provide eventual feedback and changes before we reach the world?

Only you can make BSOV possible!
And ...uuh...
A little post about BSOV from a community member 👇
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Infographic: 3 Pillars of Value of BSOV Token - Made by a community member today. Feel free to share around.
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Three Pillars of Value
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The front page image at has been updated to something more calm and bright.
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