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📢 💥BSoV Burning handbook for deflationists is LIVE!! 💥📢

We have created some tasks to help spread the news with the help of our community.
Please do as many tasks as best as you can before claiming the rewards
Follow the rules and No cheating “Big Brother is watching you”
Good luck to all.

👉Task 1 (10 BSoV)
Download and read BitcoinSOV’s burning handbook for deflationists – 1st Edition
Found here:
👉Task 2 (25 BSoV)
Leave a post on the BSoV Bitcointalk thread, "Write in the Bitcointalk post about which page is your favourite, and why." :;
👉Task 3 (10 BSoV)
Like and retweet our latest twitter post:
👉Task 4 (25 BSoV)
Like and share into “at least 2 crypto related groups.” our latest book release facebook post :
👉Task 5 (10 BSoV)
Upvote and comment in our latest reddit post:
Once all tasks are complete come back in here and post your bitcointalk name, Reddit username twitter name and your ETH address to receive your reward/s.

Thank you 🙏 for supporting BSoV
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Forwarded from rouse
I made a paper you can print out on A4 paper.

Mining Ecosystem - How BSOVs are created, traded and hodled.
BSOV is now also listed on 0xChange with a direct pairing with 0xBTC.

You can see the list of exchanges at:

For BSOV discussion visit: @BitcoinSOVCommunity
For BSOV news visit: @BSOVnews
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Some artwork for SovCube
This is in A4 format, possible to print on your printer.
EXCHANGE UPDATE: ResFinex Deposits have been enabled!

🐥 PLEASE RETWEET: 🐥 You can now deposit BSOV to ResFinex. -

FEES: Please know about the 2% Deposit Fee and the 40 BSOV Withdrawal Fee. It is more profitable if you plan to trade several times with bigger amounts, compared to DDEX. However, the DDEX is cheaper if you plan to sell only once. ResFinex is more beneficial for traders, not for holders.

💸 RESFINEX LOOKING FOR LIQUIDITY: 💸 ResFinex has said that they might add BSOV to their USDT pairing if they find market makers for both USDT and BSOV... If you have BSOV, this might be an opportunity to contribute by moving some of your BSOV to ResFinex and put sell orders!

I listed the ResFinex listing at CoinMarketCalendar!

Please upvote BSOV by clicking at "REAL" to verify it is real.

BSOV Discussion: @BitcoinSOVCommunity
BSOV News:
👏 This is truly a committed community. 👏

🔒 A total of 1 Million BSOV are now timelocked in the SovCube timelock contract by community volunteers. 🔒

📰

🗣 Join the @BitcoinSOVCommunity chat for discussion.

🗞 or join the @BSOVnews channel to get updated on news.
A community member (@devkon69) of the BSOV community has released a public mining pool, so now it is even easier for anyone to mine your BSOV with your FPGA or high-end GPU.

Anyone can create a mining pool and get listed here.

POOL MINING TUTORIAL: We have updated our mining page with a BSOV Pool Mining tutorial for GPU's at

Stay tuned for the upcoming BSOV-F1 First Foundation mining pool which will donate BSOV to the donation wallet, and with the upcoming SovCube 2.0 integrated.
NOTICE: BSOV has changed the domain from -> to ->
REASON: The "bsov" name is more relevant than the original "btcsov" name.

The decentralized team of serveradmin, domain owner and content manager behind the website have worked together to ensure a smooth transfer.

If you enter now, you will be redirected to
Please let us know if you come across any problems.

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“WikiLeaks has kicked the hornet’s nest, and the swarm is headed towards us.” - Satoshi Nakamoto

Are you ready to become a “bee” in the BSOV Swarm?
Get ready for a tactical crash course in how to change the world, and inspire others to believe in deflation and financial freedom.

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JUST PUBLISHED: The History Timeline
The BitcoinSOV community has had a tendency to do work, rather than making promises and ambitious roadmaps. Here is a collection of some of the milestones and work that happened through the history of BSOV.

READ the new page here: 👉
ARTICLE JUST PUBLISHED: "BitcoinSOV and The Coming Swarm"
R.L Bryer, the blockchain book author, and crypto O.G, has written his second article about BSOV.

READ the article which is inside his Tweet: 👇
Retweet and like - if you wish.
Stay tuned for his next article, coming soon.
BSOV has been listed on Mercatox with both BTC and ETH pairings.

This is the first BTC-pairing for BSOV.

You can visit 👉 to find the link to Mercatox, or to see which exchanges BSOV is currently traded on.

Visit @BSOVnews to subscribe to news.

R.L Bryer has written another article about BSOV.

READ the article which you can find in R.L Bryer's twitter: 👇

BSOV News: @BSOVnews
BSOV Community: @BitcoinSoVCommunity
Comparison of currency & commodity alternatives - USD vs Gold vs BTC vs BSOV - You can find see the comparison and more info at

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