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Infographic: 3 Pillars of Value of BSOV Token - Made by a community member today. Feel free to share around.
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Three Pillars of Value
If you still haven't joined the @BSOVmemes channel then join here: for a look into the memetics of BSOV.
The front page image at has been updated to something more calm and bright.
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Recap of BSOV AMA with Crypto Revolution
There's only about 1 and a half month until the 2-Year Anniversary of BSOV Token which happens at the 17th of June, 2021.
Will the BSOV Community release a community update like the last 1-year anniversary, when Mundo released the whitepaper of BSOV Token, and several other things happened, like videos and articles? Please join when the anniversary happens this summer!
Get ready for BSOV Token's 2-Year Anniversary coming in 1 month!
Read all about all the new releases here: 👉

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📢 AMA series 78 Announcement

💬 Hello Infinity Chain Community, We're having an AMA with BSOV.

📌 Date and Time:
🗓 7 June 2021

🏠 Venue: InfinityChain Group

Speaker by : Rouse - Voluntary Contributor

Total Reward : 1000 BSOV

📖 Research :

There will be 3 segments:
Segment 1 : Project Introduction
2 : Selected Twitter Question
3 : Live Session

And for the participants these are the rules :

▶️ Join Infinity Chain Telegram Group & Channel.
▶️ Join Telegram BSOV Group & Channel.
▶️ Follow Twitter Infinity Chain.
▶️ Follow Twitter BSOV.
▶️ Open This Tweet & Send Your Question.
▶️ Like, RT and tag 3 friend.

⚠️don't forget follow all the rules

💻More about BSOV


Today is BSOV Token's 2-Year Anniversary, and the community celebrates by giving out a couple of goodies for everyone to indulge in, including SovCube Whitepaper, Timelocking dApp, Engagement Rewards & Community-written articles.
Read the Press Release at CoinTelegraph:

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Since the domain went down due to loss of contact with the owner, we have created a new domain called and restored the old site how it was in May, 2021.

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