BunnyPark Announcement (Official)
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@Mdexswap is upgrading the contract to complete the application of DAO Lock-in Vouchers πŸ”₯. $MDX staked in CropPool cannot be withdrawn in about 48 hours until the upgrade is completed. During this period, the earnings will not be affected, thank you. 🐰❀️

#Dvision #BSC #Anniversary

The Bunny Park to commence the Day 3 in BSC Anniversary!

Dear community members,

We are thrilled to announce, that the third day of the BSC Anniversary in Dvision Metaverse has officially started! The first item on our agenda is the introduction of the spotlight project - Bunny Park! The Bunny Park will discuss the features and innovative aspects of their project! Right after that you can participate in airdrop events!

[Urgent Notice]

PLEASE UPDATE the Dvision Client
before accessing the metaverse, since we have fixed and modified several bugs and texture issues, hence do not forget to update your client!

Android (Mobile): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.DvisionNetwork.DvisionWorld

Mac (iOS) : https://dvision.app/en/guide/download (Do not forget to disable the gatekeeper in the settings)
Get ready to participate in the first GameFI project of the SaaS incubator:

βš”οΈ @CryptoPlanet_Fi
Genesis Mining - obtain initial gems to cast battleships and participate in interstellar wars! Related CropPools will be launched at πŸ‘‰πŸ» https://bscscan.com/block/countdown/10820194.

It’s about 1️⃣ month before the end of🐰 BunnyPark BigBang Blind Boxes. Card activations will be closed on 15 Sept, GMT for SSR airdropped cards. The earnings that have been in effect before this will not be affected. Existing cards can also be traded on Market as collectibles. πŸ‘―β€β™‚οΈ

πŸ“ŒAs contract is upgrading, staking and unstaking of the joint CropPool by #BunnyPark and @Mdexswap are temporarily halted. Harvest function is still functioning. Technicians of both parties are solving the issue. Do pay attention to new announcements. All assets are safe.

BP buyback plan: 1️⃣st batch of > 10,000 #BNB βž• min 500,000 #USDT buyback funds weekly will be supplied for the continuous repurchase destruction of BP πŸ”₯
See funding plan and buyback details on Medium.
#BIGBANG of NFT month β†’ #BUILD month β†’ This month is CrazyBurnπŸ”₯

Medium Link: https://bunnyparkbsc.medium.com/a8548a57f484

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/BunnyPark_BSC/status/1438111259962925058
Contracts for V2 Pools are ready: 1️⃣st new pool: stake $CAKE; earn $BP. Activation is expected after 48-hour time lock takes effect. Earnings from V1 pools will be transferred to V2.
Other Farms & Pools will be migrated in succession. Stay tuned & migrate after about 48 hours.🐰

⏰Less than 12 hours left until the 1st Pool contract is upgraded:
1️⃣The said upgrade only affects Stake $CAKE πŸ₯ž, earn $BP Pool
2️⃣Upon upgrade completion, all earnings from V1 will be moved to V2
3️⃣Unstake $CAKE from V1 and migrate to V2
4️⃣V2 Pool is open source

Stay tuned πŸ°πŸš€

The #CrazyBurn 🐰BP Repurchase Program has started. According to 0:00 GMT ⏰, the initial price of the repurchase this week is: $1.286 πŸ”₯
Repurchase Program: bunnyparkbsc.medium.com/a8548a57f484

❗️V1 To V2
The 1️⃣st pool contract is expected to be upgraded in 3️⃣ hours. Again:
1) It only applies to stake $CAKE, earn $BP pool
2) Upon completion, all earnings from V1 will be moved to V2
3) Unstake $CAKE from V1 in time and re-stake it in V2
4) V2 is open source
Stay tuned🐰