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Reminder Alert relating to:

1. Self-Assessment Tax Return: 2020/21.
2. VAT Return to: 31/3/2021 (monthly, quarterly & annually).
3. Sole Traders year-end: 31/3/2021 (05/04/2021).
4. Micro Entities (Ltd companies) year-end: 31/3/2021.

Where Avar is retained to deal with the above, all necessary information in its entirety is required by 10:00 Thursday 8 April 2021, if you wish and take advantage of our “early bird discount” offer for April and to avoid delays and additional cost if not carried out in time: Avar Team
SA316 Form 2021.pdf
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This is directed to everyone who is required to complete 2020/21 Self-Assessment Tax Return.

HM Revenue & Customs have issued their Statutory Notices (similar to attached) and in so doing, they have carried out their legal obligations.

If you need clarification and assistance then please feel free to contact us: Avar Team
Time Limit Alert: Where accounting period last year was changed to 30/9/20 for many Clients, those accounts need to be filed with Companies House by 30/6/21 to avoid penalties.

Avar Team will be telephoning every client over the next week to discuss and seek information to complete the assignment.

SEISS fourth grant
: Claims for the fourth grant have now closed. The last date for making a claim was 1 June 2021.

SEISS fifth grant: A fifth grant covering May 2021 to September 2021 will be open to claims from late July 2021.

To work out your eligibility for the fifth grant, HMRC will first look at your 2019 to 2020 Self-Assessment tax return. Your trading profits must be no more than £50,000 and at least equal to your non-trading income.

The amount of the fifth grant will be determined by how much your turnover has been reduced in the year April 2020 to April 2021.

HMRC provide more information and support by the end of June 2021 to help you work out how your turnover was affected.

If you are eligible based on your tax returns, HMRC will contact you in mid-July 2021 to give you a date that you can make your claim from.
: Avar Team
Company directors and payroll (2506 1734).pdf
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This may be extremely beneficial to helping you acquire more knowledge and to help you in business. Although the first protocol is the telephone us: Avar Team
We are seeking your input and feedback for the remainder of this month, before, commencing on the development of an automated reminder system to announce reminders, warnings, Deadlines and alerts on a "pro-active" basis.

By way of example: Monthly reminder: Export & Backup your Telegram portal : Avar Team