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Forwarded from AFL Solicitors (Actus Legis)
Forwarded from Dr Daniel Niemiec
“All but one patient (99.6%; n = 236/237) treated with HCQ, AZM, and zinc with or without high-dose IV vitamin C (IVC) fully recovered.”

“Our study suggests that the treatment protocol of HCQ, AZM, and zinc with or without vitamin C is safe and effective in the treatment of COVID-19, with high dose IV vitamin C leading to a significantly quicker recovery.”

“Importantly, our study confirms vitamin D deficiency to be a high-risk factor of severe COVID-19 disease and hospitalization.”
COVID rules are blamed for 23% dive in young children's development: Disturbing study shows scores in three key cognitive tests slumped between 2018 and 2021, with face mask rules among possible culprits

Face masks may in fact impede on children's development, a new study has found, with the report citing a 23 per cent drop in scores measuring kids' cognitive abilities since the pandemic began.
Forwarded from Vaccine Choice Australia
Can you hear the mamas roar???? 🦁 🔥

Never forget who we’re fighting for 💛

Stefan Oelrich, president of Bayer Pharmaceuticals Division accidently told the truth about the mRNA ‘vaccines’ where he rightly said they are not vaccines at all. In fact, they only call them vaccines to gain the trust of a highly-skeptical public. So what are they? They are, gene editing tools to rewire your DNA. Oelrich goes on to say that “together with Bill and Melinda Gates we’re working very closely on family planning initiatives”.
HAPPENING NOW IN NEW ZEALAND - Without any debate or consultation, they have rushed through (i.e. within 24 hours) amendments to our health act which include the following measures:
1. Declare (without proof or evidence) a dwelling to be unsanitary and in turn order the destruction of the property and the burning of associated materials;
2. Hold us in "quarantine" until such time as we have tested negative to infectious disease AND we have undergone preventive treatment (i.e. mandatory inoculation)
3. Prohibit the keeping of animals and order the killing of animals (i.e. eliminate food sources)
4. Close any business not complying with prescribed infection control measures
5. Forbid congregation (public or private)
December 4
WORLDWIDE: SOS from Australia, 12pm everywhere!
GERMANY: Frankfurt Protest Against Green Pass and Forced Vaccination, 3–5pm!
CA: San Francisco Rally to Support Australian Resistance to Medical Tyranny, 12–2pm – more info
NH: Concord Weekly Freedom Fest, 10–11:30am!
NJ/NY: Bergen & Rockland Counties Stand for Vaccine Choice, 3–5pm!
WA: Seattle March for Freedom!
URGENT - Rumours are Rod Barton will give his vote to the Andrews’ government on the pandemic bill.
Contact him asap

Facebook –
Twitter –
Email –
Phone – (03) 9850 8600
Office – Suite 1, 600 Doncaster Road, Doncaster
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