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DOT touched nearest support (32.0000). Price can retest this level and break. If this will happen, we will have good signal to open short position. Support (26.0000) can be our first target.

Binance Coin is close to break support (455.0000). In my opinion price can do it soon. I'm waiting that BNB will continue downtrend after that and will have good chance to sell. Next strong level (365.0000) can be our main target.
πŸ’°Profit for last 7 days in QubitTech is 1.07%+0.79%+0.71%+0.96%+0.75%+0.94%+0.62% in sum is 5.84% profit for last 7 daysπŸ’°

πŸ€‘QubitTech is high profit project which position themself like trading fund registered in UK, they pay their customer around 20-25% monthly profit, for example if you will invest $50 000, your monthly profit will be around 10.000-12.500 Dollars every month which you can withdraw everyday, more details in overview and instructionπŸ‘‡

πŸ’°Overview and instruction how to join -

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❗️If you have any questions write to me πŸ‘‰ @atlas86 and I will send you all details❗️

Bitcoin is growing again. Price pulled back from support (53000.0) and is close to nearest resistance (58000.0) now. If BTC will break it, we will have good chance to buy. Next resistance (63000.0) can be our target.

Cardano is testing nearest resistance (1.30000). I'm waiting that price can make new uptrend. We can open long position as soon as ADA will start growing. Next resistance (1.45000) can be our first target.

Dogecoin is trying break nearest resistance (0.3800000). If price will do it, we will have good signal to open long position. I'm waiting that DOGE can continue uptrend and reach next resistance (0.5000000).
❗️Hi my friends🀚

πŸ€‘Today I want show you results of one my SMG team member Ali. Recently we with my team start investing in new very good invest company and I'm personally already invested big sum, this project isπŸ‘‰ Smart Medical Generation or SMG.

πŸ”” As you can see Ali for 1 month have already a lot of accurals and withdrawals, he already earn and withdraw around $ 2500 and this only in 1 month results, bigger ahead.
SMG pay around 30% from deposit monthly and also pretty good affilate bonuses❗️

πŸ”” Link to PDF presentation of SMG where you can see CEO, how company earn moneyπŸ’° and all details about project -

🎁 Link for registration and making big money -

πŸ“© For all questions contact me in Telegram πŸ‘‰ @atlas86

Ethereum is falling again. Price is testing support (2125.00) now. I'm waiting that ETH can break it soon. If this will happen, we can open short position and take next good level (1915.00) as a target.

DOT is making new downtrend. Price is close to nearest support (32.0000) now. If DOT will break it, we will have good signal to sell. We can take support (26.0000) as a main target for now.

Dogecoin broke nearest resistance (0.3800000). In my opinion price can continue uptrend. We can open long position now and take next resistance (0.5000000) as main target.
Hello guys🀚 a lot of you asked me about when the opportunity to join the VIP signals group will open.

Today we decided to reopen the opportunity to join the VIP channel and in order for more people to be able to afford it we made 50% discount but discount valid only for today.

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Good luck πŸ™Œ