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The Victorian government has let the cat out of the bag, admitting in a now deleted report that 70% of agriculture farmland needs to be destroyed and used for wind and solar factories to reach their CO2 reduction targets

It’s time to say no to the net zero agenda

Thanks Paul
Forcing up the price of cars for working Australians so rich people can get subsidies for EV’s

“Thanks to” PM Albanese & Blackout Bowen

After “thanks to” LNP for introducing damaging Net Zero policy & then to Labor deepening the damage

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European farmers have broken through police roadblocks in Brussels and are heading towards the EU headquarters once again.

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Senator Babet just announced big news! The Senate has agreed to an inquiry into excess deaths since 2021.

"Of course, Labor and the Greens, who don't care a fig about the health and wellbeing of Australians, voted against it. But the motion passed - by one vote!
" (Meryl Dorey) Here

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What veges to plant in March (Southern Hemisphere)
The following can be sown now in every region:
⁃ beets
⁃ cabbage
⁃ chives
⁃ leeks
⁃ lettuce
⁃ radish
⁃ spinach and silverbeet
⁃ spring onions
⁃ strawberries
The following can also be planted now but only in the areas noted:
⁃ beans (warm humid areas only)
⁃ broccoli (all except hot areas)
⁃ carrots (all except cold areas)
⁃ capsicum and chillies (hot areas only)
⁃ cauliflower (all except hot areas)
⁃ celery/celeriac (warm humid areas only)
⁃ corn (hot areas only)
⁃ cucumber (hot areas only)
⁃ eggplant (hot areas only)
⁃ pak choi (cool and temperate areas only)
⁃ parsnips (all except cold areas)
⁃ peas (all except hot areas)
⁃ pumpkin, melons and squash (hot areas only)
⁃ tomatoes (hot areas only)
⁃ zucchini (warm humid areas only)
So get those green thumbs out and build your self sufficiency and food supply with some home grown deliciousness🍓🥦🥕🥬
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If you've been squeezed out of the property market by cashed up foreign buyers, you're not alone.

Australians want to have their hard work and savings rewarded. They want a place to call their own and a place where they can stay to raise a family.

Only One Nation has the guts to make the decisions that will ensure the dream of home ownership can become attainable again.
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Do you like the sound of this?

We do! For more info to guide and inspire, please do check our website!

We have areas to support GYO and Community Growing Groups too! 🌟💥🌟

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“Westpac is cutting 132 jobs from risk management, operations and sales – including 70 roles that will be off-shored to India and the Philippines – as it shrinks its cost base to reflect slowing credit growth.

The bank notified the Finance Sector Union (FSU) this week about 112 of the cuts, after flagging 20 jobs would go in January. These come on the heels of about 1000 staff cuts across its business and retail banks last year, as Westpac tries to hit aggressive cost targets, bowing to investor pressure.”

Closing branches and sending jobs offshore is not acceptable. Westpac’s operations are just about entirely based in Australia and New Zealand.

Westpac make around $8 billion a year. They can afford to keep jobs in Australia.

If they want to cut costs try capping executive salaries to $500,000. That’s plenty enough to live on, especially when so many people are homeless.

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Sums up the hypocrisy of the renewable argument very well.
Forwarded from Senator Gerard Rennick
“The Albanese government is seeking to raise the pay for the incoming governor general, Sam Mostyn, by more than $214,000, saying the change is appropriate because she is not receiving the same sort of additional pensions that previous officeholders have enjoyed.”

This is an insult to every Australian struggling under cost of living issues.

Albanese is arrogant and out of touch.

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