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For eth i do not have ideas at all right now.
BTC has some kind of a structure and facing the 6h supply here.
Idea is to start flatting here and then slowly go down engulfinging the FOMC pump. Still do not see good long opportunities here. If you want Longs = go ahead. But I will stick to shorting. Maybe someday (soon) will create a guide on how to trade (as I do) with quick profits that are built up in a good % per month.
$ETHUSDT No dump. Fine. Switching sides. Test the green area > move to the big red area.
Be careful here. Support was missed. Not a good sign. Can drop lower than expected.
Due to this notice I can suppose that we can have a lower pullback.
So, do not put orders in advance rn. Wait for a clarity in PA.
$LINKUSDT We hit this 4h supply and rejecting. PA is not in bullas favor. Keep it. Secure profits. Increase your capital.
The green area is the range eq. Should be the area to take profit. But now is also a good time around $7.3-7.4
If we can flip below the red area it's fine for LTF shorts. But mainly range eq is for shenanigans so be careful.
$ETHUSDT Following the short scenario. The green area is for take profits.
Nice. We are sitting in the red area (slightly above) and facing 2h supply. Deviation upside is expected. For me it's a down move soon.
Today, NFP did not affect crypto and actually zero moves. Still testing resistances and flatting. Heading to weekend with no positions since it's a pure scam.
How to properly take profit in a trade?
Most of you still think that trading is about entering a trade in point A and exiting at point B. Not true. Pure scam mindset. YOU WILL NEVER CATCH A PERFECT SWING WITH ONE TAKE PROFIT!
More over, you will be in a loss trying to catch it in long term.
What you need is to divide your take profit into 2 or more parts. Example with 3 take profits is on the chart:
1st Take Profit: Liquidity/Level
2nd Take Profit: Liquidity/Level
3rd Take Profit: Demand area
Areas for taking profit can be different. It's not the case, the case is to take money from the table as much time as possible. Imagine being in a profitable trade and then reversal happens and you end up with 0 or loss.
To avoid such situation use 2+ Take Profits.
If you feel contras to this instruction try one month trading with a several take profits. You will see how easy and profitable it can be.
If nothing changes then we can follow this HTF plan.
We are trading in a huge range and it's pretty good since you can swing a lot.
A lot of untapped liquidity upside is a magnet for the price.
I will be watching the green area for a short. If we got here and get a rejection then it will be the H&S pattern.
Will post analysis when the time comes.
Sitting below 1d supply. Can be few more touches before rejection since structure does not look ready except a forming pinbar.
The first and a good rejection.
Will be looking for a trend switch on 4h timeframe before looking for shorts.
Can't say for me it's a valid rw since it's out of context but looking pretty good on HTF. Would be a good chance to catch an LTF move to take some money out of this.