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innuendo n.影射(的话);暗讽(的话)
It's sweltering
sweltering adj.闷热
calligraphy n. 书法
src: https://youtu.be/Ea_wpXWr0jo?t=459
satiate v. 吃饱 注意发音
He drank greedily until his thirst was satiated.
appetite n. 胃口
All that walking has given me an appetite.
fragrant adj. 香,喷香
rhetorical question n.反问
magenta n.品红
diarrhea n.腹泻
cushy adj. 舒适的,优厚的
stand-up comedy phr. 单口喜剧
delectable delicacy phr. 美味佳肴
extravagant adj. 奢华的
improv n.即兴表演
short for improvisational
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Alienate v.疏远,离间
The internet doesn't alienate us from our communities.
Essence n.精华
old fogey 老头子
to save typing 为了打字省力