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All the official news regarding the APEX token will be announced here.

Website https://apexnetwork.io
Telegram https://t.me/APEXcommunity
Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r
Twitter https://twitter.com/APEXnetworkCPX
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APEX announcements
We've received 17 applications so far!

The application form is still open - Don't miss out!
Let's go! 🚀
There is something brewing over at our Tech Channel! 🤓
Over 30 people are about to deploy nodes on the APEX Mainnet Technology 🚀

Even if you’re not deploying a node yourself, come and join the conversation and familiarize yourself with the tech on a deeper level.

Community Members joining the APEX Mainnet as Supernodes - Producers 🏆
Forwarded from Jay
In case some haven't noticed yet, there are a couple of new repos in our official Github now being worked on by someone quite familiar to you - head over there and check them out 🤓👌

The new ones are the Docker test setup, the Supernode deployment script and our brand new Java SDK which includes the cryptographic part - basically it's now ready for someone to start dabbling in community made Apex Network dApps 😁

🎁 All KRATOS Node Rewards have successfully been sent out to their rightful owners

For any inquiries or issues, please send an e-mail to apex-inquiry@chinapex.com

Thank you for your support,