Nia and I went directly to the fiction section, to find the novels we wanted to read, while Reza, headed to the science section. Reza looked for, reference books for his assignments. After getting, the books, we looked for comfortable seats to read., I enjoyed reading there because the place was, quiet and the novel collection was complete., We spent two hours there. We left after having, lunch at the cafeteria next to the library., 17. The writer spent his/her weekend, A. in a library, 0412., in a city square, C. in a cafeteria, D. at home, u”18. 201cIt was not crowded due to the governments”, regulation.” (Paragraph 1), The similar meaning of the underlined word is, a, A. swift, B. rigid, C. noisy, D. vivid, 19. Why did the writer enjoy his/her activity in, the library?, A. The library was quiet., B. The library is near the city square., C. The library has a cafeteria.., D. The library is easy to reach., 20. “We spent two hours there.” (Last paragraph), “The word there refers to”, A. the cafeteria, B. the library, C. the city square, u”D. the speakers house”