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Adverb > Fresh

Adverb – Fresh just recently : NEWLY, FRESHLY This bread was baked fresh. — usually used in combination fresh-baked bread fresh-laid eggs

Noun > Flaw

Noun – Flaw 1 : a small physical problem (such as a crack) that makes something less valuable : defect There was a flaw in…

Verb > Swaddle

Verb – Swaddle (+ object) to wrap (someone, especially a baby) tightly with a blanket, pieces of cloth, etc. He swaddled the baby in a…

Noun > Tidbit

Noun – Tidbit 1 : a small piece of food tasty tidbits 2 : a small piece of news or interesting information I just heard…

Verb > Reconstruct

Verb – Reconstruct (+ object) 1 : to build (something damaged or destroyed) again After the earthquake, many houses needed to be reconstructed. Archaeologists were…

Verb > Decompose

Verb > Decompose 1 : to cause something (such as dead plants and the bodies of dead animals) to be slowly destroyed and broken down…

Noun > Livestock

Noun – Livestock farm animals (such as cows, horses, and pigs) that are kept, raised, and used by people (plural) a market where livestock are…

Verb > Dally

Verb – Dally We took the word “dally” into English from Old French around the year 1300, but we haven’t been able to trace it…

Adjective > Romantic

Adjective – Romantic 1 a: of, relating to, or involving love between two people She had romantic feelings for him. He had a romantic relationship…

Noun > Quilt

Noun – Quilt (count) a bed cover with stitched designs that is made of two layers of cloth filled with wool, cotton, or soft feathers

Verb > Exert

Verb – Exert We took the word “exert” from a Latin one that means “to put forth, or to thrust out.” (Or more literally, and…

Noun > Time-out

Noun – Time-out 1 : a short period of time during a sports event when the game stops and the players rest or talk to…

Adjective > Precarious

Adjective – Precarious not safe, strong, or steady He earned a precarious livelihood/living by gambling. She was in a state of precarious (=delicate) health. The…

Verb > Move in

Verb – Move in 1 : to start living in a house, apartment, etc. I remember when our neighbors first moved in. He’s planning to…

Verb > Snarl

Verb – Snarl 1 : (no object) : to growl and show the teeth — usually + at The dog snarled at the postman. 2…

Noun > Habitat

Noun – Habitat (count) the place or type of place where a plant or animal naturally or normally lives or grows a creature’s natural habitat…