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Check out the first Zippie product update of 2019!

* Alpha 8 is released, try it out at
* Customizable sign in & wallet for AirImpact, also available for other dapps
* Link to recover account
* Localization support
* First versions of wallet API, Pay My Gas, reward engine & airtime service
Zippie product update for February 2019 is out:

💶 Functional wallet demo showcased at Mobile World Congress
🛠 Ethereum Plasma prototype for fast & cheap transactions
🔍 Security audit close to be completed
📃 Updated API documentation
Zippie product update is here:

🏍 2x faster wallet loading times
🌍 Massive savings in data usage
📱 Enhanced mobile airtime purchase UX
🏁 Security audit finished
Zippie product update for April:

🍭 Wallet API for apps to reward users
👘 Wallet theming for apps
🔧 Referrals, dashboard in the works
🌄 Moving to Goerli testnet