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New week, new liquidity provider airdrop!

⚡️ total airdrop: 250 $SRV
date: 10 - 16 May
⚖️ average: 3.16 SRV per LP

The zilsurvey.com/airdrop/ page has also had an update, you must now connect to zilPay in order to view the list of all liquidity providers and their estimate reward. LP addresses will now be shown in the correct format (zil1..)

New survey is now live, first come first serve!

🗨 zilSwap.io experience
📝 6 questions
⚡️ 0.5 SRV reward
👥 1.250 slots
New survey regarding platform features is now live!

🗨 zilSurvey Features
📝 3 questions
⚡️ 0.5 SRV reward
👥 850 slot
Introducing: zilSurvey Tasks

zilSurvey Tasks will allow participants to do a set of varying tasks such as translating text, transcribing audio or solving captcha challenges.

The data of these tasks will be used to train and improve artificial intelligence.

Tasks are now in development, ETA is late June!

⚡️ Now available: captcha tasks

In this first phase of zilSurvey tasks we have rolled out captcha tasks. Every 24 hours participants can complete 25 captcha challenges, and earn 0.5 $SRV.

The data collected on this task can be used to train and improve AI.

Partner info soon..

⚡️ Now in development: zilSurvey App

We have finally started development on the zilSurvey app, which has always been THE MOST requested feature!

This has only been made possible due to the incredible exponential growth of the platform and support from the #zilliqa community.

The platform's growth has allowed me to expand zilSurvey from a solo project to having multiple developers on-board.

The zilSurvey app will be made available on both iOS and Android. Currently we do not have an ETA on release, though we'll keep you updated!

- Arthur

📢 Calling on all zilSurvey participants!

The new ZilSwap Lightning Season 3 vote is up, and to keep $SRV in the rewards pool we need at least 10% of the votes!

If you are hodling $ZWAP, please cast your vote on $SRV to keep earning triple rewards!

🗳 zilSurvey's first ever governance vote is up!

To combat BOTS the following changes are proposed:
1. increase withdraw deposit fee to 10 ZIL
2. set min. SRV withdraw amount to 5 SRV
3. increase SRV token price by buying SRV using left over 8 ZIL

These changes are good for:

1. Giving filtering system time to detect malicious users
2. Increases risk for BOT users to create multiple accounts
3. Increases price of SRV by buying tokens
4. Prevents inflation by large amounts of botted SRV being sold off


The latest governance proposal has been implemented in the website, which means that the following countries will be able to access the zilSurvey website once again:
* Bangladesh
* Pakistan
* Turkey

The following countries which were shadow-banned from participating in the tasks program will now be able to complete tasks again:
* Indonesia
* Nepal
* Nigeria
* Pakistan

Please keep in mind that if issues arise again from any of the above mentioned countries the block will be re-enabled. It is advised to do regular withdraws of your rewards.
Thought I'd give a little update on the current state of things!

Surveys and tasks
As some of you may have noticed, the amount of slots open for the captcha task has been slightly reduced. We're currently still collecting data, though because of the exponential growth of the platform it's a bit harder to have enough slots open for all users wanting to participate.

More tasks will soon become available, including a survey set to release next week. More about this later.

The zilSurvey app
The zilSurvey app development is going rather well, hopefully an app store release will be possible within the next 1 to 2 months.

Liquidity pool
As per the last governance proposal, the 10 ZIL deposit fee system has been implemented and this week we will start with buying SRV back from the liquidity pool using the 8 ZIL of every deposit. The first purchase of 62 SRV has been made using this new system. https://viewblock.io/zilliqa/tx/cf5ae6c1506944eac57d25baafc7352e59cadd0285fde971894d6b3984a36c6d?network=mainnet
zilSurvey has been growing exponentially over the past few weeks, here are some quick statistics:

👥 27.500+ registered users
🌍 79 countries
⚡️ 2.500+ $SRV payed to participants
🤖 12.000+ tasks completed in the first month

Adoption is here.
#buildonzilliqa #zilliqa $ZIL

This week marks the last week of the regular captcha tasks. Next week we will be focusing on preparing the roll out for a set of new types of tasks, so don't expect too much activity for the next couple of days. Due to this we will be allowing everyone to withdraw their SRV without the 5 SRV limitation in place next Sunday. Please remember that you must have made your deposit BEFORE Sunday in order to receive your withdraw.

Thanks for your participation in this first phase of tasks, we'll keep you up-to-date on new developments!
A lot of users have told us they'd be interested in earning $SRV tokens by doing app install tasks. In the next few days we will be doing some experimenting with this concept.

As of today users from the following countries will be able to participate in the new third party tasks:

* Portugal
* Turkey
* Pakistan
* Bangladesh
* Indonesia
* Russia

As the name implies, these tasks are from third parties meaning they haven't been screened / aren't hosted by zilSurvey itself. Depending on your country and mobile device you may get different tasks. It may take up to 30 minutes for your $SRV to be credited.

If these experimental tasks turn out to be a success they will be released to all 79 countries. More countries may be allowed to participate in this experiment in a few days.
After a week long survey & task break we're back with a bunch of exciting updates!

🦎 http://coingecko.com/en/coins/zilsurvey
🖼 AI image captcha task
🇮🇳 User registrations open for India
🧪 Third party tasks

👇 More details below!

⚡️ Double $SRV rewards for app installs

Due to a large increase in users we have dealt with some server related issues, because of this some users weren't credited properly for their third-party tasks.

To compensate we have credited all users and will give double rewards for all app install tasks today!

It's official, the zilSurvey Android app is now released in over 170 countries!

⚡️ Track your $SRV
🔔 Receive update notifications
🖼 Participate in image captcha / survey tasks
📝 Easy access to third party app install tasks

Download now: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.undefinedcompany.zilsurvey

iOS version is currently still in development and will be going through the app store approval process in the near future.

Using the zilSurvey app users can earn a bit extra $SRV by the advertisements served inside the app.

📢 $SRV liquidity provider / token holder rewards update!

⚡️ total airdrop: 250 $SRV
📅 date: 05 - 10 July
⚖️ average: 7.84 SRV per LP

Not a liquidity provider yet? For more information head over to http://zilsurvey.com/airdrop!

$SRV token holder rewards will soon be introduced..

For this week we have opened up extra slots for the new image captcha task. Keep in mind that slots are still assigned per country, meaning if there are a lot of participants from your country specifically the slots will be full rather quickly.

First come first serve!

We are currently looking into providing users with new third party tasks. Keep in mind that you cannot perform the same third party task that you've already done earlier. You will not be credited.

More about this in a later update.
⚡️ 250 $SRV liquidity provider airdrop has been distributed!

If you aren't providing liquidity for the $SRV pool on @ZilSwap yet now is the time! More exciting zilSurvey news and updates coming soon..

At zilSurvey we haven't been sitting still for the last few weeks, big updates are in the making with new partners!

We can't share too much yet, for now please check your dashboard to participate in a new survey.