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Forwarded from Western Hypocrisy (Fuck Israel 🖕🇮🇱💩)
"I carried many martyrs and wounded, but when I saw this child with her dismembered body, I lost all my strength, I wasn't able to carry her, I was tired and my heart ached. When I carried her, I felt as I was holding the whole world in my
hands.I can't understand how you see these beheaded children and you don't change anything, how you can continue your life!

Does seeing them from the phone make it easy for you? Do you have to see them with your eyes in front of you to feel them? How long will we bear it? I swear to God, I can no longer bear this."

- ‘My dad is gone... where will I go?". Nine-year-old Omar Hamad just lived through the worst day of his life when his father was burned alive in terrorist Israel's attack on a tent camp in Rafah. Dozens of Palestinians in Gaza were killed that day, and dozens more lost loved ones.

- Terrorist Israel detained Abed's father on March 18th and that left a permanent scar on his childhood. The uncertainty of his father's whereabouts weighs heavy, casting a shadow over his days. Innocence shattered, longing for answers.

- 20 days in the Jabalia refugee camp, this is what the terrorist Israel did against Palestinian.

- A touching scene in a displacement camp, featuring young Hammoud holding a plastic container with rice. Barely two years old, Hammoud comes to the community kitchen in his diapers asking for food.

- Ahmed Atef Ahmed Afana, a resident of Jabaliya camp in the Al-Fakhoura area, Block 9, in the northern Gaza Strip. Displaced after 53 days of intense bombardment and strikes, Ahmed describes the severe water crisis they are facing. In response to this situation, Ahmed has innovatively started desalinating seawater to make it potable. Using a homemade purification system involving stones, sand, cotton, and charcoal, he hopes to create drinkable water for himself and others, demonstrating resilience and ingenuity.

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Forwarded from Western Hypocrisy (Fuck Israel 🖕🇮🇱💩)
- Children were killed in an air strike in central Gaza and others arrive at the hospital to be treated.

- A young Palestinian bids farewell to his brother who was killed in the bombing on Al-Bureij camp in central Gaza.

- Omar is a young boy, who witnessed the horrific sight of his father burning in front of him during the recent Rafah massacre by terrorist Israel. Omar recounts the moment with deep sorrow, describing how his brother tried to pull their father, but his flesh was stuck to the ground. He recalls crying out for his father, who was saying his last words, urging his sons to take care of their siblings and aunts. Omar mourns the profound bond he felt with his father, whom he saw as a friend and constant companion.

Despite the encouragement to stay strong, Omar's pain and longing for his father are evident, showing the deep emotional scars inflicted by the occupation forces on him and millions of Palestinian children like him.

- In Jabalia camp, a man rummages through the rubble of his bombarded home. Despite the destruction, he expresses resilience and determination as he retrieves items from underneath the rubble, a place that used to be his kitchen. The man shares his resolve to rebuild and remain in the camp, stating that he will set up a tent and stay on the site.

- 8 martyrs, including 3 children and their parents, in a bombing that targeted two houses belonging to the Al-Buraim and Abu Khater families, east of the city of Khan Younis.

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Forwarded from Western Hypocrisy (Fuck Israel 🖕🇮🇱💩)
- Terrorist Israeli warplanes bombed a home in the Braij refugee camp, central Gaza. A number of injuries and martyrs were reported.

- Injuries arrive to Al Aqsa hospital following terrorist Israeli's bombardment in the Braij refugee camp.

- The air strikes and violent bombings do not stop in northern Gaza. A house near us in the Al-Daraj neighborhood was bombed.

- A little girl was killed after the bombing of the Hur family’s home in the Braij refugee camp.

- A little girl carrying her little brother and searching for her father following the bombing of her home in Al Maghazi refugee camp.

- How many detained civilians are tortured and murdered in secret jail of Negev desert? Thousands!!

An investigative video by Filistiniyat Media was published, namely: "Black Hole".

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Forwarded from Western Hypocrisy (Fuck Israel 🖕🇮🇱💩)
- This is how terrorists Israel use fucking American bridge to bring an operation that murdered 150+ civilians (latest updates) in Nuseirat Refugee Camp.

Never believe fucking America !!

- Over 30 bodies of Palestinians just arrived at the Al Aqsa hospital following the heavy Israeli attacks in the middle areas of Gaza.

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