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YouMinter is a social network for creators, bloggers, influencers, and fans to mint, buy, sell & collect NFTs.

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πŸš€ Hello, community. Are you ready for the hottest news? Finally! We are happy to announce the day of the GENESIS NFT SALE 🎊πŸ”₯

So, 19 of January is the day when we start YouMinter Genesis NFT Sale.
First official Genesis Sale and chance to get CameraBoxes before the YouMinter launch

πŸ”₯Genesis Sale is an event that we are looking forward to. It is the starting point when the adventure time of Web3 is coming and an event that begins the YouMinter journey on Mainnet. It's the day when we will feature all the opportunities you need to unlock the NFT potential of YouMinter.

πŸ“² Follow our page on Twitter and open notifications, share this news with your friends, and don't miss out.

πŸ† 50 boxes with Genesis NFT Cameras
πŸ† 50 winners

Long awaited Official YouMinter NFT Drop starts right now! Do the following conditions and get your CameraBox before the Genesis Sale starts:

β˜‘οΈ Follow our Twitter and Instagram page
❀️ Like & Rt the post-announcement of the drop
❀️ Like & Rt the post-announcement of The Genesis Sale + tag 3 friends

Other conditions by the link

Follow this link, go through these steps and get your Genesis CameraBox.
Great news from the YouMinter team: we have updated and boosted our Website!

Firstly, we've added Lite & White papers to our Website, so you can now check them. We are improving our Website and adding new information about our project: clear features & vision, values, mission, and goals.

Check out new website with all the featured info:

New year - a new start! We are almost there to take social communities to the next Web3 level in 2023.
πŸŽ‰ Official Community YouMinter NFT Giveaway Is Live

πŸ“£ Read our new article about YouMinter Giveaway Conditions:

Follow the conditions and hurry up to be the first who gets your unique NFT CameraBox. Find out more about Genesis Sale, which benefits and opportunities will be available for users who first purchase their unique NFT CameraBoxes. πŸ“Έ

Stay tuned to our Twitter page to catch the latest updates and fresh news.
πŸš€πŸŽYouMinter GIVEAWAY is live

Do giveaway conditions by the link and get your unique NFT #CameraBox πŸ“²

πŸ† 50 boxes with Genesis #NFTCameras
πŸ† 50 winners

Follow the conditions and don’t miss out on the chance to win your prize!

Hurry up to be one of the lucky winners πŸŽ‰
Hello, community. Here is some hot news from YouMinter!
Our first official Community AMA πŸ”₯

⏰ Time: Jan 18, 2 PM UTC
πŸ‘‰ Link:

And the most exciting update - is the prizes of our AMA.

We giveway 5 NFT CameraBoxes to five lucky winners for five of the best questions under the post. And! A unique chance to be one of the 5 first ambassadors of YouMinter, and to be the first to have access to all opportunities of YouMinter.

Join our AMA and get your prize:
✨Write an interesting and unique question about YouMinter.
✨Follow YouMinter, like and RT post announce AMA on Twitter.
✨Join our AMA.
We are closing the opportunity to comment on all YouMinter posts, and there will be no more chat in our TG

πŸ“£ Hello, community! Here are some important updates to our telegram space.

We are changing this space from a community to an announcement channel. So, there will be all YouMinter announcements, fresh news, and last project updates.

πŸ“² To stay in touch with YouMinter - join our Discord community:

There you can find answers to all questions, communicate on topics you are interested in, and be the first to know all the hottest news about YouMinter.
The NFT Camera β€” Your Simple Tool in this Complicated NFT World πŸ“Έ

Hello, community! We have posted a new article on our blog, where we will tell you how the NFT Camera makes the YouMinter platform stand out from the rest and why it matters for new users.

It is a complete guide to knowing all the details and features of YouMinter and having answers to all your questions. What is an NFT Camera? What are Genesis NFT CameraBoxes & Cameras, and how do they work? What Genesis NFT Camera gives: benefits, features, and all opportunities. We share all the details about creating NFTs on the YouMinter and all app NFT Features of YouMinter.

Keep reading to learn how this innovative tool is simplifying the already complicated NFT world and have answers:
Channel photo updated
πŸŽ‰The YouMinter Genesis Sale is finally going on β€” here is what you need to know.

The Genesis Sale is not just a typical sale. It is an opportunity for every user to explore and try all the features of the YouMinter app. It is an event that will fully reveal the app tools and redefine all your NFT experiences across the industry.

We are live on:
- Paras
- Mintbase
- BocaChica

In the spirit of onboarding millions of people into the NFT world, YouMinter has an upcoming Genesis Sale event that will precede the official Mainnet launch. Here is a guide on how to participate in the big event.

πŸ“²Read the full article to know more about the advantages and details of Genesis Sale. How and where the Genesis Sale will take place, and how to buy NFTs on marketplaces.
Genesis Sale - Final Day

Hi, community!

Today is the last day of the YouMiner Genesis Sale. If you haven't bought your CameraBox yet - now it's the right time!

All CameraBoxes in this sale, and Cameras inside are unique, available in limited quantities and have that benefits:

πŸ”— fixed price, and it is lower than could be later
πŸ”— you can get it only during the Genesis Sale
πŸ”— you will be first, who open NFT Camera and try all opportunities of app

Don't miss your chance to get a special @youminter feature here

We are on Mainnet πŸŽ‰ YouMinter Public Beta Release is Live

We begin 2023 with great news for the YouMinter community! The public beta release is live now. YouMinter is an intuitive and easy-to-use Android and iOS application that bridges the gap between Web 2.0 and Web3 by making it simple for all levels of users to experience the NFT world from the comfort of their smartphones.

πŸ”‰ In the new article on our Medium blog, we highlight the core values of YouMinter, functionality in the public beta release, and how to open a CameraBox. Keep reading to know more and stay updated:
How to Open CameraBox on iOS and Android. πŸ“Έ

YouMinter is a Web3 social platform that allows end users to benefit more from the NFT concept and comes with in-app tools that empower them to create and mint NFT posts. Our latest NFT Camera line β€” the Genesis CameraBox β€” features Common and Uncommon NFT Cameras with upgraded functionalities.

πŸ‘‰Read our new article in Medium's blog to learn how to open your NFT CameraBox on Android or iOS and the features and benefits of this special edition Camera:
Monthly Review of YouMinter's Events at the Beginning of 2023 Q1

πŸ’¬ YouMinter is the first Web3 social app that invites users to create unique NFT content, own it, monetize, and co-own the platform in the Ownership Economy Program. With a user-friendly interface, the app is the app is already available via iOS or Android-based devices, opening the NFT world to the next millions of users.

πŸ“² Read our new article-recap of what happened, and know more about events, that will mark the beginning of YouMinter NFT journey going forward:
πŸ”— Non-NFT Features in the YouMinter NFT Social App.

The official launch of YouMinter on Mainnet β€” we've done it! And now, you can easily use a unique NFT experience built on transparency, and true platform co-ownership are available. YouMinter - it's the next Web3 social app that will onboard millions of people into NFTs and revolutionize the creator economy by introducing better monetization ways.

πŸ”” We have posted our new article to share more information about non-NFT features in the YouMinter platform and what they mean to end users.

Keep reading to learn more about a typical user flow within the app when signing up, in-app tools, and the opportunities they present:
Hey, community! 🀝

It’s been a month filled with plenty of activities within YouMinter ecosystem and beyond. The NFT industry continues to grow, and we continue to onboard the next millions of users onto Web3 after successfully launching a superb NFT user experience on the Mainnet.

Read our new article to find out more about last YouMinter updates, partnerships, premier events and activities in which we have participated, how we start the new month and some points of how we continue to build:
#MyYouMinterJourney Contest Starts NOW!
πŸ†10 WINNERS & πŸ“Έ10 CameraBoxes πŸͺ™25 $NEAR

πŸ”₯Download the YouMinter app and be active
πŸ”₯Create content and share it for 5 days
πŸ”₯Follow all the conditions here:

You can read all the details about the contest rules in our article on Medium.πŸ“œ

Follow the link to learn more πŸ‘‰
Hello, community!

We have recently published a new article and a brief tour and overview of the YouMinter app. Follow the link and keep reading to learn more about creating and setting up your YouMinter account, how to log in with an existing wallet, and opening a CameraBox.

If you're new to the platform, you can build your community in three simple steps β€” download, sign up, and create content. In-app tools like NFT cameras make creating unique NFT content that attracts organic followers to your profile easier. Read more and find out a detailed overview of the app: