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Hey everyone. Big news! FTM Integration is complete. We're adding as many FTM DeFi protocols as we can πŸ™‚

Hi everyone. Thanks for being here. Some updates from the last few days. We REALLY appreciate the support / likes / retweets, etc. - every bit helps DeFi grow and thrive.

Another great item this week. We've been added to AVAX-Projects website. This is (we think) super exciting and validating. We'll keep building πŸ™‚

Just a reminder: if you're interested in a YM chat telegram, we started one: https://t.me/yieldmonitorchat
We have published a v1 of our user documentation. A LOT of updates are on the way, including a dedicated user tutorial. But, this was worthy of publishing as it clarifies our foundational approach and value. https://yield-monitor.gitbook.io/yield-monitor-user-guide/
Binance is officially part of Yield Monitor and we are starting to integrate BSC DeFi πŸ™‚ - https://twitter.com/YieldMonitor/status/1422558123127197699
HyperJump is our newest addition - on FTM and BSC chains. https://twitter.com/YieldMonitor/status/1423331703607734274
We're always perfecting how we present Yield Monitor, but if you're looking for a short explanation, try this: https://twitter.com/YieldMonitor/status/1422944737653411843
We'll be chatting with some Fantom DeFi friends this Thursday - https://twitter.com/YieldMonitor/status/1424758994627874822
We're excited to welcome AutoFarm (Poly + BSC) into the Yield Monitor lineup. πŸ™‚ - https://twitter.com/YieldMonitor/status/1424751708459130881
Join us tonight alongside some great Fantom DeFi leaders - 7PM EST. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SecG8r-nzb8
Here's a glance at the current Roadmap - https://www.yieldmonitor.io/roadmap/
We are far more active in our YM Discord community. Join it here: https://discord.com/invite/Gx7uQUTvqB