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Over 4000 members joined our airdrops! Too fast
Due to the strong community support, we have decided to increase the number of participants and the YFIC token awards for our airdrops campaign.
These YFIC tokens will be deducted from Marketing funds.
Thank for strong support us!
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For our airdrops!
You don't have to pay any fee for our airdrops. It's a free . YFIC token will be transferred to your wallet on distribution date!
Scammers are trying to contact you and ask you the fees. Block him please!

Don't try to cheat us! One person, one account. Cheaters will not receive their YFIC.
We will do our best to protect our investors.
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YFIC Smart Contract is verified on Etherscan with #Defi products, #Staking & #Yield Farming
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📍🦊We've just added the Metamask button on our Pre Sale page.
If you are using Metamask, you can buy 300 YFIC by clicking the button on the Pre Sale Page.
(You can change the amount of ETH you want to send)
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We have a Bonus program for our Investors.
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🔹1,000 YFIC get 1% bonus
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🔹>20,000 YFIC get 20% bonus
💰Bonus distribution: 22 December 2020 (After the Pre Sale Ends)
This bonus will be deducted from unsold tokens.
If sold out, we will deduct from the Marketing & Development wallet.
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