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XRED has a new adviser:

Eric Alexandre

Eric is a creative director who has successfully implemented the production and campaigns of a client portfolio that includes Samsung, Panasonic, Volkswagen, Elite Models, Fashion TV, BMW, JVC and Daikin amongst others. Eric has worked on the Elite Model Look China, Singapore and International finals since 2005 and is the managing director of EML Singapore since 2010. He has been helping promising talents to develop a professional grade image over the last few years and recognized a similar demand for image and PR management among artists and athletes. Stemming from this experience and aware of the early challenges faced by emerging talents, he decided to spearhead the “Jetcoin Institute”, an organization aimed at financing the development of young athletes and artists through a new cryptocurrency called ‘jetcoin’. Now, he is an adviser of XRED.



Eric是一名创意总监,成功实施了包括三星,松下,大众,精英模特,时尚电视,宝马,JVC和大金等在内的客户组合的制作和活动。 Eric自2005年以来一直在Elite Model Look中国,新加坡和国际性的决赛中工作,自2010年起担任EML新加坡的董事总经理。他在过去几年一直在帮助有前途的人才发展专业级别的形象,并认可了类似的需求 形象和公关管理艺术家和运动员。 根据这一经验并意识到新兴人才面临的挑战,他决定率先推出“Jetcoin Institute”,该组织旨在通过一种名为“jetcoin”的新加密货币为年轻运动员和艺术家的发展提供资金。Eric现为XRED顾问。
After periodic drops of 20 percent, bitcoin tends to come back even stronger
The Future of China's Blockchain Development is Still Bright
1. China has never denounced Bitcoin as illegal
2. There is a good chance that China could decide to create its own regulated Bitcoin trading market.
3. The logic is that as bitcoin trading can’t simply be banned by any single government due to its decentralized nature, banning it will only result in uncontrollable OTC trading that might result in more hidden-capital flight.
4. the development of blockchain technology is still an important directive and priority for China.
1. 比特币并非是违法的
2. 中国很有可能建其自己监管的比特币交易市场
3. 因为去中心化的性质,比特币交易不会被任何一个单独政府禁止,禁止它只会造成不可控制的OTC交易并造成更多的隐形资金流失。
4. 区块链技术仍是中国的一个方针和重点
Bitcoin price reached all time high of $11850,比特币价格到达$11850,又创新高
There is one week left for the XRED ICO. Happy investing! XRED ICO还剩一周,加油了!