Hello, at this time we facing technical issues with server where is located our TECH forum, we do our best to restore its work ASAP
Hello, we need your some feedback from our clients, please vote in our poll, what you are waiting in next update to be released ASAP
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Recaptcha-3 support
Support of 64-bit processing for captchas (faster, stabe, no "Out of memory" errors)
Full support of Enterprise Recaptcha
Case-sensitive image captchas support
Other features
Great news for all XEvil users!

We are on last stepts of work on a new 64-bit module for XEvil 5.0 [Beta], which completely will fix issue with "Out of memory" problem at high loads, but also speeds up processing of ordinary graphic captchas by 2.5 - 3 times!

Our Benchmark tool, which was used for comparative tests will be availale for downlaod with release of new update of XEvil.

On the i7-4700HQ processor, we achived 2090 images per minute owith old version, and over 6750 - 7100 images per minute with NEW version with a 64-bit module (was used 100 threads for Benchmark).

P.S. Since last week we have a open NEW forum, all clients must register new account on it. On forum will be published more detailed info about updates etc...
XEvil 5.0 [Beta-5] was released today!

+ x3..4 times higher threads number for ReCaptcha-2 solving (compared with XEvil 4.0),
+ ReCaptcha-3 and Invisible ReCaptcha support
+ x3..5 timer faster images-captcha solving,
+ improved API
+ and a lot of other features!
Our hosting provider have some technical issues on their side. They are already working on solving it.
As problem will be solved we inform you.
Issue with authorization is fixed, everyone please restart XRumer and XEvil
Those clients which will still have issues please contact our support.

Soon will be restored client area on our sites, we are working on it.
What type of captcha you want to be added in XEvil in near future:
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- hCaptcha
- GeeTest
- FunCaptcha
- KeyCaptcha
- other
This patch fixes "LOGIC ERROR" issue, which appeared recently for all USA-proxy at ReCaptcha solving.
More detailed information including link to patch are available on tech support forum.
Latest version of XEvil 5 beta 8 with latest fixes is available for download in client area of site.
Download and update XEvil ASAP.

Who have download at this morning Beta Please Download it again as it was updated!

More information about this update is available in our tech forum.
XEvil 6.0 pre-order opened!

+ hCaptcha support
+ ReCaptcha Enperprise support
+ FunCaptcha support
+ a lot of other features
(read more info at tech.support forum)

Discount for XEvil 5.0 beta-testers: 10 USD

Pre-order price until 10 January: 70 USD
Price from 11 January to first beta release: 100 USD
Price after first beta XEvil 6.0 release: 120 USD

Estimated release date of XEvil 6 BETA version : March 2022.

Contact Support for more info.
XEvil 6.0 pre-order: is available now!

Price for pre-order is now 100 USD.

Remind, also: pre-order of XEvil 6.0 is available for XRumer Standard and XRumer Business license owners only.
More information you can read at tech.support forum.

Thank you!
On our hosting are made service works, it will last approximatively 1-1.5 (Started from 14.30 PM GMT +1) hour After this all will back to normal, and at the end we will have more fast and stable connection.
We have finished moving of our server to NEW DATACENTER location, now all is Up and working. Also now no one of clients should have any network connection issues, this was main reason of transfer of server to other datacenter.
Dear users!
Today we have made final beta update of XEvil 5.0 [Beta-12]. More details you can read below. For beta participants testing of version will be only for few days, after that will be made release of stable version XEvil 5.0 for all clients of Standard and Business licenses. In same time, we are working hard on new version of XEvil 6.0 (more details will be posted soon).
All beta participants will receive new instructions for update. More info is available on forum.
Dear users,
Today, Beta testing of XEvil 5 was finished. Finally, our team have released XEvil 5 Stable Edition. It’s now available for ALL OUR CUSTOMERS! You can find it in your client area.
Perfect news about XEvil 6.0 developing:

Neuronets was learned for hCaptcha images with success rate higher than 96%! Used latest AI-tools.

Pre-order of XEvil 6.0 is still available just for 100 USD. After first beta release price will be higher - 120 USD.

P.S. Pre-order is available for "Standard" and "Business" license owners only!
Perfect news:
XEvil 6.0 is ready to release for 99%, we started testing of hCaptcha solving with XRumer.

And another important info:
Today is the LAST day of perfect bonuses:
+ 30% discount for license purchase
+ if you pay 1 year subscription - you got 2 years! :)

+ if you pre-order XEvil 6.0, you got additional 1 year subscription for free

Official website:

Demo-video of XEVil 6.0 work with hCaptcha:
XEvil 6.0 [Beta-1] will be released in next several days, but we have another great news:


+ solving most known captchas without any limits
+ full functionality as in Standard license
+ compatible with most apps and scripts
+ free online support
+ flexible API
+ lifetime license

Buy XEvil for 59 USD here: