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We recently announced the launch of the xDollar and all the affection we’ve received so far has been incredible. Thank you so much!

We thought we’d have a fun event to celebrate the launch of our xDollar, and so we’re happy to announce the xDollar Meme Contest!🔥

🎄Get your creative juices flowing and tickle our funny bone by making a meme using $XDO as the theme.

🚀The contest starts Friday,July 23 at 12PM IST. Multiple entries are allowed for each contestant and entries are accepted till July 31.

1st place – 90$

2nd place – 60$

3rd place -30$

AND 17 prizes of 15$ each!

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/xdollarfi
Join us on Telegram: https://t.me/xdollar_en
Join us on Discord: https://discord.com/invite/c8c7Wm2EEx
Post your meme on Twitter
Tag @xdollarfi and use hashtag #DeFiMEME #Stablecoin and cash tag $XDO
Tag at least 3 friends on Twitter, the more the merrier
Share your meme on our Telegram Channel and Discord Meme Channel.

Intrested for joining as coummunity creator for xDollar please fill the form below to contribute
Dear xCommunity,

This is a letter to my dearest xDollar community members who are with us since the born of xDollar on Polygon. We are grateful for having you all on board with the XDO spaceship to explore the endless possibility of the DeFI galaxy.

Today marks another significant milestone of xDollar. Earlier, we launched XDO Mission I to send XDO to ETH planet via Anyswap spacecraft. Now I am proudly announced that the XDO is landed safely on ETH planet and get ready for XDO settlement on MCN multiple rewards farm on Saturday, July 24 at 20:00 GMT. Learn more about how to bridge, mine XDO & MCN token here.

https://docs.xdollar.fi/tutorial/xdo-bridge (bridge XDO from MATIC to ETH)
https://xdollarfi.medium.com/xdollar-spaceship-story-connecting-stars-with-mcn-b58505b4f683 (Farm launch details & story)
https://farm.mcn.ventures/farms (multi reward farm on ETH)

"This is one small step for XDO, one giant leap for xDollar." — Captain xDoer
Dear all, xDollar is proud to host our first AMA with Paprprintr on 15.00 UTC 7/30/21 which is today. FIRST AMA HOSTING 🎙

I'll ask them some questions regarding their project, then you'll get to ask them whatever comes to your mind!
Hi all, our community driven meme contest is going to end tomorrow. We will sort them out and soon to pick the best xDollar meme! So far we saw many awesome tickling fun meme entries from such a creative community. For those who have crazy fun meme ideas, please do submit them before the contest ends. TL:DR- You guys never fail to make my day. Have fun during the weekend! Happy sailing in the space. - Captain X
Let's welcome xDollar Finance to the League of Firebird Legends! 🤝

Firebird is launching 3 new vaults with xDollar!

Get those APYs while they're fresh & steamy ♨️

Join in here:👇
Here is a big shout out to all the xDollar supporters. Reach out to your favourite Projects and help in establishing a partnership with xDollar and win 500XDO tokens for every successful partnership on the date of the announcement of the partnership.

Request all those who are interested to take part in the PARTNERSHIP BOUNTY program to join the xDollar Partnership telegram group via the invite link https://t.me/joinchat/3wpAT7MZQKJmZGRl
where you find the necessary information to reach out to the Projects to help establish a partnership.
NEW AMA WITH xDollar 👾

xDollar is multichain 0 interest rate stablecoin lending platform launched on Polygon back in June and recently launched on Avax. xDollar is growing to become a significant stablecoin lego on AVAX DeFI eco. In short, any users can stake their AVAX tokens and borrow xUSD up to 90% of their value of crypto asset. This gives them a DeFI exposure without selling their crypto asset.

• Venue: @avalanchenews

🗓 TOMORROW 9Th September - 13:00 UTC
👉 We will pick 3 users with the best questions to win 50$ worth of XDO each!

⚠️HOW TO WIN⚠️ - Requirements:

• Join Telegram 👉 @xdollar_en
• Join Telegram 👉 @avalanchenews
• Follow Twitter 👉 https://twitter.com/xdollarfi
WIN 150$ AND JOIN AMA w/ xDollar🌟

Cross-chain, Multi-Collateral, Zero Interest Stablecoin Lending Platform on @0xPolygon & @avalancheavax & @arbitrum. Day by day growing together with their project and farms where you can find them!

• Venue: @polygonnews

🗓 TOMORROW 23rd of September - 17:00 UTC
👉 We will pick 3 users with the best questions to win 50$ each!

⚠️HOW TO WIN⚠️ - Requirements:

• Join Telegram 👉 @xdollar_ann
• Join Telegram 👉 @polygonnews
• Follow Twitter 👉 twitter.com/xDollarFi
• Follow Twitter 👉 twitter.com/maticnews_com