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🤩Happy New Year Halonauts!🤩
Hey Halonauts! Let's recap on some of HaloDAO's achievement in 2021

✨2021 Recap✨
✅Amm V1
✅1.5M TVL
✅Partnership with @StraitsX, @tagcashph, @handle_fi, @TrustToken and @YieldGuild
✅Lending Market Deployed on Mainnet (undergoing final testing)

What's Next?
✨AMM v2
✨Lending Market Ready for integration with AMM v2 on Balancer (incoming Q1 2022)
Hey all! Due to a computer problem on Zoro's end he won't be stream-ready for a few days, and thus we'll be rescheduling this episode of Zoro's Dojo to Monday at 10pm SGT. Sorry all, but we hope to still see you there!

RSVP: https://discord.com/channels/793022005234368512/846399734637396010/927756397804937296

1️⃣Market Overview
2️⃣ETH price update
3️⃣Update on abracadabra positions
4️⃣Strongest alts out there
5️⃣Rollup/L2 discussion
6️⃣Thetanuts product run-through
Happy Monday Halonauts!🐰

Check out our latest gitbook updates which explains the custom bonding curve that we adopt in our AMM and our new Roadmap for 2022!🤩

👉Click here to check out our Roadmap: https://docs.halodao.com/roadmap/overview
Wishing all Halonauts a Happy CNY! May everyone have a prosperous and healthy year ahead! 🍊🍊🍊
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Hey Halonauts! Hope everyone had a good CNY holiday. Here are some updates from the team!

Protocol Updates:
✅ Lending Market v1 is Live (lending.app.halodao.com)
✅ New fxphp:USDC pool deployed on Arbitrum. Please Migrate your LP tokens from the previous fxphp:usdc pool to the new one!

Sit tight! 😉

We have exciting announcements that will detail HaloDAO's path forward in 2022, as we are currently in talks with various integration partners to join the HaloDAO Ecosystem (p2e, guilds, DeFi and all!)🤩
Hey Halonauts!

We're closing to our first year since our official launch and we would like to thank everyone who has supported us throughout this time. The HaloDAO team has been actively developing on our AMM v2 & Lending Market and we're happy to announce some updates🤩


1️⃣ Launch of high yield stablecoin earning strategies that bring competitive base APRs to stable-coin staking, starting with xSGD

2️⃣ HaloDAO v2 integration with Balancer v2 is close to completion (✅Completed Final Demo with Balancer Grants Committee) - Audit incoming

3️⃣ Rebranding of HaloDAO to Xave Finance🎉

👉 Read more here: https://medium.com/halodao/greetings-fellow-halonauts-de59812400a0
Hey Halonauts!

Please be reminded that we will be disabling HaloDAO's bridge on 1 June. No immediate next steps are required.

Summary of new bridging process:

1️⃣Bridge xRNBW from Polygon through multichain.org
2️⃣Bridge xRNBW & RNBW on the Arbitrum bridge (no change)

💡For more information on how to use the multichain bridge please refer to their docs here (https://docs.multichain.org/how-to-use)
🚨Attention Halonauts🚨

⚠️Please be aware that there is a fake HaloDAO telegram account that has been spreading false information regarding token migration

⚠️Token migration has NOT commenced

⚠️Please follow our official social media platforms for all official updates

All information about our token migration and any protocol related updates will ONLY be posted on our official social platforms here:

✅ https://discord.com/invite/halodao
✅ https://t.me/halodaoannouncement
🚨Attention Halonauts🚨

The first phase of HaloDAO's token migration has commenced.

Snapshot will take place on 21st July 8 am UTC and only users that meet the necessary requirements will be eligible for the token migration.

Criteria for the token migration process:

1️⃣ ONLY xRNBW holders will be eligible for the migration process

2️⃣ Users must hold xRNBW tokens on Ethereum Mainnet. xRNBW holders on Arbitrum and Polygon are required to bridge their xRNBW to Mainnet

3️⃣ The snapshot will take place on July 21st 8 AM UTC

👉Read here for more info: https://medium.com/halodao/token-migration-phase-1-47eda39f7576
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Hello Everyone!

We are excited to formally introduce Xave Finance (formerly HaloDAO)! 🎉

What's New? 🤔

✅ Xave Strategies
✅ FX AMM v2 on Balancer
✅ Stablecoin Focused Lending Market

👉Click here to more here: https://medium.com/xave-finance/introducing-xave-finance-a6ee67b6f33c
Hello all☺️

After receiving feedback from the community, we have decided to grant an extension for our snapshot that was previously set on 21st July 8 AM UTC.

Users now have until next Friday, 5th Aug 8 AM UTC to bridge their RNBW and stake it in our Rainbow Pool!

All xRNBW holders by the time of snapshot will be eligible for our new token once it launches (exact airdrop schedule to be announced)

Please refer to our previous June 14 announcement for instructions on how to stake your RNBW for xRNBW (https://twitter.com/XaveFinance/status/1536385794205593601)
Voting for BAL rewards activation on our newly deployed Polygon XSGD:USDC FXPool is now live!🌟

Please review and vote with your veBAL if you’d like to farm BAL on XSGD:USDC!

👉Click here to to vote: https://snapshot.org/#/balancer.eth/proposal/0xc25eb9d18eb4cf22f2f89aa1dcd7e3aefca58762e7e307f6c448857fcc94c05a
We're happy to announce that Polygon native XSGD & XIDR are now live c/o @StraitsX. Click here to read more: https://www.straitsx.com/blog-post/xsgd-xidr-on-polygon

🔥XSGD holders can now supply liquidity on our newly deployed XSGD:USDC Pool (https://app.xave.finance/#/pool)

What's Next?
⏭BAL rewards for XSGD:USDC Pool
⏭Xave Strats: Earn massive, sustainable yields by staking XSGD or USDC
Xave's Polygon Lending Market has kicked off!🎉

💡Trivia: Our initial borrowers are largely licensed fintechs and stablecoin issuers, providing low risk USDC lending yield during this crypto winter

👉Click here to access our lending market: https://app.lending.xave.finance/

🚨Alpha: Our soon to come Xave Strats built on our AMM and Lending Market will allow you to earn 20% and up on your #XSGD or #USDC
It has come to our attention that there is a fake Telegram group impersonating us. Please be careful and only follow us on our official social media platforms:

✅ Discord: http://dsc.gg/xavefinance
✅ Telegram: https://t.me/XaveFinanceAnnouncement
✅ Twitter: https://twitter.com/XaveFinance

Please be aware of the following to prevent any scam:
1️⃣ We have not released any details with regards to the new token
2️⃣ We have not listed any new token on DEXes or any CEXs
3️⃣ The Xave Finance team members will not contact any users via private message

🌟 For any enquiries please reach out to any Xave Finance team members🌟
Xave Finance Announcement pinned «Hello Everyone! We are excited to formally introduce Xave Finance (formerly HaloDAO)! 🎉 What's New? 🤔 ✅ Xave Strategies ✅ FX AMM v2 on Balancer ✅ Stablecoin Focused Lending Market 👉Click here to more here: https://medium.com/xave-finance/introducing-xave…»