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The world is constantly changing

The pace at which the world is changing has increased rapidly. And it is an opportunity on the one hand, a danger on the other.

The opportunities that the new technology offers are well known. New jobs, better processes, shorter distances to the customer. The well-being of mankind is increasing. Knowledge is spread. We cannot stop all this and there is no need for intervention in this area either.

But the risks are very similar. Jobs disappear, processes become more complex. The short distances to the customer make the whole construct unmanageable and he loses the overview.

Something interesting happened yesterday in Switzerland. Public transport had a massive delay problem. At the same time, large parts of Google were unavailable. Is there a connection here under certain circumstances?
The Fragile Internet

In my job, something new happens every day. But I am actually only a web developer.
But the internet in its present form is super unstable. It doesn't all work right away and a lot of unexpected things happen every day.
A concept that was good yesterday might turn out to be junk today. A system that was perfect yesterday might not work today. The technology everyone uses may not be up to date or ahead of its time. An example: Whatsapp. So if it's still written in Erlang, it's pretty 80s, but everybody uses it. Or parent company Facebook: Distributes data illegally to analytics companies. And as if that wasn't enough, what's Facebook technology doing in WordPress? WordPress is not suitable for this from the backend. It is simply programmed over it, regardless of losses. In our company philosophy, good code comes first. But with the uncertainties of external software this is hardly possible anymore. The times when you wrote everything yourself are over. WordPress as a basic framework for everything is actually a good idea. But why this editor? That's why this website no longer exists as an independent website, it integrates Telegram directly. What do I need other apps for anymore?
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Websites will continue to lose relevance.

It has already started a few years ago. Websites are losing relevance for the internet, the budget is getting smaller and smaller, WordPress websites all look the same.

Occasionally one reaches deep into his pocket for the perfect website. But in a world, where hosting costs nothing more, where OpenSource CMS together have the biggest share in the net, new solutions become necessary. I mean do you really still visit the websites of a newspaper?

On the other hand, will we get our information from a website? Does not everything that is important to us will be moved to the chat app? In the chat app I have friends, accounting apps, news channels, support and cat videos. It will be exciting what I don't have yet: Excel lists for calculation, I can't buy tickets yet, I can't order pizza or plan routes, although all that would be possible. This is unfortunately one of the reasons why I don't care about updating my #WordPress plugins or my own websites. Other reasons are that I already work full time as a WordPress developer anyway and prefer to concentrate on "the more modern".

But on the other hand, I also see this cloudification as a big danger. It will certainly have worse effects than the climate in the next few years. Or 5G will be part of the climate problem, where I am actually already sure. The problems are still in the dark. We will soon see how it comes.
30 years of HTML. The revolution began in Geneva. Berners-Lee, Jobs, Torvalds and many more. They all made the Internet what it is today. The home hard drive? No Cloud must come, Dropbox 2 Terrabyte. Am I the only one who has lost the complete overview of his private data? I don't want to think about the company servers anymore. Is all this actually relevant? Apparently, the Internet drives everything, but the stress and isolation (everyone on the smartphone) lead to a question: is it all worth it? The complete uncloud can't be the solution either. It's this feeling of being powerless over the amount of data that I think is the worst. What if there is a huge blackout?
One #uncloud please

I took a drastic step to get my data volumes under control. I replaced Dropbox with Syncthing.
Why is that good?
You think about your data. What do you really need in the cloud and where?
Dropbox had some funny quirks on the Mac. For example, at 200 GB it always took forever to start the app. In the Finder it always indicated the size of the Dropbox as 337 KB. And I don't want to start with data protection.
Syncthing is completely decentralized. So it is not a cloud in the classical sense, but a sync between several machines. That makes life somehow easier. You just have what you have there. If you don't want it anywhere else, you take it out of the folder and then it's no longer synced. But if it will be my professional backup solution now, after a lot of trouble with TimeMachine, I don't know yet.
Dark-Web and Messenger

The Dark-Web is regularly in the press, especially because of the negative aspects. The press concentrates on drugs and all illegal activities. But the fact that the dark web actually contains quite different websites or web apps does not come to them. Perhaps it is business software or sites that are simply not used by the public.
Or, a third very interesting point, they are just sites that don't make it into the Google Index. Without a registration at the Search Console, I don't see any possibility to end up in the Google Index today. With links? That takes much too long until it is found. Other Submit-URL Services? Dubious! Google is already kneading us quite beautifully. Can a business survive today without Google? But besides the publicly indexed pages, chat messengers probably hide hundreds of thousands of information from the public. When these become visible they are all of a sudden Visible-Web. In our privacy system around the globe perhaps invisible data is prophibited? You see there are many questions. Come to our Telegram group wpplugindevcomgroup and discuss with us.
A super crazy development

As I dream about the perfect CRM software in #WordPress, I notice that there are a lot of pages that use the Telegram Channel Preview directly as a website. This is so crazy. Do we really still need websites? Isn't everything important in Messenger anyway? Somehow it fits to the #uncloud. Less is more. The other day I had a problem because I quit Dropbox. But that was totally unproblematic to solve with Telegram. Somehow I don't know where it leads. What do we think of SMS today? Won't we be able to do the same with the current technology in 20 to 30 years? But probably only if we don't all die of skin cancer because of 5g before.
So completely without Internet

With a prepaid mobile phone and expired data volume, you're there. All without the Internet. Crazy that apparently SMS are free and look almost like Telegram. Interesting things happen without the Internet. One shuffles through the Wifis of public transport, leaves traces, writes messages on stock. Somehow you plan better. For the moment when you have Internet again. You're super forced in the #uncloud. Probably some people couldn't live with that. But in such uncertain times as at the moment, the Internet could be passé tomorrow. The thought is quite bizarre. Do you actually give IT jobs without the Internet?
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