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The WOW TRK platform is growing much faster than expected. Thousands of affiliates use the platform daily now to discover new networks and offers.

We are constantly improving the platform.
You can now sort results on WOW TRK's Offer Engine tool Alphabetically, by Payout, and by Date Added. New networks are being integrated regularly with our offer aggregation tool -
Affiliate events are returning soon! Plan out your year with WOW TRK's Affiliate Events calendar. See what is happening around the world all in one place.
We’ve made huge improvements to how search works on the Offer Engine.

Making it easier to discover new offers, compare rates across more networks and added the ability to enter natural search queries.

Find out what we’ve changed (and removed) to improve search so drastically on the WOW TRK blog.
WOW TRK's Offer Engine is a !Bang on DuckDuckGo. If you want to quickly search the Offer Engine from DuckDuckGo simply enter !wowtrk and then your search query.

For example: !wowtrk UK offers

Try it out now on DuckDuckGo.
We are constantly working to improve WOW TRK. We are happy to announce that WOW TRK's Offer Engine is now much faster, roughly 50% faster at loading results.
The Offer Engine makes it easy to discover new affiliate offers but keeping track of all the offers you plan to run is difficult.

This week we've released a new free feature to quickly save offers you like the look of to your own personal offer list on WOW TRK.
UK Affiliate Network PaidOnResults is now integrated into the Offer Engine. Easily discover their programs when searching on the Offer Engine.