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How to have one's own Spiritual Practice
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Change your thinking and change your life. - Ernest Holmes-
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A page filled with inspiring video, audio and writings to assist you in releasing fear and recognizing the divinity that is innate within you that cannot be diminished.

A page explaining Sacred Covenants. One of the most powerful tools to free us from our limiting beliefs. We receive not what we think, but what we believe. This process guides you through the way to discover hidden beliefs that formulate your life and gives to you (creates) exactly in proportion to your actual beliefs. You can change your beliefs. You can co-create with the One Spirit to bring to you your innermost desires of your life.
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Christ is God's gift of love to this world, not the last name of Jesus. However, Jesus is fully human and fully God and is the expression of Love in this world.
To be a Christian is simply to have the consciousness of Love within one's self and let if flow unto the world with Grace.
You should be careful not to fight fear too much, but rather, through a sort of flexible imagination, convert fear into faith. Realizing that it is a mental attitude, you can do this very easily. Looking at the thing which you fear and examining the thought of fear which you have about it, convert this thought into one of faith, realizing that the energy of fear converted into faith will produce an effect exactly opposite.
If you will look at the thing you are afraid of until you really understand it, it will no longer have any element of fear for you. You can do this in such degree as you are conscious of being Divinely guided and protected and state your realization of this in a definite manner.
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Abundance = To See from Oneness
Unitive means ‘to draw into unity or oneness.’ Consequently, the nature of Unitive Christianity is such that it draws us into a state of communion with the Divine, as well as those who live around us. Furthermore, this ‘awareness of oneness’ that we call Love is the true and inherent nature of our own being, when we live our lives like Jesus Christ, according to: The Great Commandment of Life
“Thou shalt Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbor as thyself.” (Luke 10:27)
Rev. Lloyd Strom