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We introduce you an official account of "Winbix" system, which allows you to sell goods at the demand price at any time.
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Information about WINBIX is now available on CRYPTOTOTEM tracker!
How to create an Ethereum wallet and buy WBX tokens?

That's an easy task! We have prepared a detailed guideline for you, you could read it here
The manual contains step-by-step instructions with screenshots. It describes the process of creating an Ethereum wallet through the well-known online service MyEtherWallet and how to buy WBX tokens from this wallet.
Also here you will find the answers to the questions "How to add tokens to MEW", "How to find out the price of a WBX token through a smart contract" and some other useful functions that will be very interesting for every investor.

We will be glad to see you among our investors!
Information about WINBIX is now published on CryptoCreed.

Cryptocreed is the crypto website, where you can find the latest reviews on ICOs, Airdrops and Bounties.
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Where is the guarantee that the team of Winbix will create a real product in the future?

We understand the doubts of investors and stakeholders because about 85% of the largest ICO-projects of 2018 didn't create final products. The main investment of blockchain projects is confidence. And the launching a “real” product to the ICO market broadens the narrow sphere of IT projects to the range of tangible products. Аt the moment the Winbix team is already developing a trading platform. Finally, the MVP of the product is available on
How can I be sure of the safety of funds after the completion of PreDAICO/DAICO?

To protect the interests of investors, we conduct the sale of tokens through the DAICO procedure. The collected funds are managed by smart contracts and are allocated to the team on a monthly basis in the amount of TAP (after the completion of PreDAICO it will be equal to 10%, after the completion of DAICO it will be reduced to 3%).
If the PreDAICO or DAICO soft cap is not reached, the collected funds will be returned to the investors. The buyer’s obligation for receiving funds will be to return all the purchased tokens to the project for destruction.
What will happen if we don't reach our Soft Cap?

In this case, all the funds will be returned to their investors. However, we are confident in our success due to the amount of effort devoted to developing the project as well as current market trends. In the case of non-collection of the soft cap the product development and launch will be implemented by the team.
Is the token properly attached to the physical asset? How can I be sure that the price of the token will not go down or will not become zero (if no one will trust in it)?

The functionality of the token is created in such a way that it will be attached to the growth of the company's sales figures or to the growth of its profit. So the price of the token will increase in conjunction with the growth of the total profit volumes.
To secure the investors’ interests, a part of WINBIX marketplace commission fee is allocated to buyback and destroy tokens at the fixed price. As of the launch of WINBIX sales System and until the commencement of DAICO procedure, the established buyback rate shall constitute: 1 WBX = ETH 0.0013.
What will happen to all the unused tokens?

We will coin burn all the unsold tokens that will remain after the PreDAICO and DAICO. So the secondary sale of that tokens is impossible. Therefore that's how we will protect existing tokens from the depreciation.
Can I leave the project if I think that the work of the team is unsatisfactory?

Yes, you can. After 45 days after the end of PreDAICO and 90 days after the end of the DAICO, each participant can leave the project and return his part of unspent funds in exchange for the tokens.
How can you describe the relationship of the team and the owners of the tokens after the end of the token sale?

The main difference between DAICO and ICO is a TAP. It is a mechanism which actually helps token-holders to control how much money is available to the team.
Making decisions isn't the prerogative of a centralized team. The project funds are managed on the basis of a democratic voting system of the investors. Any change in the monthly financing of the project can be approved only by the owners of the tokens (50% of those who voted plus 1 vote). The team has no voting rights. So the opinion of the owners of the tokens is the main factor for the team.
Investors can always return some of their funds if the team don't keep the promises of DAICO. Therefore the investors get a relevant level of control over the project in which their funds are invested.
The tokensale of our WBX coin is conducted by the rules of DAICO.
A basis of Winbix sales channel is the principle of Dutch auction, which means a permanent reduction of the price.
The tokens are not allocated to the project team.
On the expiration of 45 days upon PreDAICO finish, any holder of tokens purchased through PreDAICO procedure shall have unconditional rights to return the tokens to PreDAICO smart contract (withdraw from the Project).
Only PreDAICO purchased tokens (tokens
obtained due to marketing programmes cannot be returned to PreDAICO smart contract) of the holders who passed through KYC can be returned.
If any token purchased through PreDAICO is removed to another wallet (other than the crediting wallet), it will not be possible to return the token to PreDAICO smart contract.
The funds are returned in ETH, and the returned tokens are destroyed.
❗️IMPORTANT ❗️ Please note that the investor’s share is determined subject to the number of purchased tokens, notwithstanding the purchase price.
WINBIX emits ERC-20 investment tokens called WBX.
Let's start on Monday morning with good news!

Congratulations on the start of the new week! Also, congrats to all the participants of our Airdrop with its end! Thank you all for your work and help in promoting our project! All the stakes for completed tasks in your account will be charged today!

For the participants of the Bounty, the final week of the campaign has begun! Please pay attention that you need to post the weekly reports in our bounty thread. Every week you need to make a new report. DO NOT edit your previous reports. New week = new report = new post!